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- - By Nelson Hernandez (Gold) [us] Date 2015-08-06 16:41 Upvotes 1
I just got word this morning from Anton Mihailov (Chessdom, Chess Arena) that it's really happening, finally.  Martin Thoresen will be running the tournament while delegating management-related matters to Anton. 

The tournament could start as soon as in two weeks though I personally think that's just a bit optimistic.  Engine participants haven't been locked down yet and tournament structure won't be in place until this weekend.

Yes, I will be running most of the openings again.  We'll have a different approach in Stage 2 as we did last time, but not "no book". 

No, I have no idea if Fritz 15 beta will be in it.  Fans of this website would be pretty thrilled to see that, but it probably doesn't make commercial sense unless you can be really competitive with the top dogs.  Who knows.
Parent - By Gaмßito (****) [cr] Date 2015-08-06 17:19
Thanks for the info Nelson!

The last Season you did a great work with the openings. I'm sure you will repeat once again your excellent work!

Regarding Fritz 15, of course is the new sensation we are all waiting :smile:. We look forward with interest to any possible news!

Parent - - By Ray (****) Date 2015-08-06 20:05
Do we know what the hardware is this time ?
Parent - - By Nelson Hernandez (Gold) [us] Date 2015-08-06 22:58
I do have some indications on that but I'll let Anton or Martin communicate the plan.  The reason I'm reticent is because the details aren't completely settled for the full tournament and whatever I say could change.
Parent - By turbojuice1122 (Gold) [us] Date 2015-08-07 16:32
You know just what to say to whet people's appetites even more each time! :twisted:
- - By turbojuice1122 (Gold) [us] Date 2015-08-18 03:28
This is probably old news already to many, but here is some updated info.  Initial rounds on 20-core system, with finals on 40-core server.
Parent - By Lazy Frank (****) [lv] Date 2015-08-18 06:41
More cores and larger time control - it's made Stockfish chance up beat Komodo. ( i think)
- - By Kajordzak (**) Date 2015-08-22 14:37 Edited 2015-08-22 14:39
After 1 round Fire, Komodo and Gull at the first place! Fire is playing its second game...
Parent - By Dragon Mist (****) [hr] Date 2015-08-22 16:20
Game of the round 1 IMHO Cheng-Fruit Reloaded, a never seen before superior positional/attacking play by Fruit, only to peter out in a draw, Fruit probably overcooked it (the game lasted some 50 moves more than posted, had to shorten it for max allowed text length).

[Event "TCEC Season 8 - Stage 1a"]
[Site ""]
[Date "2015.08.22"]
[Round "1"]
[White "Cheng4 0.39"]
[Black "Fruit 200815"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
[BlackElo "2789"]
[ECO "D37"]
[EventDate "2015.08.22"]
[GameDuration "05:49:48"]
[Opening "QGD: Classical Variation"]
[PlyCount "345"]
