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- - By kul Date 2015-10-15 06:41
You are given the ability to remotely use a multi-core computer cluster (30 to 70 cores) in a chess program Aquarium 2015 with an analytical module Stockfish-6. Anonymity, privacy and confidentiality strictly guaranteed.

Configuration supercomputer:

Engine 83 (cores 78), the speed of the engines of 0.9 to 1.8 mN/s. Stockfish-6 on a total cumulative speed at the starting position of 111.6 mN/s. (average rate of 1.35 mN/s one engine), the total hash engines - 40 Gb. Details in technical documentation.

We rent 50 engines Stockfish-6 for 10 days for € 5 or $ 6 per day. Below is this terms you can see the list of engines, with an indication of the speed engines, hash and time of work. After you receive the engines in use, you should not change any settings of engines! After the transfer of funds for the lease of engines, you will get to your e-mail by 17:00 (GMT) all the necessary information to connect the engines to the program Aquarium, as an attached file.
Using this service, you remain completely anonymous user, get a unique opportunity to use remote supercomputer on your PC with the Windows operating system and installed chess program Aquarium.

What do you think about it? In the next post, we will present our website and instructional video.
Parent - - By Doramad Date 2015-10-20 21:07
Bullshit. Try to scam dumb people somewhere else.
Parent - - By kul Date 2015-10-21 17:01
Link to our website

Link to the video instructions

Link to the Supremo

Soon on our website page appears with an English section.

Dear Doramad, yet we are not completely ready, but you can now see for yourself that it is a real offer, we are ready
give you a FREE temporary access to our supercomputer using supremo. Later,
when we are fully prepared, you will be able to connect our cores to your computer. In order to
try a free temporary access to our supercomputer, you need to write on for application, to this address you will receive a letter with a password and
username. Then you can just leave your comments in this thread. We bring forgiveness for the bad english. :-)
Parent - - By Felix Kling (Gold) Date 2015-10-25 09:33
This looks interesting :-) looking forward to see the english section.
Parent - By Merkury (**) Date 2015-10-25 13:34
Hi! This is our project with kul. We are now able to provide free access to our supercomputer for 24 hours with 30 cores. You can write on my email -
- - By Merkury (**) Date 2015-11-08 09:22 Edited 2015-11-09 04:39
We have opened!!!
   We've changed our project 100-core supercomputer on project 50 cores supercomputer, given the real possibility of the program Aquarium 2015 to work with a large number of engines (over 50 engines begins to freeze shell - - This video shows the launch of 70 engines on a remote Aquarium 2015.
   Optimized handling systems and engines The order of the work, the entire system is fully controlled. The terms of the rent of engines (engine 32 - 50 euros or 60 dollars for 15
day rentals). Link to the video instructions
   Now it is possible to agree with the user version of the engine.
   On our site!--2/c8gk open page on english language.
   We look forward to your requests and suggestions on
Parent - - By pawnslinger (****) Date 2015-11-08 16:34 Edited 2015-11-08 16:37
I am not clear on the terms of rent... so let me restate.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

I can rent the use of 32 engines for 15 days for 60 dollars USA.

Is that unlimited 24 hours per day for 15 days?  Or approximately 11,000 cpu hours?

Please confirm.  Thanks.

Can you also give some information about the cpu cores and what engines are available?  Are they Intel Xeon cores or AMD?  What frequency do they run at?  Is Komodo available?
Parent - By Merkury (**) Date 2015-11-08 18:48
I can rent the use of 32 engines for 15 days for 60 dollars USA. - Yes!

Is that unlimited 24 hours per day for 15 days?  Or approximately 11,000 cpu hours? - Yes! (excluding small technical breaks).

Can you also give some information about the cpu cores and what engines are available?  Are they Intel Xeon cores or AMD?  What frequency do they run at? -

Is Komodo available? - not available yet, all versions are available on request Stokfish.
Parent - - By darmar (**) Date 2015-11-09 17:04
I want use this computer in Cloud chessbase with my Fritz GUI
Parent - By Merkury (**) Date 2015-11-09 17:49

> I want use this computer in Cloud chessbase with my Fritz GUI

It is impossible, it is for the Aquarium.
- By Merkury (**) Date 2015-11-21 06:59
We have changed the terms of rent engines. Rent of 36 engines for 5 days for 20 $ or 20 €.!--2/c8gk
- By Merkury (**) Date 2015-11-21 08:45
Review of International Grandmaster Pavel Ponkratov, FIDE rating in classical chess 2600+,
Russian champion in rapid chess in 2015.

