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- - By pincer_griff Date 2010-05-27 06:42
Hi Guys,

I have been having a few problems with Rybka 3 (CB version) for a while now and was hoping for some help.

I am running windows 7 pro x64 on a laptop and quad core intel desktop (both have 4GB RAM)

Often during infinite analysis the program will crash (this never happens if the engine is not running). This happens in both CB10 and Rybka itself. Until now I have put up with it but today I tried to use the Monte Carlo function and Rybka continually crashed.

I don't know how to find specific errors - mostly I get the simple message "The program has stopped responding".

The steps taken during a Monte Carlo are:

1. Request for search depth - leave as default (narrow, 5)
2. Do you wish to save stats - yes
3. Load book (not sure if this is standard as a book is already loaded in the program)
4. After this windows gives the standard stopped working message

I am not great with computers but have a basic knowledge. I am not sure how to fix this but would very much appreciate any help. If you want me to provide further information just tell me what you need.

Parent - By nagysalamon (*) Date 2010-05-27 07:31
Hello!CB9:GUT_GUT_GUT!!NO problem rybka!
Parent - By Fulcrum2000 (****) Date 2010-05-27 07:40
I suspect your computer might be overheating. Try to clean the CPU cooler / north bridge etc and see if this helps.
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