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- - By FirebrandX (**) Date 2018-01-30 18:31
I'm on a new computer with Win7, so I decided to buy Aquarium 2018. I pay with paypal, download the setup exe from the link provided, and try to run it. I'm brought to a window that wants my name and serial number. WHAT SERIAL NUMBER?? I didn't get anything in my email other than a receipt from paypal. So where's my serial number?
Parent - - By ventura07 (***) Date 2018-01-30 19:05
When I paid with PayPal the ChessOk page confirming my order had the following below the download link for the program:

Serial keys

Save or write down the following serial keys for products you've purchased:

ChessOK Aquarium 2018 - xxxxx

If you don't have that page, I would suggest emailing ChessOK at and get the serial number.
Parent - - By FirebrandX (**) Date 2018-01-30 19:12
I had multiple tabs opened at that time and accidentally closed it when I downloaded the exe. I find it absurd they don't EMAIL you the serial number. Besides that, I've already emailed them on three different addresses and their web contact form. No response.

If I don't hear back by tomorrow, I'm filing for a refund on Paypal. This is as I said, absurd that the serial is on a volatile page with NO RECOURSE if you accidentally close it. Ridiculous!
Parent - By nebulus (****) Date 2018-01-30 19:34
They don't work 24/7 and it's 22:30 in Moscow right now. You should get an email with the serial number, but it's quite possible that they send them manually, so chances are you won't get it until tomorrow.
Parent - By FirebrandX (**) Date 2018-01-30 19:35
Update: Got an email from the help I requested, and was told they only manage the USA web site, and that I apparently ordered from the Russian one. Had no clue there was even a USA web site! I just Googled for Aquarium and bought from the shop posted. Cripes!!
Parent - - By ventura07 (***) Date 2018-01-30 19:49
I checked my order and found that I did get an email from ChessOK with the serial number which came after the PayPal confirmation.
Parent - By FirebrandX (**) Date 2018-01-31 14:03
The USA web site forwarded my email to the admin of the Russian one. They sent me the serial 12 hours later. Finally got it up and running now.
Parent - By nebulus (****) Date 2018-01-30 19:11
The serial number was on the order confirmation page, I'm assuming you just closed the page without reading anything. You should receive it in an email in a few hours. Check you spam box. If you don't get it within a day, you'd likely need to contact support:
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