Thanks to the authors of this project, was able to test a few days ago an interesting tool. 44
engine on the basis of shell Aquarium. In fact, from here has begins nuances.

The first moment - this shell provides great opportunities, but it requires a detailed study,
and I suspect, I could not reveal the full potential of the cluster.

The second moment - there is 44 single-core engine, but not 44 - Multi-core processor,
it's also important to understand.

I considered my position was quite a lot, therefore, not to turn this review into a full article,
try to briefly describe the thoughts and impressions. The automatic analysis has left mixed
feelings. On the one hand, get a lot of interesting information, in the studied positions were
found new opportunities. On the other hand, even this might not solve the problem of
positions, where it is very difficult to change the structure of, and the need to look long
transfers figures with the aim of perfect position. But flying on manual clearly left positive
emotions - throw sliders moves, I cleaned a few wrong answers, and as a result, the overall
performance was very high.

It should be noted feature of works IdeA - performance data engines are displayed in a
tree, and not just issued "first line".

The tool is good. The overall performance improves greatly, especially in the new
positions. True to disable head all during the analysis do not recommend. I think, from time
to time, will use this product, because have the opportunity to see the difficult position on a
powerful cluster, being virtually anywhere in the world - it's wonderful!

November 2015

Its original review on russian language -!blank/cl0o
- By Merkury (**) Date 2015-12-06 15:08
Rent of 36 engines for 5 days for 20 $ or 20 €.
The total rate of our 36 engines for rent equivalent to 36 cores Athlon II X4 740 3200MHz, or 9 processors Athlon II X4 740 3200MHz, or 1 processor Intel Xeon E5-2699 V3 2.3GHz 18-Core (36 threads).!--2/c8gk
- By Merkury (**) Date 2015-12-23 06:58
Dear forum!
More than a month, our supercomputer is always busy.
Players of Russia and America use our services, grandmasters and players correspondence chess satisfied.
For all the good work, you need to have installed Aquarium 2015 and need a stable internet connection, for example, is not suitable mobile or satellite Internet.
The total rate of our 36 engines for rent equivalent to 36 cores Athlon II X4 740 3200MHz, or 9 processors Athlon II X4 740 3200MHz, or 1 processor Intel Xeon E5-2699 V3 2.3GHz 18-Core (36 threads).
Our prices are surprisingly low - 36 engines for 5 days for 20 $ or 20 €.
We do not see a position that you are analyzing, we guarantee anonymity, complete privacy and confidentiality of data.
Now supercomputer busy December 29.
Pay now and December 29 at 17.00 GMT start enjoying.
Our site has all the necessary information.!--2/c8gk
- By Merkury (**) Date 2016-01-03 04:49
Rent of 36 engines for 5 days for 20 $ or 20 €.
A new service "Rent engines for IA". The cost of $ 5 or € 5 for 5 days. Connecting to the Aquarium, Chessbase or Fritz.
Now with IDeA work even better! A combined analysis of 36 engines for the IDeA and powerful engine for IA provide an excellent result!!--2/c8gk!--3/c1q95
- By Merkury (**) Date 2016-01-16 16:50
We have reached the optimum capacity - 50 engines for IDeA when connected to us or 40 engines for IDeA rent (connect to your Aquarium). Also, works are carried out to optimize and increase the speed of the engines. Available engines for the IA (connects to the Aquarium, Chessbase and Fritz) Updated site design.!--2/c8gk Our prices are surprisingly low, go to the site, use a unique and quality product!
- By Merkury (**) Date 2016-02-13 12:39
We recorded a new training video. Now to rent a 40 engines for the Aquarium very simple!!--2/c8gk
- By Viktor (**) Date 2016-02-20 09:59
Opinion practice correspondence chessplayer:
Using a supercomputer - what is it? Myth or Reality?! The benefit or misleading?!
I during the three days involved in extreme tests 40 engines to the limit of equipment and user. Conducted different methods of analysis in the shell Aquarium. The final analysis of the work certainly deserves attention and further study of this option.
Supercomputer provides new opportunities, in fact represents the analytical laboratory, where much depends on the user. Noticeably wider opportunities disclosed Aquarium, its effective use.
Incredibly easy to make the connection of the engine, just the touch of a button and have all the required settings.
When using a supercomputer running engines are constantly visible in the aquarium, and it is important that the work and manage you have to yourself.
What good and that problems arise and how to avoid them?!
I during this test significantly deepen and expand their projects, find new opportunities in the individual opening variations. When analyzing the current tournament position is necessary to continue, while spending much less time. Acquired experience with a large number of engines in the Aquarium encouraged to seek more acceptable options, as well as to study possibilities not previously claimed. There is hardly a player that will negatively to treat this. Is it just lazy and envious.