[Termination "adjudication"]
[TerminationDetails "TCEC draw rule"]
[TimeControl "5400+30"]
[WhiteElo "2793"]

{ WhiteEngineOptions: Protocol=UCI; Hash=16384; Threads=20; OwnBook=false; Ponder=false;, BlackEngineOptions: Protocol=UCI; Hash=4096; Threads=16; EGTB=true; NalimovPath=D:/Nalimov; NalimovCache=32; OwnBook=false; Ponder=false; }
1. d4 { d=25, pd=Nf6, mt=00:03:32, tl=01:26:57, s=25740 kN/s, n=5479177891, pv=d4 Nf6 c4 c6 Nc3 d5 Nf3 dxc4 a4 Bf5 e3 e6 Bxc4 Nbd7 O-O Be7 Qe2 Ne4 Bd2 O-O Bd3 Nxd2 Qxd2 Bxd3 Qxd3, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.17, }
Nf6 { d=29, pd=c4, mt=00:03:19, tl=01:27:10, s=8342 kN/s, n=1661372611, pv=Nf6 c4 e6 Nf3 Be7 Nc3 d5 e3 O-O Bd3 dxc4 Bxc4 c5 O-O Nc6 dxc5 Bxc5 Qc2 Bd7 a3 Rc8 Rd1 Be7 Bd3 h6 b4 Qc7 Bb2 Ne5 Bh7+ Nxh7 Nxe5 Nf6, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.13, }
2. c4 { d=26, pd=c6, mt=00:03:42, tl=01:23:44, s=26074 kN/s, n=5797499756, pv=c4 c6 Nc3 d5 Nf3 dxc4 a4 Bf5 e3 Nbd7 Bxc4 e6 O-O Bd6 Bd3 Bxd3 Qxd3 O-O b3 Re8 h3 Nd5 Nxd5 exd5 Ba3 Bxa3 Rxa3, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.23, }
e6 { d=29, pd=Nf3, mt=00:03:14, tl=01:24:26, s=8793 kN/s, n=1711356652, pv=e6 Nf3 Be7 Nc3 d5 e3 O-O Bd3 dxc4 Bxc4 c5 O-O Nc6 dxc5 Bxc5 Qc2 Bd7 a3 Rc8 Rd1 Be7 Bd3 h6 b4 Qc7 Bb2 a5 Nb5 Qb6 Bc4 axb4, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.17, }
3. Nf3 { d=26, pd=d5, mt=00:03:50, tl=01:20:23, s=26169 kN/s, n=6044920530, pv=Nf3 d5 Nc3 dxc4 e4 Bb4 e5 Nd5 Bd2 Nb6 a3 Be7 Be2 Nc6 Be3 O-O O-O Na5 Nd2 Bd7 Re1 Bc6 Qc2 h6 Rad1 Re8, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.20, }
d5 { d=28, pd=Nc3, mt=00:06:43, tl=01:18:12, s=9153 kN/s, n=3696750983, pv=d5 Nc3 Be7 e3 O-O Be2 c5 dxc5 Bxc5 O-O Nc6 cxd5 exd5 Qb3 a6 Rd1 Be6 Ng5 Qc7 Bd2 Rac8 Rac1 Bd6 f4 Kh8 Be1 h6 Nxe6 fxe6 Bf2 b5, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.23, }
4. Nc3 { d=26, pd=c6, mt=00:03:34, tl=01:17:19, s=26259 kN/s, n=5635263244, pv=Nc3 c6 cxd5 exd5 Bf4 Bf5 a3 Be7 e3 Nbd7 Bd3 Bg6 O-O O-O Ne5 Nxe5 dxe5 Ne4 Nxe4 dxe4 Bc2 b5 h3 c5 Qxd8 Rfxd8, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.16, }
Be7 { d=28, pd=e3, mt=00:02:18, tl=01:16:23, s=8599 kN/s, n=1192018038, pv=Be7 e3 O-O Be2 c5 dxc5 dxc4 O-O Qa5 Qd4 Nc6 Qxc4 Qxc5 Qxc5 Bxc5 Rd1 e5 Nd5 Bf5 Nxf6+ gxf6 Bd2 Rfd8 Rac1 Be7 Bc3 a6 Bc4 Rac8 h3 b5 Bd5 Nb4, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.19, }
5. Bf4 { d=26, pd=O-O, mt=00:02:50, tl=01:14:58, s=26558 kN/s, n=4528612209, pv=Bf4 O-O e3 Nbd7 cxd5 Nxd5 Nxd5 exd5 Be2 Nf6 O-O Ne4 Ne5 Be6 Nd3 b6 Be5 c6 a3 Bd7 Rb1 Rc8 Rc1 Bh4 f3 Nf6, tb=0, R50=49, wv=0.24, }
c6 { d=25, pd=cxd5, mt=00:02:54, tl=01:13:59, s=8596 kN/s, n=1496923936, pv=c6 cxd5 exd5 h3 O-O Qb3 c5 e3 c4 Qc2 Nc6 Be2 Bd6 Bxd6 Qxd6 O-O g6 b3 Bf5 Qd2 cxb3 Nb5 Qb4 Qxb4 Nxb4 axb3 a6 Nd6, tb=0, R50=49, wv=0.20, }
6. e3 { d=26, pd=O-O, mt=00:03:18, tl=01:12:09, s=26436 kN/s, n=5256364414, pv=e3 O-O a3 Nbd7 cxd5 exd5 Bd3 b5 O-O Re8 Ne2 Bb7 Ng3 g6 Re1 Nf8 Ne5 Bd6 Rc1 Rc8 Nf3 Ne6 Bxd6 Qxd6 Ne5 b4, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.30, }
