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- - By Ciron (**) Date 2016-05-26 10:49 Upvotes 1
There is a new ICCF Forum within the HIARCS Chess Forums.

After ICCF shut down its official forum in 2010 (for reasons not completely clear to me), I now tried to initiate a new one, even though not necessarily an official one.
HIARCS is co-sponsor of ICCF, so that's fine, having Harvey Williamson with us, who manages the HCF and supports the idea of a new ICCF Forum.

For becoming a member of the ICCF Forum two steps are required:
1) register on the HIARCS main forum
2) send a private message to Harvey Williamson and/or Arno Nickel to gain access with your ICCF membership number.

It will take some time to introduce the new forum to the wide community of ICCF members, but I'm sure, after a while we will see a lot of interesting discussions and contributions. It's also an excellent chance to make new friends.

Arno Nickel (ICCF GM)
Parent - - By gsgs (***) Date 2016-05-26 13:51
I should have heard about Arno Nickesl ...

I remember, we talked about that problem here recently. Dragonmist etc.

I think it's time to change chess entirely or to replace it by something else.
Quoting Lasker etc. has not much meaning in the times of computer-chess.

Let's _design_ a new chess-like game, with the purpose that it's hard for computers
(like Go) but still similar to chess (for historical purposes only).
Designed by computer, using skilled chess-programmers and chessplayers,
as well as Go players and algorithm programmers.
In a combined cooperative effort. The game itself with its rules updated
during that phase.
It should also be useful for teaching, enhancing the thinking skills of children.

It should coexist with traditional chess. But hopefully over time it will become more
popular than chess.

Well, I'd like it to be just computer-hard and human-friendly, with no particular
preference for chess-likelyness. But chessplayers will disagree, they won't want
to lose what they learned about chess.

Guenter Stertenbrink, ICCF-Grandmaster, 1984 , programmer ,
programming+designing math-puzzles, algorithms
influenza genetics, mortality statistics databases
"gsgs" in the internet forums ,
Parent - - By Ciron (**) Date 2016-05-26 14:29

it's always a pleasure to meet one of the "lost" guys, one of the many strong chess players who left correspondence chess since the late 1980ties.

When talking about changing chess we should always keep in mind what it means to change such an old game, familiar to millions of people...

For that reason my approach has always been to change as little as desperately needed.

Nevertheless I find your approach interesting. Let's see where it leads to... You are not the first one to create a new chess-like game, but so far, as I can see, nobody was really successful with any of the radical solutions.

One point might catch your attention: correspondence chess - unlikely as over-the-board chess - is extremely affected by progress in computer chess. So this crisis might be an interesting starting point to look for something new - - but it should still be very similiar to correspondence chess. I know, it sounds like squaring the circle.
Parent - By gsgs (***) Date 2016-05-26 14:59
but, as you agree, the old game of chess has changed dramatically with the advent of computers.
More than ever before in its long history.
It's not the same anymore, times have changed, we must adapt.
I'm not really creating a new chess ... just asking/encouraging/proposing that project in cooperation.
Isn't it worth to spend as much time in "inventing" a new chess for the future
as people do apparently spend in playing that old game ?
It's also interesting from a theoretical,mathematical,AI point of view, independent of chess(-history)
[shall we copy this to the HIARCS-ICCF - forum ?]
Parent - By Kreuzfahrtschiff (***) Date 2016-05-26 20:29
Guenter, wie schon früher, hast du recht; schach ist tot, wir brauchen ein neues spiel

grüße aus bielefeld
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