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- - By dragon49 (****) Date 2010-05-26 20:41
I am using my newly purchased Deep Rybka 4 SSE42 x64.exe.  I have an I7-920, running at 4.1 GHZ and have 6 Gig of Ram. I use the full 5 man tablebase set.

These are then main things I do with Rybka:

1 - Playchess G-3
2 - Playchess G-5
3 - Playchess G-16
4 - Engine Matches G-7
5 - Engine Matches G-18
6 - Long Engine Matches > G-240
7 - Infinite analysis

Under which of these circumstances should I use the "Use Large Pages" option?  What benefits and most importantly what elo advantage does the feature offer?  Also, what are the recommended hash size settings for each time control?

Parent - - By Dragon Mist (****) Date 2010-05-26 20:51
I am experiencing around 15% speedup as predicted using large pages. So, for playchess games, and infinite definately a "go", but for engine matches it might not work, or even backfire, something to do with memory fragmentation or something like that, you can read elsewhere in this forum, M. Ansari knows this stuff and some other people.
Parent - - By Dadi Jonsson (Silver) Date 2010-05-26 21:24

> for engine matches it might not work, or even backfire

It depends on the GUI you use and how you run the matches. In Aquarium the engines are only loaded once, regardless of the length of the match, so large pages are useful there.
Parent - - By dragon49 (****) Date 2010-05-26 22:03
I use aquarium sometimes.

I guess you are implying that in Fritz12 Engine Matches, where the engines are unloaded and reloaded after each game, this may be less useful.

Parent - By Dadi Jonsson (Silver) Date 2010-05-26 22:15
Yes, that problem has been mentioned in Fritz, see for instance here:
Parent - - By M ANSARI (*****) Date 2010-05-26 21:38
Actually from all the beta testers I was one of the last to use it.  Sesse and Nick and Lukas have a lot more experience with Large Pages as they used it even in Rybka 3 using Linux.  I think Sesse and Nick managed to convince Vas to use it also in R4 so they would be much more versed in it than me.  Of course after I started using it I did google it and test it quite a bit and try very hard to figure out how to get it to work in tourneys ... unfortunately unsuccessfully.  But when they are working ... the 15% boost is very very nice, especially on Octa or more.
Parent - By keoki010 (Silver) Date 2010-05-26 22:13
I'm still waiting on Convekta to send me my email to dl it, but; I checked on my system, i7920 with vista ultimate and it was already enabled. So either it was part of the default or I or something else enabled it because it was my username in the slot. Maybe after tomorrow when I can get R4 I can shed more light.
Parent - By Banned for Life (Gold) Date 2010-05-26 23:59
Please don't use it when you are playing against my engine! :-D
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