Nh5 { d=25, pd=Bxb8, mt=00:02:22, tl=01:12:07, s=8717 kN/s, n=1241937555, pv=Nh5 Bxb8 Rxb8 Bd3 O-O Ne5 Nf6 O-O Nd7 Nf3 f5 Qb3 Nf6 Ne5 Ra8 Rac1 Nd7 Nf3 Nf6 Ne5, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.00, }
7. Be5 { d=27, pd=Nd7, mt=00:03:13, tl=01:09:26, s=26563 kN/s, n=5145050953, pv=Be5 Nd7 Be2 O-O O-O Nhf6 Bg3 Nh5 a3 Nxg3 hxg3 Re8 Qc2 g6 Rfe1 dxc4 Bxc4 b5 Be2 Bb7 Ne4 Rc8 b4 a5 Qc3 axb4 axb4, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.34, }
Nd7 { d=27, pd=Bd3, mt=00:02:30, tl=01:10:06, s=8836 kN/s, n=1326881964, pv=Nd7 Bd3 O-O O-O g6 Qe2 Nxe5 Nxe5 f6 Nf3 Bd7 Qc2 Kh8 Rfc1 Rb8 a3 Rc8 Qb3 Qc7 Rc2 Qb8 Rcc1 Bd6 h3 Rcd8 Re1 b6 Rec1, tb=0, R50=49, wv=-0.04, }
8. Be2 { d=26, pd=O-O, mt=00:03:16, tl=01:06:39, s=26581 kN/s, n=5227416974, pv=Be2 O-O O-O Nhf6 Qc2 b6 cxd5 exd5 Bg3 Bb7 a3 Re8 Ne5 a5 Rfe1 b5 Bf3 g6 Nxd7 Nxd7 e4 Rc8 e5 c5 dxc5 Rxc5, tb=0, R50=49, wv=0.32, }
O-O { d=26, pd=Rc1, mt=00:02:08, tl=01:08:28, s=8281 kN/s, n=1060289004, pv=O-O Rc1 g6 Qc2 f6 Bg3 f5 Be5 Nxe5 Nxe5 Nf6 O-O Kh8 a3 Nd7 Nf3 Nf6 Ne5, tb=0, R50=48, wv=0.00, }
9. O-O { d=25, pd=Nhf6, mt=00:03:09, tl=01:03:59, s=26386 kN/s, n=5013052435, pv=O-O Nhf6 a3 b6 cxd5 exd5 Bg3 Bb7 Re1 a5 Ne5 g6 Bd3 Nxe5 Bxe5 b5 Nb1 Nd7 Bg3 b4 Nd2 c5 Qf3 Re8 axb4 axb4 Rxa8 Qxa8 dxc5 Nxc5, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.27, }
f6 { d=25, pd=Bg3, mt=00:02:39, tl=01:06:19, s=8869 kN/s, n=1411040999, pv=f6 Bg3 Nxg3 hxg3 f5 Qc2 Nf6 Ne5 Bd6 Rac1 Ne4 g4 Nxc3 Qxc3 f4 cxd5 exd5 e4 Qb6 exd5 cxd5 Bd3 Kh8 g5 Bb4 Qc7 Qxd4 a3 Bd2, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.34, }
10. Bg3 { d=28, pd=Nxg3, mt=00:02:46, tl=01:01:42, s=26624 kN/s, n=4442942203, pv=Bg3 Nxg3 hxg3 f5 a3 b6 b4 Bb7 Qb3 a6 a4 Qc7 Rfc1 Rfc8 Bd3 a5 cxd5 cxd5 Ne2 Qd6 bxa5 Rxc1+ Rxc1 Rxa5 Nf4 Qa3 Qxa3 Bxa3 Rc7, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.44, }
Nxg3 { d=25, pd=fxg3, mt=00:01:38, tl=01:05:11, s=8651 kN/s, n=851079784, pv=Nxg3 fxg3 Nb6 c5 Nd7 b4 f5 Kh1 Qc7 b5 Nf6 Qd2 Ng4 Rab1 Rf6 Bd3 e5 h3 e4 hxg4 exd3 g5 Rg6 Qxd3 Bxg5 g4 fxg4 Nxg5 Rxg5 Rf4 Rg6 bxc6 bxc6, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.30, }
11. hxg3 { d=27, pd=f5, mt=00:02:58, tl=00:59:14, s=26222 kN/s, n=4670431508, pv=hxg3 f5 a3 Rf6 cxd5 cxd5 Qc2 Rh6 Rac1 a6 Na4 b5 Nc5 Nxc5 dxc5 Qc7 c6 e5 Qc3 e4 Nd4 Be6 b4 Re8 Rfd1 Bf6, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.42, }
f5 { d=25, pd=Rc1, mt=00:01:37, tl=01:04:03, s=8960 kN/s, n=873415591, pv=f5 Rc1 Bd6 Qb3 Nf6 Ne5 Kh8 a3 Qe7 Qd1 Bc7 Qa4 g6 Qb4 Bd6 c5 Bxe5 dxe5 Ne4 Rfd1 Qg7 Qd4 Qh6 g4 Bd7 gxf5 Nxc3 Qxc3, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.43, }
12. Re1 { d=25, pd=b6, mt=00:02:52, tl=00:56:52, s=26099 kN/s, n=4493995739, pv=Re1 b6 a3 Bb7 b4 Rf6 Qb3 Rh6 b5 Nf6 bxc6 Bxc6 Ne5 Rc8 Nb5 Bxb5 cxb5 Ne4 Nc6 Qd7 Rec1 Bd6 Qc2 Kh8 Qb3, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.36, }
