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- - By ppipper (*****) [es] Date 2018-02-18 00:41
Hello, after some years without using Aquarium at all, I am back to chess analysis, and I see lot of changes since old times of Aquarium 2012....

I have purchased Aq 2018.

Just three quick questions to start playing around:

- is there any link with main novelties in Aquarium?
- is there any descriptivo of main scripts already provided?
- I want to analyze a few games (around 500) with a fairly deep of analysis, since most of them are top GM games, and I am looking for tactical shots. What are revommended settings to accomplish this task?

Thanks a lot

Parent - By Ghengis-Kann (***) [us] Date 2018-02-23 00:31 Upvotes 1
Hi ppiper.

There have been numerous changes since AQ2012, and I will try to list some of the major ones.

The program is almost perfectly stable now. The only way I have found to crash it is removing an engine from IDEA without stopping IDEA first.

You can run endgame table bases locally and also connect online to the 7 man table.

The tree structure switched from .hsh to .aqt. This enables much larger trees then were possible in AQ2012, with upwards of 1,000,000 positions now in the range of possibility.

It runs a lot faster without the heavy disk access or "writing to tree" delays that were evident in earlier versions.

Unfortunately the record number in the database window disappeared with AQ2014 and never returned.

A completely new method of analyzing positions or lines was provided with the Tree Generation Strategies, that are pretty well described in the web documentation. They enable you to set the depth of ply, number of branches, and evaluation cut off of a custom task. Say for example to search 3 ply deep with up to 3 alternatives per ply as long as the difference between the best and worst alternative at any ply is less that 75 centipawns. You can then apply this strategy to individual positions, whole lines, or have it run every time you create a new root node for automatic expansion. A word of caution here is that the leaf node evaluations generated by these strategies can sometimes be atrocious.

As to the best way to find tactical novelties in 500 games...

I would start by putting all 500 games into a dedicated database, right click on the data base window, select all, and then send games to IDEA. Check the boxes that say "Generate Alternatives" and "Include Variations". That will analyze every position in every game and put them all in a nice tree for you. It will also generate alternatives that have at least some chance of being a tactical shot. It is also possible that tactical shots have already been described in the variations that are part of the annotation.

Then pour yourself a really big cup of coffee and click your way through it with the help of an infinite analysis engine.

The best settings depend on what kind of hardware you have and how long you are willing to wait.
I generally run time-limited searches that hit about 23 ply in a typical position, but I am studying for OTB play. People who use their computers for correspondence competitions spend a lot more time and go to a lot greater depth on every position.
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