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- - By Vegan (****) [ca] Date 2018-02-04 21:14
It took a lot of study to figure out how to do things with WordPress vs the old site which was completely custom.

I am still manually posting stuff for now, but as I resurrect the old tournaments I am gong to have to use smaller groups and then I can bunch them up into a single post.

I have a Samsung R540 laptop with 4GB of memory so it can handle chess for now. Machine maxes out at 8GB so its best off with no more than 5 pieces EGTB. Then again most other offerings are pretty much all using 5 pieces.

I have a plug-in for chess diagrams which I have tested a bit to see how well it works and so far it does the job. This way I can add some editorial etc.

Stockfish 9 is surprising better than 8, so I am now testing it with a couple of other engines mostly to test the i3-380m processor for stability.
Parent - - By leavenfish (***) [us] Date 2018-02-10 16:18
It's really not that much better if you take into account that one utilized contempt and the other does not.

Set SF9's contempt to zero and you will see that.
I don't know if anyone has done any testing of SF9 and SF8 both with contempt of 20. That would be more apples to apples as well.

Perhaps I will if I have time this weekend.
Parent - By Vegan (****) [ca] Date 2018-02-11 19:32
That is something that needs to be tested but I am not sure anybody has tried it yet?
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