Nf6 { d=23, pd=Ne5, mt=00:01:42, tl=01:02:51, s=8915 kN/s, n=914911096, pv=Nf6 Ne5 Ne4 Nxe4 fxe4 c5 Bf6 Ng4 Kh8 Qb3 Bg5 Ne5 g6 Qc3 Bh6 Rad1 Bg7 Bg4 Qg5 f4 Qe7 Qa5 g5 Rc1, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.53, }
13. Rc1 { d=25, pd=Ng4, mt=00:01:42, tl=00:55:40, s=26199 kN/s, n=2679578109, pv=Rc1 Ng4 a3 Bd7 Ne5 Nxe5 dxe5 Rc8 Qd4 a6 c5 b5 Bd3 Qc7 b4 a5 Ne2 Be8 Nf4 Bf7 Be2 axb4 axb4 Ra8 Ra1 Ra4, tb=0, R50=49, wv=0.37, }
Bd6 { d=25, pd=Bd3, mt=00:01:37, tl=01:01:43, s=8773 kN/s, n=854438398, pv=Bd6 Bd3 Ne4 Qc2 Qf6 Qa4 Kh8 Qb3 g6 Be2 Qg7 Red1 Qh6 Nxe4 fxe4 Ne5 a5 c5 Bc7 Qc3 a4 f4 exf3 gxf3 Qg5 Kg2 a3, tb=0, R50=49, wv=-0.71, }
14. Qb3 { d=25, pd=Qe7, mt=00:02:28, tl=00:53:42, s=26470 kN/s, n=3917553001, pv=Qb3 Qe7 Ne5 Ne4 a3 Qf6 Nf3 Qg6 Bd3 b6 Ne2 Qh6 cxd5 cxd5 Nc3 Nxc3 Rxc3 Bd7 Bb5 Rad8 Bxd7 Rxd7 Rec1 Rdd8 Rc6 Rf7, tb=0, R50=48, wv=0.37, }
Ne4 { d=25, pd=Bd3, mt=00:01:27, tl=01:00:46, s=8693 kN/s, n=764111806, pv=Ne4 Bd3 Kh8 Red1 Qf6 Re1 Rd8 Be2 Re8 Red1 Rf8 Rc2 Qg6 Ne5 Qg5 Nf3 Qf6 Rcc1 Qh6 c5 Bc7 Ne5 Kg8 Qa3 Kh8, tb=0, R50=48, wv=-0.71, }
15. Bd3 { d=25, pd=Qe7, mt=00:05:47, tl=00:48:24, s=26962 kN/s, n=9374013076, pv=Bd3 Qe7 Ne5 Nd2 Qa4 Ne4 a3 Qf6 Nf3 Bd7 cxd5 Nxc3 Rxc3 exd5 Rec1 Rfe8 b4 a6 Qa5 b5 Rd1 Reb8 Rcc1 h6 Rd2, tb=0, R50=47, wv=0.28, }
Kh8 { d=25, pd=Red1, mt=00:02:24, tl=00:58:51, s=9105 kN/s, n=1315161549, pv=Kh8 Red1 Qf6 Re1 Rd8 Be2 Re8 Red1 Rf8 Rc2 Qg6 Ne5 Qg5 Nf3 Qf6 Na4 Qh6 Ne5 Rf6 Rcc1 Kg8 Nc3 a5 Nxe4 fxe4, tb=0, R50=47, wv=-0.70, }
16. Ne2 { d=26, pd=Qe8, mt=00:02:26, tl=00:46:28, s=27474 kN/s, n=4016333868, pv=Ne2 Qe8 c5 Bc7 Qc2 Bd7 b4 b6 Rb1 a5 cxb6 Bxb6 Rec1 axb4 Rxb4 Ba5 Rbb1 Bc7 Ne5 Bxe5 dxe5 c5 Rb6 Ba4 Qb2 c4 Bxe4 fxe4, tb=0, R50=46, wv=0.27, }
Qf6 { d=26, pd=Nc3, mt=00:02:20, tl=00:57:00, s=8755 kN/s, n=1232905643, pv=Qf6 Nc3 b6 Qa4 Bb7 cxd5 b5 Qa5 exd5 a4 a6 Qb6 Rab8 axb5 axb5 Ra1 Ba8 Qa7 Rf7 Qa6 Bb7 Qb6 b4 Ne2 g5 Kf1 Re8, tb=0, R50=46, wv=-0.74, }
17. a4 { d=25, pd=g5, mt=00:02:21, tl=00:44:36, s=26661 kN/s, n=3773310005, pv=a4 g5 a5 g4 Ne5 Bxe5 dxe5 Qxe5 Nf4 Rb8 Red1 Bd7 Qa3 Kg8 b3 Rf7 b4 Qf6 cxd5 exd5 b5 b6 axb6 axb6 bxc6 Bxc6, tb=0, R50=45, wv=0.14, }
g5 { d=25, pd=Nc3, mt=00:01:35, tl=00:55:55, s=8594 kN/s, n=818496824, pv=g5 Nc3 Rb8 Be2 Bd7 a5 Be8 Qa4 Qg7 Qc2 a6 Ne5 Bxe5 dxe5 Qxe5 f4 Qg7 Nxe4 fxe4 Qc3 Bg6 Bg4 Rbe8 fxg5 Qxc3 Rxc3 Kg7 Rf1 Rxf1+ Kxf1 Rf8+ Ke2 Bf7 Rc1, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.95, }
18. Red1 { d=25, pd=b6, mt=00:02:17, tl=00:42:49, s=26759 kN/s, n=3668070837, pv=Red1 b6 a5 Bd7 Ra1 b5 cxb5 cxb5 Ne5 Bxe5 dxe5 Qxe5 Rac1 a6 Qb4 g4 Nf4 Rac8 Rxc8 Rxc8 Bxe4 fxe4 Qe7 Qg7 Qd6, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.14, }
Rb8 { d=24, pd=Ne5, mt=00:01:52, tl=00:54:33, s=8774 kN/s, n=984091515, pv=Rb8 Ne5 Bxe5 dxe5 Qxe5 cxd5 exd5 Qb4 Bd7 Qd4 Qxd4 Nxd4 Kg7 Nf3 h6 b4 Rbc8 Nd4 a6 a5 Rce8 Be2 Kg6 Bd3 Kf6 Be2 Re7 Rd3 Kg6, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-1.00, }
