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- - By nuff (**) Date 2007-06-25 12:40
Perhaps should show the current situation i.e. Rybka WCCC win and maybe mention the GUI? Whilst Rybka is for serious chess players who may already know the news, there are also other serious players who don't read the forum/chessbase. Also give credit where credit is due as the likes of Junior/Shredder's selling point is their WCCC wins.
Parent - - By Vasik Rajlich (Silver) Date 2007-06-25 15:07
We have reports for all the major computer chess events on

Parent - - By nuff (**) Date 2007-06-25 15:32
Perhaps its me but its not prominently enough displayed like the $100,000 Challenge to FIDE President Kirsan N. Ilyumzhinov. Yes there is a small text under tournament participation but if it was up to me I would make it as large as the FIDE Challenge. Now that Rybka is the WCCC champ and not a ChessBase product, Ilyumzhinov is in zugzwang over the issue and any future President Cups.
Parent - - By Victor Zakharov (*****) Date 2007-06-25 16:59
Look carefully at this document

May be you can find word Rybka from Ilyumzhinov in it.
Parent - - By Fulcrum2000 (****) Date 2007-06-25 17:03
Sounds good:

"In his report of the period since the last PB meeting, President Ilyumzhinov summarized the
findings of his visits to more than 12 chess events and of the meetings and discussions he has
held with organizers, players, national federation officials and sponsors. Among others, he has
mentioned that chess has a growing popularity among sports on all continents, there is also a
growing interest toward computer competitions (and suggested to consider the organization of
another computer challenge match between Rybka and Deep Junior in Mexico City), FIDE and
the chess world are in a stable situation as compared with the state of affairs ten years ago. He
has emphasized that the growing interest in and popularity of chess establish higher
requirements for all the institutions and persons dealing with chess events in respect of the
quality of the events, the behaviour of the individuals involved, the treatment of the stakeholders
etc. He also appraised the work of the Ethics Commission in establishing new criteria and
procedural rules for its activity and made recommendations to the PB on several related issues
(see press releases on the Appeal’s Committee and the behavioural etiquette)."
Parent - By turbojuice1122 (Gold) Date 2007-06-25 23:05
This is good news--so it wounds like Ilyumzhinov is interested in having such a match happen.  It might be time for Vas to write him another open letter, thanking him for his consideration of the issue and for putting it forth on the board, and also asking for a status report that might have more information than simply that it was put forth on the board by Ilyumzhinov.
Parent - - By Felix Kling (Gold) Date 2007-06-25 16:52
Of course the title "World Computer Chess Champion" is quite nice, but the rating lists are much more important. Every good engine would have a good chance to win the the world championship, Rybka only has the best chances. This is because the number of games is very small. On the opposite in ratinglists the number of games is big (and also the conditons are the same for every engine (book/hardware) ).
So it doesn't make sense to use the same strategy junior used (world computer chess champion t-shirts :) ), since we have something better with the rating lists.

Re. mentioning the GUI : It's still under development, I think it's too early to tell more about it on the website than the cooperation agreement.
Parent - - By nuff (**) Date 2007-06-25 17:07
The way things stand it appears as if :-

- the FIDE challenge
- the pawn odds match

are of more importance than the WCCC win (either to the Rybka team or the image portrayed to customers or the general public).

You could have Rybka is a standalone UCI chess engine programmed by International Master Vasik Rajlich and is the 2007 World Computer Chess Champion. Even SMK has found it notable to include the WCCC Speedchess win on his shredder website. It is after all an achievement and is of more value than a pawn odds match. From a chess players point of view the pawn odds match is useless. Did Kasparov, Kramnik, Anand or Adams play at pawn odds? However Kasparov's match with Junior was of some interest because of the bishop sac. If that match involved pawn odds then it would not be the same.
Parent - - By Felix Kling (Gold) Date 2007-06-25 17:16
you could argue that the wccc is just another computer chess tournament, the only difference is that you get the title "world computer chess champion" there...
Parent - - By Gaмßito (****) Date 2007-06-25 21:59
Nothing else?  :-)

In terms of publicity there is a huge difference and of course it is a very good achievement to win the  WCCC.

Parent - - By nuff (**) Date 2007-06-26 09:20
What do you think would have happened if Hiarcs had won the WCCC? They would be shouting from the rooftops like the way he is going round with the hoax business in different forums. Moral in all this don’t look down on your achievements. Even SMK whose Shredder products are known for good software engineering finds it worthy to mention his WCCC blitz results. The WCCC win is more useful to the chess community than the "worthless"  pawn handicap match. You cannot find the pawwn handicap match in online discussions but you will find the Junior sac vs Kasparov. Why?
Parent - - By Gaмßito (****) Date 2007-06-26 21:35

I do not believe that handicap match to be worthless. Of course, I do not hide that, maybe it could be better to play under normal play circumstances. A big majority always prefers that. But the fact that you could find more acceptance discussions about the match under normal circumstances (Kasparov-DJ) than others is by other reasons but it does not means that it is why there are not enough people interested in the handicap match topic or that a handicap match could be worthless.

Suppose that Chessbase would had play with Junior against Kasparov in a handicap match and imagine that Deep Junior also would had won the match too. Do not you think that Chessbase would had published that so much, so high and much more than its real match? Undoubtedly yes.

The difference here is that Chessbase is a very well known and respect company from many many years ago.  And Vas is like the solitary wolf here :-) Now imagine, how better would be for Vas, if he could has the same support of a big company like this. 

Until where he would be able to arrive?


Parent - By Vasik Rajlich (Silver) Date 2007-06-27 14:20
In general, rating lists belong higher than computer vs computer tournaments.

Web site design is anyway an art form. Overall, it's good to 'keep it real'. I like the job our webmasters are doing.

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