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- - By sicilianE5 Date 2007-06-23 20:27
Hello all

I am new here and fairly new to computer chess. I played in my first ever CSS tourney a few weeks ago and it was quite an experience. It was a logistical nightmare from a set-up point of view though. I used a basic HP laptop Arena Rybka that's it and switching between playchess and arena and setting up board positions incorrectly (my first game against Mission Control in a Sicilian Sozin I played from memory for a few moves and then used set up a position mode in Arena for instance and misplaced a pawn so Rybka was analysing a marginally different game from the one that was actually being played!)

Okay will some good Samaritan take me through the process like I am a 3-year old. Okay do I set up a tournament between rybka and my opponent? And then click on book until we are out of book. What then cos Arena does nothing at this stage even after I click on analyse now. It just sits there and stares at me. Then I set-up a position and it's either white moves or black, infinite analysis right? How do I get the interface that allows me to set myself up as a centaur because everyone was saying click #edit' etc preferences but I have no such selection mode under my edit function. Where do I get the interface that has it because I thought I had the latest one.

Forgive these simple questions. God only knows how I managed to secure 2 wins 3 draws 3 losses in the freestyle. So slowly now the exact steps as in step 1. step 2 step 3 ok? :) or should I rather use another version of arena ( i used the new beta)...
Parent - - By Vasik Rajlich (Silver) Date 2007-06-25 14:02
For analysis, you should just run Rybka in "infinite analysis" mode, which every major GUI supports. Then, Rybka will 'comment' about every position on your screen.

Parent - By sicilianE5 Date 2007-06-26 19:57
Thanks for the reply Vas.
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