19. a5 { d=24, pd=Bd7, mt=00:01:49, tl=00:41:30, s=26260 kN/s, n=2869644152, pv=a5 Bd7 Bc2 Bc7 Qb4 b6 axb6 axb6 Nc3 g4 Ne5 Bxe5 dxe5 Qxe5 Bxe4 c5 Qb3 fxe4 cxd5 Qf5 Qc2 h6 Ra1 Kg7, tb=0, R50=49, wv=0.11, }
Bd7 { d=22, pd=Qa4, mt=00:01:22, tl=00:53:41, s=8512 kN/s, n=698416801, pv=Bd7 Qa4 Qg7 Qa2 a6 Nc3 Be8 Qb3 Bh5 Qa4 Rbd8 Qb3 Bc7 Qa3 Rc8 Qb4 Rb8 Qa4 g4 Ne5 Bd6 Kf1, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.97, }
20. Qa2 { d=24, pd=g4, mt=00:02:09, tl=00:39:50, s=26713 kN/s, n=3462654581, pv=Qa2 g4 Ne5 Bxe5 dxe5 Qxe5 b4 b5 axb6 axb6 Qa7 Rf7 cxd5 Be8 Qa1 Qxa1 Rxa1 cxd5 Bxe4 fxe4 Nd4 Re7 Ra6 Kg7, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.01, }
Qg7 { d=22, pd=Qa4, mt=00:03:02, tl=00:51:08, s=8867 kN/s, n=1622189025, pv=Qg7 Qa4 Rf7 cxd5 exd5 Ne5 Bxe5 dxe5 Qxe5 Qd4 Qxd4 Nxd4 Kg7 Nf3 g4 Nd4 a6 Kf1 Rf6 b4 Rh6 Kg1 Rf8 Bc2 Nc3 Rd3 Ne4, tb=2, R50=49, wv=-0.90, }
21. b3 { d=23, pd=g4, mt=00:02:55, tl=00:37:25, s=26615 kN/s, n=4663109999, pv=b3 g4 Ne5 Bxe5 dxe5 Qxe5 Nf4 Qf6 cxd5 exd5 Qa3 b6 b4 Rfd8 b5 Nc5 bxc6 Bxc6 axb6 axb6 Qa7 Rb7 Qa3, tb=0, R50=49, wv=0.07, }
Be8 { d=23, pd=cxd5, mt=00:02:06, tl=00:49:32, s=8883 kN/s, n=1120546769, pv=Be8 cxd5 cxd5 Qa1 Qh6 Ne5 Nf6 f3 a6 Rc2 Qg7 Rdc1 Rd8 Kf2 Nd7 Nxd7 Rxd7 Rc8 Bh5 Rxf8+ Qxf8 Qa4 Rd8 Rh1 Be8 Qa2, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.95, }
22. Qc2 { d=23, pd=g4, mt=00:01:59, tl=00:35:55, s=26652 kN/s, n=3193598861, pv=Qc2 g4 Ne5 Bxe5 dxe5 Qxe5 Nf4 Qf6 cxd5 exd5 Re1 a6 Bxe4 fxe4 Qc5 Bf7 Red1 Rfd8 Qb6 Be6 Rc2 Qe5 Qb4, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.03, }
a6 { d=24, pd=Qb2, mt=00:02:03, tl=00:47:59, s=8601 kN/s, n=1058732218, pv=a6 Qb2 Bh5 Ne5 Nf6 Qd2 Rbe8 b4 Ng4 Nf3 Rd8 Qb2 Qh6 cxd5 exd5 Nc3 Bg6 Na4 Rf7 Nc5 Re7 Qc2 Rf8 Qb2, tb=0, R50=49, wv=-1.00, }
23. c5 { d=24, pd=Bc7, mt=00:02:08, tl=00:34:16, s=27313 kN/s, n=3521968454, pv=c5 Bc7 b4 g4 Nh2 Bf7 Nf4 Rg8 Qe2 e5 dxe5 Bxe5 Qc2 Rbd8 Nf1 Rge8 Nd2 Bb2 Rb1 Bc3 Nb3 Re7 Nd4 Bxd4 exd4 Qxd4 Bxe4 Qxe4, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.20, }
Bc7 { d=25, pd=b4, mt=00:01:17, tl=00:47:11, s=8544 kN/s, n=663829585, pv=Bc7 b4 Bh5 Re1 Rbd8 Rcd1 Rde8 Rc1 Rg8 Ra1 Ref8 Rac1 g4 Nh4 e5 dxe5 Qxe5 Nd4 Rg5 Rcd1 Re8 Qb2 Bf7 Kf1 Rd8 Bxe4, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-1.18, }
24. b4 { d=27, pd=Bh5, mt=00:02:17, tl=00:32:29, s=28556 kN/s, n=3925083084, pv=b4 Bh5 Re1 Rbe8 Rcd1 f4 Bxe4 dxe4 Nd2 f3 Nc3 fxg2 Ncxe4 Bxd1 Rxd1 Qf7 Kxg2 g4 Kg1 Qf5 Nc4 Re7 Ncd6 Qf3 Kh2 Rd7 Re1 Rg8, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.35, }
Bh5 { d=25, pd=Re1, mt=00:01:20, tl=00:46:21, s=8852 kN/s, n=710423489, pv=Bh5 Re1 Rbd8 Rcd1 Rde8 Rb1 Nf6 Rb3 Qh6 Rd1 Bg6 Qb2 Ng4 Rc3 Re7 Rcc1 Qh5 Re1 Ree8 Rcd1 Qh6 Qc2 Re7 Qd2 Ra8, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-1.24, }
