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- - By opus7 (*) Date 2018-01-21 13:24 Edited 2018-01-21 13:47

I have issues with the trees in chess Assistant ( CA11 is the version I am on ).

I can build trees OK, but I notice that now not all moves are shown, and the statistics information (shown  % Year ELO ) always stops at move 10.  The qty column carries on from move 11, but the % year ELO will only show the % number.

This applies to all trees, not just hugebase or direct.

I tried restoring old copies of hugebase, but still see the same issue.

I tried building the CA5 Professional but the same result

I tried building the Direct tree, and using the value ( number of moves to include ) set to 50  and the value ( eliminate single lines ) set to no, but still the same.

In fact now, the trees shown even fewer initial moves, just e4 d4, Nf3 ! No other opening moves are shown., but when you move , for example, c4 on the board, 2nd moves show up.

I have re-installed CA and can see that I have a similar, but worse , issue there, in that only the % success is shown from move 1 , ie no elo or rating at all.

I have CA installed on an old laptop, and checking that all is OK, but copying it to the computer with the error, then the error shows up. This implies to me that the data is OK, but there is something at fault with the configuration . How tat can affect a new install though, is not something clear to me.

Any advice on this would be welcomed , since CA is my main database program !

Parent - By opus7 (*) Date 2018-01-21 15:47
I seem to have resolved this...

I removed deleted games in hugebase ( even though I was not aware there were any ) then re-built the tree. This gave me back the full list of moves ( ie not just d4 e4 as move 1.)

After this I restored the direct tree from the aquarium install I had from last year, and this gave me the full statistics ( % Year ELO ). Possibly my existing tree was corrupt.

The last is a bit confusing, since I always thought that statistics were derived from the base that the tree was built over. This doesn't seem to be the case. The success % comes from the current base tree, but the elo and year from the direct tree.

One last thing I noticed  ( and this may have no effect at all ) but there is one hugebase file, with the extension ue0, tthat does not share the same timestamp as the others in the folder, ie the tiem I re-built the tree. 

Any idea if that is a significant issue , as I have no real idea about what each fie in that folder does !
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