Problems arise and need to know they  to use the supercomputer.
1. Bad Internet. I with this directly encountered, and only he is not allowed to experience the rave emotions. I have a bad internet - modem connection. Although, emphasize, the overall impression is positive. There are questions about the use of modern equipment that was good bandwidth and high speed external network. This will not "crash" of engines and they are all currently available.
2. Problems Aquarium. And I had to decided arised troubles. But, most importantly, they proceeded due to poor internet. When an internal network connection to the Aquarium of such problems did not arise. Thus, it was found that the shell is not the main cause of failures in the supercomputer, namely bad internet culprit "of all evils."
3. The inability or rather unwillingness to improve of user. This reason may be, therefore, "pessimists" Aquarium advise first understand their intentions to work in the shell.
The correctness of the choice will often depend on the chess skills.

Who does not have problems under item №1 - can safely take advantage of opportunities!
Project organizers supercomputer make a connection to the Internet and "not very good" to its aquarium on 50 engines engine + IA. Besides, now experiencing a new way to connect to users with bad internet. So what is the future of this project.

Since my problems were of them will not leave, I would like to make your own notes on this subject.
The best option when working in a project with a lot of problems (I had 100-odd thousand). They can generate the most IDeA of exhibiting a large number of roots or send to interested parties from the IDeA database. This project can be somehow debut or very problematic position. But we must not forget that control the "quality" of work remains to be late and be sure to polish the analysis.
Not a bad option - working in two projects. They are easy to control, load engines is constant and failures should not be.
When working in several projects (tried to 5-10) need to constantly adjust the process. Bad if minimaxes intersect. And constant rearrangements-change also do not add to stability. There may be some "downtime" in the analysis. But it's better to let them be, than had bugs. But here, a large effect can be achieved, but the user is "in the soap." If the trees are small in size, the effect will be much higher, since minimaxes will pass very quickly.

When your Aquarium hang (by the way, in the background analysis continues!), it is desirable to shut the engines work, and then squeeze the projects - to restart the program. You can delete data IA (and the contents of folders infinite_analysis.ldb_data infinite_analysis $ 1.ldb_data).
Perhaps there is the influence of large trees, while during deceleration analysis are not talking to them. Recording goes on infinite_analysis file, and it really matter.
On your computer, it is necessary to leave one core is not busy.
Using more than 50 engines considerably hinders work.

I emphasize that in a good online mode can be a little different. Those problems that I listed just will not.
Using a supercomputer can almost all players - correspondence chessplayers, professional chessplayers, coaches and fans of analysis. The main thing - to set reasonable goals for this.
We hope for developers and programmers to improve the Aquarium shell and look forward to the new version!
- By Merkury (**) Date 2016-02-23 09:13
We publish the complete block diagram of supercomputer.
- By Merkury (**) Date 2016-03-01 18:25
Rental scheme 40 engines for the IDeA and engines for IA.
- - By Hamster (**) Date 2016-03-03 19:24
Has anyone of the regular, trustworthy :grin:, forum members tried this? Sounds pretty interesting...
Parent - By Merkury (**) Date 2016-03-08 12:22 Edited 2016-03-08 12:51
I can not tell who has used. He asked for complete privacy.

You can use our supercomputer. We provide you with 3 days of free use.
Connection is very simple!
Our site!--2/c8гк
Our offer you to nothing obliges. Just use free and make your review.
That all went well, you should have a normal internet connection and Aquarium 2015.
- By Merkury (**) Date 2016-03-08 11:45
I had the opportunity to lay out an interesting analysis, since the game correspondence ended and client allowed to lay out analysis.
I have been approached with a request to review the two positions of the same party.