25. Nh2 { d=26, pd=Qh6, mt=00:01:36, tl=00:31:22, s=29007 kN/s, n=2809419694, pv=Nh2 Qh6 Nf1 f4 Bxe4 dxe4 exf4 gxf4 Qxe4 f3 Nc3 fxg2 Qxg2 Bf3 Qh2 Qg5 Nd2 Bxd1 Rxd1 Qg4 Nde4 Rf3 Qh6 Qf5 Re1 Rd8 Rd1 Rg8, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.79, }
Rbe8 { d=23, pd=Re1, mt=00:02:32, tl=00:44:18, s=8973 kN/s, n=1369675316, pv=Rbe8 Re1 Nf6 Qb2 Qh6 Nc3 g4 Ne2 Bf7 Nf1 Rg8 Rcd1 Rg5 Nf4 e5 dxe5 Bxe5 Qc2 Ne4 Nd2 Nc3 Rc1 Qf6 Qb2, tb=2, R50=49, wv=-1.27, }
26. Nf1 { d=26, pd=Bxe2, mt=00:01:57, tl=00:29:55, s=28847 kN/s, n=3386237637, pv=Nf1 Bxe2 Qxe2 g4 Nh2 Qg5 Bxe4 dxe4 Qb2 Rf6 Nf1 Rh6 Nd2 Kg8 Qb3 Qh5 Kf1 Qh1+ Ke2 Qxg2 Rg1 Qh2 Nc4 Rd8 Rh1 Qxh1 Rxh1 Rxh1, tb=0, R50=49, wv=-0.98, }
Qh6 { d=23, pd=Re1, mt=00:01:53, tl=00:42:55, s=8827 kN/s, n=998876346, pv=Qh6 Re1 Re7 Nd2 e5 dxe5 Bxe5 Nf3 Bc7 Qb2+ Rg7 Ned4 Be8 Bc2 Bd7 Rcd1 Rf6 Bd3 Rgf7 Rf1 Rf8 Rc1 Re8 Rfd1, tb=0, R50=48, wv=-1.44, }
27. Re1 { d=27, pd=Bxe2, mt=00:01:11, tl=00:29:13, s=28379 kN/s, n=2018213109, pv=Re1 Bxe2 Qxe2 e5 Bxe4 fxe4 Nh2 Qg6 Ng4 exd4 exd4 h5 Ne3 g4 Qd1 Qg5 Rc3 Rf7 Re2 Kh7 Rb2 Rg8 Rd2 Rff8 Rb3 h4 gxh4 Qxh4 g3, tb=0, R50=48, wv=-0.57, }
Rf6 { d=23, pd=Nc3, mt=00:01:14, tl=00:42:10, s=8903 kN/s, n=666394235, pv=Rf6 Nc3 e5 dxe5 Bxe5 Ne2 Ref8 f4 Bc7 Nd4 Rg8 Qb2 Qg7 Rc2 Re8 Be2 Bf7 Bf3 Rg8 Rcc1 Rh6 Bxe4 fxe4 Qf2 gxf4, tb=0, R50=47, wv=-1.59, }
28. f3 { d=27, pd=Rff8, mt=00:01:40, tl=00:28:03, s=27505 kN/s, n=2755086238, pv=f3 Rff8 Qb2 Nf6 Qd2 Bg6 Bc2 Nh5 Bb1 Kg7 f4 Nf6 Nc3 Bh5 Qb2 Qg6 Bc2 Ne4 Nxe4 fxe4 Bb3 h6 Qf2 Kh7 Qb2 gxf4 gxf4 Qg4, tb=0, R50=47, wv=-0.13, }
Ref8 { d=25, pd=Qb1, mt=00:01:49, tl=00:40:51, s=8932 kN/s, n=974645819, pv=Ref8 Qb1 Be8 Qb2 Qh5 Nf4 gxf4 exf4 Rh6 fxe4 fxe4 Bxe4 dxe4 d5+ Be5 Qxe5+ Qxe5 fxe5 exd5 Ne3 Re6 Rf1 Rxf1+ Rxf1 Rxe5 Rf6 Kg7 Rd6 Kf8 g4 Re7 Nf5 Rf7 Rd8 Rd7 Rb8, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-2.01, }
29. f4 { d=22, pd=gxf4, mt=00:01:43, tl=00:26:50, s=27433 kN/s, n=2842572355, pv=f4 gxf4 Nxf4 e5 dxe5 Bxe5 Qb3 Rg8 Bxe4 fxe4 Rc2 Qg5 Rf2 Re8 Qc2 Rf7 Qb3 Kg8 Nh3 Qg4 Nf4 h6, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.99, }
gxf4 { d=24, pd=Nxf4, mt=00:01:31, tl=00:39:49, s=9136 kN/s, n=837011576, pv=gxf4 Nxf4 Rg8 Be2 Bg4 Qd1 e5 dxe5 Bxe5 Bxg4 fxg4 Qd3 Re8 Nh2 Qg5 Nf1 Rh6 Qb1 Bxf4 exf4 Qh5 Qa1+ Kg8 Rxe4 Rxe4 Qb2 Qf5 Qb1 Rf6 Qb2, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-2.56, }
30. Nxf4 { d=31, pd=e5, mt=00:01:34, tl=00:25:45, s=30038 kN/s, n=2836095886, pv=Nxf4 e5 dxe5 Bxe5 Qa2 Re8 Bxe4 fxe4 Qd2 Qg5 Nh3 Qf5 Nf4 Qg4 Rb1 Rg8 Rbc1 Bf7 Re2 h5 Rf2 h4 gxh4 d4 h5 Qh4 Ng6+ Bxg6 Rxf6 Qxf6 hxg6 Rxg6, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-1.20, }
Rg8 { d=27, pd=Be2, mt=00:01:44, tl=00:38:35, s=9310 kN/s, n=974387068, pv=Rg8 Be2 Bg4 Bd3 e5 dxe5 Bxe5 Qa2 Rf7 Rc2 Rff8 Rec1 Rg7 Re1 Rg5 Qb3 Rfg8 Ra2 Bh5 Bxe4 fxe4 Rf2 Bf7 Qa2 Rf5 Rd1 Bc3 Qa3, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-2.67, }
