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- - By Sam Gamgee (**) Date 2007-06-03 07:05
First of all - thank you very much to Victor, the programmers and all of you here for trying to create a new and powerful chess tool! With so many different people with even more different ideas of what they would like a multifunction chess tool to be able to do creating the new Rybka GUI must be a rather difficult task.

As for me, analysis and database functions are most important in a chess GUI. Therefore I naturally hope that the splendid analysis functions already implemented in Chess Assistant will be fine-tuned and further expanded for the Rybka GUI and that the database functions and usability of the new GUI will surpass those of Chessbase 9.

Thus, I would like to suggest a (at least to my knowledge) new database function, that might be implemented in the tree function:
Is it technically possible to display not only the overall success rate/performance of a certain move but additionally also the success rate/performance of this move during the last two years - so to speak the "Recent Performance"?

The idea behind this is this: Let's say a certain move in an opening has been played many times over the last 30 years with an overall success rate of 80%. However, recently a strong refutation has been found rendering this move obsolete. Unfortunately, due to the short time period, only a few games with this new move have been played so far. Since all games the database containing this line are used to calculate the overall success rate the new and better move might be overlooked or considered a fluke. If, however, the user can compare the overall performance of a move with the more recent performance it will be considerably easier to spot refutations or new strong ideas.

This function would not only be especially useful for correspondence chess players but also for serious opening preparation of OTB players.

In this respect it would also be tremendously helpful, if the rating as well as the names of strong players who played a certain move are also displayed. (This is a function that is already implemented in Chessbase 9 - and one of its most popular features.)

Best regards to you all,

Parent - - By billyraybar (***) Date 2007-06-07 02:56
This is an absolutely fantastic idea.
Parent - By Felix Kling (Gold) Date 2007-06-07 10:29 Edited 2007-06-07 10:31
I like it too, maybe a perfomance graph (x=years y=performance) would be a good solution, in the opening book you could save the years and the results, like "2006 +5 =4 -3" and if you add another game from 2006 which was won by black there will be added +1 for black, so the new value would be "2006 +5 =4 -4" . This should be relatively easy to implement. The same with the names of the players. If the player is stronger than 2700 (or sth. like this, maybe this should be variable when creating the book) his name will be added to a list of names for the position in the book.
Parent - - By Victor Zakharov (*****) Date 2007-06-07 16:39
Thansk Sam,

Viewing performance by years is available in CA, but a set of operations should be done for this.
New Rybka GUI has more flexible mainfraim and this is not a problem to implement most wanted features directly. I think next two weeks will go in very hot discussions on the beta forum about tree functions. Hope that as result we will get well tuned system.

As I see now decision to open beta testing on very early stage was right one. Possibly due this reason we will delay release a bit. But we will be sure that most decisions are checked well by different people. This was the main problem with Chess Assistant - testing was in narrow circle. And some serious problems were discovered only in the released versions.

Parent - By Felix Kling (Gold) Date 2007-06-10 10:28
I think there are mainly three reasons why you should need a database:
a) Searching for one special game
b) Searching for the games of a player (preparation for tournaments)
c) Searching for some kind of games, like games where one side is mated

Opening preparation should be done with the opening book, it's much faster and comfortable. So it's important that the opening book saves as much information as possible, so that it can replace the database. It could also save the results of the top players which play the line for example. If you follow a line and want to see the end of the game we return to a) . It would be great if there would be a option to complete the game in the notation (if you were following a game in the opening book and the last moves aren't in the book anymore) so you don't have to look for the game in the database manually.

I importet a lot of games in my opening book (it's now about 3GB  big) and the most games are till move 30. in the book. That's an enourmous help since I don't need to search in the database that much and can go very quickly through the lines. And since opening theory ends before move 30. in the most openings (ok, I know, there's the sicilian :) ) I'm able to follow single games.

Btw.: I think the "CAP" values in the CA9 book are completly useless in a lot of positions, since engines aren't that strong in understanding strategical positions... The actual performance of the position is much more interesting for a better chess player I think.
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