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- By Tomas 667 (*) [us] Date 2010-04-16 13:33 Edited 2010-04-16 13:37
I'm a novice when it comes to knowing which opening books are best for my Deep Ryb3.I read alot in the forums,but my results are still very impressive,regardless of what players say about "old outdated books"such as RybII.ctg.I play mainly against other Ryb,Shredder and Fritz chess programs and a few real senior masters on CC sites.I am only using what appears to have came with Ryb3....the RybII book.Out of 150 games so far,I have approx. 90 wins,55 draws and only 5 losses.
Perhaps using Ryb 3,RybII book and a quadcore with extremely long time controls will tend to even things out a bit,even if an opponent of mine is using a superior book?I mean,some of my opponents MUST be using some kind of superior opening book to my "outdated"book...yet my results are still very impressive,regardless of the high degree of draws,but very LITTLE losses!
Now,as a novice I do know how to set the engine parameters up pretty good and perhaps many of my opponents do not "tune"as well as me,so maybe even this can help win games against some players by mid game or later,regardless of my opponents superior opening book,you tell me?

But my main question here is:
For engine vs engine(playing through CC)which book out there either free or purchase will "supposedly"be much better than my RybII?I'm sure there are many,but i'm sure some have been proven to be better than others.Perhaps I should just wait till Ryb4 comes out which will have a better book?Reducing my draw ratio is on the top of my list right now.But if anyone ever tells me that I will get smashed in engine vs engine using my "old" RybII book playing against "better"books,well,this I scoff at,since I believe I have already proven this NOT to be the true scenario.Better results for me maybe,but not getting smashed against a superior opening book.
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