31. Bxe4 { d=29, pd=fxe4, mt=00:01:10, tl=00:25:05, s=30272 kN/s, n=2135811525, pv=Bxe4 fxe4 Qd2 e5 dxe5 Bxe5 Rc2 Qg5 Nh3 Qg4 Nf4 Bf7 Qd1 Qg5 Nh3 Rxf1+ Kxf1 Qxg3 Qd2 Rg6 Re2 Rg7 Ng1 Kg8 Rf2 Be6 Rc1 Rg4 Ne2 Qh2, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-1.36, }
fxe4 { d=28, pd=Qf2, mt=00:01:22, tl=00:37:43, s=8970 kN/s, n=736416635, pv=fxe4 Qf2 Bf7 Qb2 Rf5 Rc2 e5 dxe5 Bxe5 Qa3 Be8 Rf2 Bd7 Rd1 Rf6 Qa4 Bg4 Re1 Rf7 Nd2 Bf5 Nf1 Bd7 Qb3 Rgg7 Rd1 Bf5 Qc2 Rf8 Rc1, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-2.76, }
32. Qd2 { d=29, pd=e5, mt=00:03:01, tl=00:22:33, s=30081 kN/s, n=5455543341, pv=Qd2 e5 dxe5 Bxe5 Rc2 Qg5 Nh3 Qg7 Nf4 Bg4 Nh2 Qg5 Nxg4 Qxg4 Qf2 Qf5 Rd1 Rg4 Nxd5 cxd5 Qxf5 Rxf5 Rxd5 Rxg3 Rf2 Rfg5 Rd7 Rxe3 Rf8+ Rg8 Rxg8+ Kxg8 Rxb7, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-1.97, }
Rf5 { d=29, pd=Rc2, mt=00:01:00, tl=00:37:12, s=8596 kN/s, n=520217620, pv=Rf5 Rc2 e5 dxe5 Bxe5 Qc1 Be8 Rf2 Bd7 Qc2 Rf7 Qb3 Rgg7 Rd1 Rf6 Qc2 Rg8 Qa4 Bg4 Re1 Rf7 Nd2 Bf5 Nf1 Bc8 Rc1 Bg4 Qb3 Bf5 Re1, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-2.76, }
33. Rc2 { d=31, pd=e5, mt=00:01:12, tl=00:21:51, s=30610 kN/s, n=2212258213, pv=Rc2 e5 dxe5 Bxe5 Rec1 Bg4 Qe1 Qg7 Nh2 Rf6 Rf2 Qg5 Nf1 h5 Ne2 Rxf2 Qxf2 Bxe2 Qxe2 Rf8 Qe1 Kg7 Rc2 Qg4 Rf2 Rxf2 Qxf2 Kg8 Qc2 Kf7 Kf2 Ke6, tb=0, R50=49, wv=-1.71, }
e5 { d=30, pd=dxe5, mt=00:01:10, tl=00:36:31, s=8974 kN/s, n=633419787, pv=e5 dxe5 Bxe5 Qc1 Be8 Rf2 Bd7 Qc2 Rf7 Qb3 Re8 Rd1 Rg7 Rdd2 Reg8 Qd1 Bg4 Qb3 Rg5 Nh2 Bd7 Nf1 Bc8 Qa4 Bf5 Rd1 Rf8 Qb3 Rg7 Qa3 Rgg8, tb=0, R50=49, wv=-2.76, }
34. dxe5 { d=31, pd=Bxe5, mt=00:01:22, tl=00:20:59, s=30704 kN/s, n=2531889185, pv=dxe5 Bxe5 Rec1 Rf6 Qe1 Bg4 Rf2 Qg7 Nh2 Qg5 Nf1 h5 Ne2 Rxf2 Qxf2 Bxe2 Qxe2 Kg7 Rc2 Rf8 Qe1 Qg4 Rf2 Rxf2 Qxf2 Kg8 Qc2 Kf7 Kf2 Ke6, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-1.71, }
Bxe5 { d=30, pd=Qc1, mt=00:01:12, tl=00:35:49, s=9429 kN/s, n=679830400, pv=Bxe5 Qc1 Be8 Rf2 Bd7 Qc2 Rf7 Qb3 Re8 Rd1 Rg7 Rdd2 Reg8 Qd1 Bg4 Qb3 Rg5 Nh2 Bd7 Nf1 Bc8 Qa4 Bf5 Rd1 Rf8 Qb3 Bd7 Qc2 Rgg8 Qb3 Bf5, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-2.76, }
35. Rec1 { d=30, pd=Bg4, mt=00:01:20, tl=00:20:08, s=30315 kN/s, n=2436319586, pv=Rec1 Bg4 Qe1 Qg7 Rf2 Rf6 Nh2 Qg5 Rcc2 Bf5 Nf1 h5 Nh3 Qg7 Nf4 Bg4 Nh2 Rh6 Nxg4 Qxg4 Rf1 h4 Nh3 hxg3 Qd1 Qxd1 Rxd1 Rf6 Rf1, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-1.86, }
Rf7 { d=29, pd=Qe1, mt=00:01:10, tl=00:35:09, s=8494 kN/s, n=597025619, pv=Rf7 Qe1 Bg4 Rf2 Bd7 Qd2 Bc8 Qe2 Rfg7 Qc2 Bd7 Qb3 Rg5 Re1 Bf5 Rd1 Rf8 Qa3 Bd7 Qb3 Bg4 Rdd2 Bf5 Rd1 Rfg8 Qa3 Bd7 Qb3 R5g7, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-2.76, }
36. Qe1 { d=28, pd=Rf6, mt=00:01:39, tl=00:18:59, s=30049 kN/s, n=2986450703, pv=Qe1 Rf6 Rf2 Bg4 Rcc2 Qg7 Ne2 Rxf2 Qxf2 Bxe2 Qxe2 Rf8 Qe1 Qf6 Qc1 Kg7 Qe1 Qf5 Qd1 Kh8 Qe1 Rf6 Qd1 h5 Rc1 Kh7 Kh1 Rf8, tb=0, R50=49, wv=-1.83, }
Bg4 { d=28, pd=Rf2, mt=00:01:17, tl=00:34:22, s=9879 kN/s, n=765323670, pv=Bg4 Rf2 Re7 Qd2 Bd7 Qe1 Reg7 Qd1 Bg4 Qc2 Rc7 Nd2 Rf7 Re1 Bf5 Nf1 Rg5 Qc1 Rf6 Rd1 Rg8 Qc2 Bd7 Qa4 Bg4 Re1 Bf5 Qa3, tb=0, R50=49, wv=-2.76, }