I need to check with the original position:
2k2b1r / p4p2 / 2n1pP2 / 1q4r1 / NpRQ4 / 6P1 / 1P3P1P / R5K1 b - - 0 23
And also, from the position after 16 white stroke (I chose the correct option?)
2kr1b1r / pb1n1p2 / 1q2pP2 / 2pP2B1 / Npp5 / 6P1 / PP3PBP / R2Q1RK1 b - - 0 16

So I analyzed the two key positions in the game after the current 23. Qd4 and opening after 16 Na4. I conducted the analysis on 40 engines for IDeA and 1 engine for IA (representing approximately 80% of the total performance of our supercomputer), the analysis lasted 1 day, the settings in IDeA 60 seconds. and 25 ply, wait 120 seconds. was built the tree 22000 positions, I control an analysis of 2.5-3 hours in the evening, half an hour in the morning and 2.5-3 hours during the day and in the evening (total 6 hours). Position after 23. Qd4 counted in all cases to a draw, draw in the pawn ending, draw in the light figure endgame (bishop against knight and pawns are very few) and so on.
Position after 16. Na4 (Botvinnik variation) I was somewhat frightened stroke number (just opening, only 16 move), but I underestimated the power of a supercomputer. Now, I think the position after 16. Na4 closed for discussion, all lines calculated to 0.00.:surprised: To do draw, there are two moves 16 ...Qa6 and 16 ...Qb5.
I lay out analysis pgn, that moved his hands, the best + second branches, and trees in the Aquarium aqt format + trees Aquarium infinite analysis.
- - By Merkury (**) Date 2016-05-14 16:48
We have new services -!--2/c8gk
Ask us, we will answer your questions.
You can ask questions in the subject or email
Parent - - By Carl Bicknell (*****) Date 2016-05-15 20:52
is there any provision to use Komodo instead of SF?
Parent - By Merkury (**) Date 2016-05-16 03:07
The Aquarium 2016 is expected to official support the work of the Komodo in IDeA.
We are waiting for Aquarium 2016.
We do not want to buy a license, as long as there is no official support for the work in IDeA.
- - By Hamster (**) Date 2016-05-15 15:51
I was using the Supercomputer recently and was positively surprised.

Payment was via PayPal and soon after it went through I got an email from Merkury confirming
that the payment was received which was quite a relief. Then I received by email an xml-file
containing the necessary parameters to have Aquarium 2015 connect to the remote engines
(Engines, Import engine options). Then the fun could start :smile:. Having only ever used 4 cores
it was quite an experience to have 40 cores at my disposal. All of them running Stockfish 7 and
at reasonable speeds. Sometimes Aquarium 2015 was having trouble writing the trees and I also
had an issue with excessive hard disk usage but deleting deep_analysis.epd and/or
infinite_analysis folders have fixed the problem. Sometimes not all 40 cores were available as
"they got stuck" but the average number of cores was above 30. Email support from Merkury
was very good. Overall I can recommend the Supercomputer.
Parent - By Carl Bicknell (*****) Date 2016-05-15 20:51

> Sometimes not all 40 cores were available as
> "they got stuck"

- - By Merkury (**) Date 2016-06-25 14:25
In our project, many revolutionary news.
Initial tests went Aquarium 2016. The program is great! Easily and naturally cope with a large number of engines, while experiencing a maximum of 50 engines. No difference that 5 that 50! The shell is very fast, no brakes and no glitches, and the program stores the responsiveness, you can switch between tabs, in the notation in the text box, no problem! Minimax is now run much faster and painless. Due to the rapid implementation of operations increased efficiency, the trees are built much faster. In general, the program makes a very good impression!

We also increased the number of engines for the IDeA for rent - up to 50 engines. Price € 25, or $ 30 for 5 days! Increased stability of the engines, the efficiency achieved in 90-95%! The service is very pleasant to those who have the Aquarium 2016, it works just fine! Video how to connect the engines.

Attention! We tested the 16-core (32 threads) server
(Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670). Show results 24000 k / Ns in the initial position on Stockfish. Soon you will be able to use it for the analysis of IA for € 8, or $ 10 per day (3 days - a minimum number of days of use). We connect our engine to your Aquarium or Chessbase program, it works just fine!

