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- - By pawnslinger (****) Date 2019-05-16 00:41
RTHomeServer has been working well for me until recently I have noticed engines dropping out.  Of 12 engines I had running on the server last night, when I went to bed, only 2 were still running by morning.  I have noticed this drop-out occurring during the day too, but to a lesser degree, because I check more often.  I have been rebooting the server to get them going again... maybe not necessary, I don't know.

Anyhow, this started happening when I started giving more time for the engine to consider the moves.  I am now giving 5 minutes in Aquarium to consider each move in IDeA.  Is there something I need to adjust in the RTHomeServer ini file?  I see the "timebuffer" variable set to 5000... should I change that to 7000??

Has anyone else run into this sort of behavior??
Parent - - By pawnslinger (****) Date 2019-05-16 07:04
There must be a problem with my router... rebooting it seems to have fixed the problem.
Parent - By ChiefPushesWood (**) Date 2019-05-16 20:28
Glad to hear ya got it working, 'Slinger.

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