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- - By Eagleclaww (***) Date 2010-02-23 20:45
AMD is releasing its 12 core opteron server chip now. Although in limited quanties at the moment.

Not really sure if this will have much impact on the computer chess market though: AMD has all but abandoned the small (Tower server) market, and focusing its chips for large cloud based applications. Unless someone wants to use a rack style computer in thier home, your not going to finding too many 12 core opterons floating around enthusiast market.

On the flip side, if the guy running the Rybka Cluster wanted to get a bunch of cores, then  a 4 processor computer would have a whopping 48 cores.....

The 12 core cpu can't be dropped into an existing socket though, so he'd have to buy a new computer with the appropriate CPU socket(s).

Wtih so many cores, its unlikely the chip could be pushed past 3ghz, and the default speed would be 2.66ghz.

Ultimately, I still think anybody wanting a new computer with an AMD processor would be better off waiting until the new marchatechture comes out in 2011. The chips might only be 4 cores (8x integer cores), but it should actually run closer to a 16 core chip using current technology: each INT core would be about double the performance of todays cores.
Parent - By suj (***) Date 2010-02-23 23:43
speeds will be 2.4ghz and lesser.Normally the 2.2ghz is the more available part.
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