See all the updates on our website!--2/c8gk

Thanks to the new Aquarium 2016 the project is entering a new, higher level. We will not rest on our laurels. The plans for the summer - an increase in the number of engines for the IDeA, as well as the purchase of more than one server.
Use our services, I am sure you will be satisfied!:smile:
Parent - - By CrazyKnightGR (*) Date 2016-06-27 18:37
Great news !! Now that AQ2016 is out, do you support komodo for idea?
Parent - By Merkury (**) Date 2016-06-28 08:24
Yes, we will use the Komodo, but we do not have orders for this engine. Komodo is worth the money and we will not spend money without orders.
- By Merkury (**) Date 2016-07-01 06:44
Updating the block diagram of a supercomputer.
Now available! (Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670 - 24000 k/Ns in the starting position on Stockfish)!--2/c8gk
- By Merkury (**) Date 2016-07-13 05:38 Edited 2016-07-13 05:42
Here is a review on the use of 50 cores supercomputer GM Alexei Kornev, raiting FIDE 2550+, he also plays in correspondence tournaments.!blank/cl0o!--2/c8gk
Review the use of 50 cores supercomputer.

Recently I used 50 engines the supercomputer to analyze a debut position. As I see it in the use of supercomputer have both advantages and disadvantages. I will try to list the positive side and the negative and thus do not miss anything.


1. Very good service support. Consultation on Skype to answer all the questions.
2. If the lease 50 engines for 5 days (1250 rubles), then the price is not high. I would even say it is undervalued. 1250 rubles for 5 days - it is 250 rubles per day, or slightly more than 10 rubles per hour. I do not know what benefit the project's authors, but I think they need to spend more on electric power.
3. High quality analysis. Even a very complicated position (where to exchange one pair of pieces and pawns) per day can be analyzed very deeply. And once it becomes clear - here there is nothing, but in these positions 3-4, which occurred during analysis can fight for an advantage.
4. I think this service will be irreplaceable for GM in 2550 and beyond. To build a powerful opening repertoire. And also for correspondence chess players who want to have a rating of more than 2500 on ICCF.


1. Again the price. If we do not take wholesale 5 days. That price is not so small. For example, to analyze the position for you in 24 hours you have to pay 750 rubles. Conclusion - we must learn to use the Aquarium, have enough positions for analysis, and then take a supercomputer for rent for 5 days (see paragraph 2 of advantages.).
2. The draft is based on the program "Aquarium". And it is not too friendly to users, its interface is not intuitive. And if you are not familiar with it, then you have to spend enough time to study it.
3. If you are not GM for 2500 (or do not want them to be), or do not play in tournaments in absentia, then use this service, it's like to shoot out of a cannon on the wheel. For those who play in the open tournament will suffice infinite analysis in any the chess shells.
- By Merkury (**) Date 2016-08-04 14:45
Good news!
Put into operation the second Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670!
It increased the number of engines for the IDeA (now from 50 to 70 engines for rent!).
70 engines work well only in the Aquarium 2016.
Updated block diagram supercomputer.
Our website.
- By Merkury (**) Date 2016-08-24 15:04
Video of the Aquarium 2016 and possibilities of the program. Starting 80 engines! Very good and stable operation of the engines and a shell and run the engine for IA - Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670.
Movie in Russian.
- - By Merkury (**) Date 2016-09-06 16:39
Video of the Aquarium 2016 and possibilities of the program. Starting 80 engines! Very good and stable operation of the engines and a shell and run the engine for IA - Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670.
Movie in English.
Parent - - By pawnslinger (****) Date 2016-09-06 17:30
You know, if there is not a bug fix for Aq 2016, then you will have no chance to get my business.
Parent - - By Merkury (**) Date 2016-09-07 19:38
What kind of error do you mean?
We and our customers are using the Aquarium2016 for several months and the program works very well.
Parent - - By pawnslinger (****) Date 2016-09-08 06:59
I am happy for that... but it is as I would expect... only those happily using Aq 2016 would be able to use your services.  On the other hand, there are some of us that have had to reverse course and return to Aq 2015 because of problems with the new release.

For what it is worth, I and others have not been quiet about our difficulties... a quick scan of the topics in this forum should inform you.
Parent - - By yorkman (**) Date 2016-11-06 16:10 Edited 2016-11-06 16:14
I wanted to go back to Aquarium 2015 too but unfortunately I forgot to make a recent backup of my databases before upgrading to 2016. And when I went back to 2015 the databases don't work anymore. They only work in 2016 now.

Were you able to go back to 2015 because you made a backup or is there a way to still go back to 2015 and make your databases work? 2016 produced more problems than fixes and I wish I could go back to 2015. I regret upgrading!
Parent - - By ventura07 (***) Date 2016-11-06 19:33
You may be able to go back to AQ 2015 by using the epd files in AQ 2016 - Data|IDEA|Results. Import those files into emply AQ 2015 trees using the Add Results function.
Parent - - By yorkman (**) Date 2016-11-08 00:03
I don't use nor do I care for the iDEA trees...I only care about the infinite analysis and engine specific trees. And unfortunately I don't know how to import/export a tree (.epd) in Aquarium.
Parent - - By ventura07 (***) Date 2016-11-08 00:23 Edited 2016-11-08 00:37
Same principle. AQ saves infinite analysis to an epd file (infinite_analysis.epd) and you can restore the infinite analysis tree using that file. Same with the engine analysis. I have the engines set up so that the analysis is saved to a tree for that engine and AQ also saves the analysis to an epd file relating to that tree. If you take the the epd files created in AQ 2016, I think you can restore them into a AQ 2015 tree. I haven't tried it but will do so over the next few days and let you know. I have restored the infinite analysis and engine trees using those epd files.
Parent - - By yorkman (**) Date 2016-11-08 00:36
I think I do that too...When I run an engine in IA I get the depth/score recorded in IA and the engine...but what I don't like what happens for me is that only IA depth is recorded for the root position and every forward position in the line while for the engine the depth is recorded only for the root position that I'm using IA for.

Yes, I figured it's the same principle but my problem is I've never done importing/exporting so I don't know how to do that in Aquarium. I did find an AquariumTreeUtils.exe which seems to do what you're suggesting. But when I select EPD Operations there are four things it wants me to give it (for Import Epd and Export Epd):

Input: I'm guessing this would be the infinite_analysis.epd file
Output: And this would be something like infinite_analysis-for2015.epd
ImportEpd.EpdSource: ?
ImportEpd.Number of positions: ?

I appreciate you checking it out yourself.
Parent - By ventura07 (***) Date 2016-11-08 00:39
When I do the test, I'll give you the exact steps. I write them down so that I member how I did it!
Parent - - By pawnslinger (****) Date 2016-11-08 02:02
To clarify, I think you do record your IA results in IDeA trees.  It is just that you do not use the automatic tree expansion (and alternative generation) feature of IDeA.  Relying instead on the engine itself to generate appropriate alternatives during the IA run.

If I am wrong, please advise.  If I am correct, you might benefit from using a Sandbox session linked to your project tree, so that you can use the MultiPV mode of the engine.  The IA mode itself is strictly limited to single PV.
Parent - - By yorkman (**) Date 2016-11-08 02:10
No. I don't access idea at all. Strictly IA. And I can use MultiPV in IA too in Aquarium although I never use that either. Max. depth and single pv for the best move as deep as I allow it. Works for me.
Parent - - By pawnslinger (****) Date 2016-11-08 08:19
I guess I am confused, in my Aquarium 2015, IA is a command and column of the IDeA pane.  If you don't use the IDeA pane, where do you use the IA command?  In the database area?

I see no advantage to using IA apart from the IDeA pane... I use IDeA to record the output of IA, thus it provides historical continuity for my analysis.  If you are not using this, perhaps you would find it of benefit.  Might be something to explore.

I use Chessbase as my database, when I work on a game, I copy the game into an IDeA project, link the project to the Sandbox, and run my analysis there.  I use the IDeA project to record the result of the analysis, which can then be saved and used later in the game during further analysis... kind of like having a permanent cache in an engine, but on a far grander scale... and a much longer time scale.  For example, in my Najdorf project I have recorded and saved over 2400 hours of IA analysis.   I say over 2400, because I know it is at least 100 cpu days... and is probably closer to 5000 hours.  Over the years of work that went into it, with many Aquarium upgrades, the exact measurement of time has been lost.  But I know it is at least the amount of time that is currently shown on the project's cpu accumulator... which is approximately 100 days.

Just something to consider.
Parent - - By yorkman (**) Date 2016-11-08 23:48
Yes in the database area.

I never said it is an advantage. I just said it works for me and I do very well with it (I never lose even against the best players). I'm sure IDeA is beneficial and I wish I could learn to take advantage of it but whenever I've tried it just never worked out for me. I think it's a little too complicated. One main problem I remember always having is that I could never get it to use all the engines at a sustained level. I'd break SF down to like 12 copies of it and set each one to like 6 cores but soon the queue would empty and the engines would just sit idle even though I've added new moves to the queue that I'd like it to analyze.

Am I supposed to move ahead in the notation or line that I've added to idea and click Current Position or Auto Play or Alternative or Root Node?

Which analysis tree in Edit am I supposed to use and which master tree?

What about Analysis Quality settings? 30 seconds and depth 30? I'm afraid to set it lower as it gives me the impression that spending too little time in a given position will mean missing good or better moves.

Then there's Automatic tree expansion, Tree Shape, Limit Variation Length, Root Positions. I've watched some videos but never found one that really explains all these depth and how best to set them. I have 36 real cores or 72 with HT so I should be able to set a lot of engines to analyse a lot of moves with ease. But what do I do? Make 36 or 72 copies of SF.exe and add them as SF1, SF2 etc to the engine list and set them to 4 cores or 1 core each? Lot of work and probably not the best way to use them. I'd only be linking my opponents' each game to IDEA (from database area).
Parent - By pawnslinger (****) Date 2016-11-09 19:33 Edited 2016-11-10 03:10
We have a saying, "you are over-thinking it".  Start simple and work with it as you go.

A good starting place are the videos on YouTube.  Have you watched them?

I don't use the database myself, because it crashes for me a lot.  So I use Chessbase.  When I want to work on a game, I use the "copy game" option to capture the game, then go to Aquarium, in the IDeA pane, I then create a new project to hold the analysis (or select an old project, if I have one already for this type of position).  Once viewing the project, I right-click in the notation window and past my game into it... overwriting whatever, if anything, was in the notation window.  Usually I then disable Automatic Tree expansion and set the analysis time I want for each node.  I usually set 3 seconds, but sometimes more or less.  Then I set the depth of analysis (with the Boolean operator set to "AND", I usually set the depth to at least 19, but can go as high as 27 or 28 depending on the position.  Generally the further along in the game, the greater the depth I select.  I try to keep the rate of analysis under 1000 nodes per cpu hour, otherwise I bottle-neck Aquarium.  I do use "wait for next depth".  Then using the icon at the top of the screen, the 2nd one to the right of the Fish icon, I link the project to the Sandbox.  Now I usually use the wrench icon to set min time and depth, these two play off each other, such that the lower the min time is, the larger the min depth should be, and vice versa.  There are always exceptions, a reasonable short min time is 20 seconds, then I use 11-15 as min depth, a long min time could be 180 seconds, and then I would use 1-5 for min depth.  You can get the idea, I hope.

Then I go into the analysis options and set the engine I want, the number of PV's I want (assuming MultiPV mode), I often use Stockfish for this, with 5-8 PV's.  Then I start the analysis.  In other threads I have described in detail how I move back and forth thru the PV so that the engine gets a chance to see further across its horizon.

Once I have accumulated a large number of positions for IDeA, I start a couple of engines (I don't like A LOT of engines running at the same time).  Usually I have 3 engines going at any given time, one for Sandbox and 2 for IDeA.  This method is constantly changing, as I learn.  At one time I like to use many more engines, but having been cutting back recently to as few as will get the job done well.

You mention that you "never lose against the best players".  I would be curious as to your rating.  I play exclusively on ICCF and my current rating is 2371 and I think it will jump up over 2380 at the next rating period.  I do lose some games, but very seldom.  I am currently qualified for the WCCC semi-finals, that I hope to play next year.  At the current time, I just started a Master Norm event, with the hope of gaining a title.  Titles in the ICCF are quite hard to earn.

I wish you luck with your Chess!
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