37. Rf2 { d=30, mt=00:01:15, tl=00:18:13, s=30265 kN/s, n=2287568939, pv=Rf2, tb=0, R50=48, wv=-1.84, }
Re7 { d=30, pd=Qd2, mt=00:01:01, tl=00:33:50, s=8747 kN/s, n=540688284, pv=Re7 Qd2 Bd7 Qe1 Reg7 Qd1 Bg4 Qc2 Rf7 Qd2 Bc8 Qe2 Rfg7 Qc2 Bg4 Rb1 Bd7 Ne2 Bc8 Nf4 Rg5 Re1 Bf5 Qb3 Rf8 Rb1 Bd7 Rd1 Bg4 Rdd2, tb=0, R50=48, wv=-2.76, }
38. Rcc2 { d=27, pd=Qg5, mt=00:00:46, tl=00:17:57, s=29544 kN/s, n=1379025517, pv=Rcc2 Qg5 Ra2 Bc8 Qe2 Reg7 Ra3 Bg4 Qe1 h5 b5 axb5 a6 bxa6 Rxa6 Bd7 Rfa2 d4 Qd2 d3 Qb4 Qf5 Ra7 Bb8 Ra8 h4 gxh4 Bxf4 Rxg8+ Kxg8 Ra8+ Kh7 exf4 Qxf4, tb=0, R50=47, wv=-2.02, }
Reg7 { d=31, pd=Rc1, mt=00:01:21, tl=00:32:58, s=8630 kN/s, n=702588106, pv=Reg7 Rc1 Rg5 Qd2 Bd7 Qc2 Bf5 Rd1 Bg4 Rc1 R5g7 Rb1 Bc8 Rc1 Bd7 Qd1 Qg5 Qe1 Bf5 Rd1 Bc8 Rc1 Qh6 Rd1 Bd7 Rc1 Rg5 Qd2 Bf5 Qc2 Bd7, tb=0, R50=47, wv=-2.76, }
39. Ra2 { d=27, pd=Bd7, mt=00:00:47, tl=00:17:40, s=29752 kN/s, n=1398948679, pv=Ra2 Bd7 b5 axb5 a6 bxa6 Rxa6 Bc8 Ra3 Qg5 Ra8 Rf7 Qb4 h5 Qe1 Qg4 Qa5 Bd7 Ra7 Rh7 Ra8 Rg7 Ra7 Qg5 Ra2 h4 Ra8 hxg3, tb=0, R50=46, wv=-1.89, }
Bc8 { d=30, pd=Rac2, mt=00:01:00, tl=00:32:28, s=8235 kN/s, n=494235463, pv=Bc8 Rac2 Rg5 Rc1 Bd7 Qd2 Bf5 Qc2 Bc8 Rd1 Bg4 Rc1 R5g7 Rb1 Bc8 Rc1 Bd7 Qd1 Bg4 Qc2 Rf7 Qd2 Bc8 Qe2 Re7 Qe1 Bd7 Rd1 Reg7 Rc1, tb=0, R50=46, wv=-2.76, }
40. Rfc2 { d=28, pd=Qg5, mt=00:01:46, tl=00:16:23, s=29990 kN/s, n=3189542318, pv=Rfc2 Qg5 Qe2 h6 Rd2 Rh7 Rdc2 h5 Qe1 Bd7 Re2 Bg4 Rec2 Rh6 Rd2 Bc8 Rdc2 Rh7 Re2 Bd7 b5 axb5 a6 bxa6 Rxa6 h4 gxh4 Rxh4 g3 Bxf4 exf4 Rxf4 Rh2+ Kg7 Qa1+ Kf7 Ra7, tb=0, R50=45, wv=-2.18, }
Bf5 { d=30, pd=Rf2, mt=00:01:28, tl=00:31:30, s=8841 kN/s, n=779483078, pv=Bf5 Rf2 Bd7 Ne2 Bc8 Nf4 Rg5 Rac2 Bg4 Qd2 Bd7 Rc1 Bf5 Qc2 Bc8 Rd1 Bg4 Rc1 R5g7 Rb1 Bc8 Rc1 Bd7 Qd1 Bg4 Qc2 Rf7 Qd2 Bc8 Qe2, tb=0, R50=45, wv=-2.76, }
41. Rf2 { d=26, mt=00:01:09, tl=00:15:44, s=28982 kN/s, n=2009949542, pv=Rf2, tb=0, R50=44, wv=-2.05, }
Bd7 { d=30, pd=Ne2, mt=00:01:28, tl=00:30:31, s=9746 kN/s, n=865939690, pv=Bd7 Ne2 Bc8 Nf4 Rg5 Rac2 Bg4 Qd2 Bd7 Rc1 Bf5 Qc2 Bc8 Rd1 Bg4 Rc1 R5g7 Rb1 Bc8 Rc1 Bd7 Qd1 Bg4 Qc2 Rf7 Qd2 Bc8 Qe2 Rfg7, tb=2, R50=44, wv=-2.76, }
42. b5 { d=29, pd=axb5, mt=00:01:07, tl=00:15:06, s=30515 kN/s, n=2068549800, pv=b5 axb5 a6 bxa6 Rxa6 Qg5 Rfa2 Rf7 Ra8 Bc8 Qb4 Qg7 Qb3 Bb7 R8a7 Bc3 Rf2 Be1 Rc2 b4 Qb1 Bc3 Qb3 Qf6 Rf2 Qe7 Ra4 Rg4 Rxb4 Bxb4 Qxb4, tb=0, R50=43, wv=-2.03, }
axb5 { d=25, pd=a6, mt=00:01:16, tl=00:29:45, s=9254 kN/s, n=710423561, pv=axb5 a6 bxa6 Rxa6 Qg5 Ra7 Qe7 Qb4 Qe8 Rfa2 Bf5 R2a6 Rxa7 Rxa7 Qf8 Ne2 Bg4 Nf4 Bc8 Qa3 Bf5 Ra6 Qc8 Ra7 Qb8 Qa5 b4 Rf7, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-2.86, }
43. a6 { d=30, pd=bxa6, mt=00:01:06, tl=00:14:30, s=29662 kN/s, n=1965762939, pv=a6 bxa6 Rxa6 Qg5 Rfa2 Rf7 Ra8 Bc8 Qd2 Qg7 Qc2 Bc3 Qb3 b4 R2a4 Bg4 Rxg8+ Kxg8 Qa2 Bd7 Ra8+ Rf8 Ra7 Qg4 Qa5 Rc8 Qb6 h6 Qb7 Rd8 Qc7, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-2.11, }
bxa6 { d=27, pd=Rxa6, mt=00:01:04, tl=00:29:10, s=9033 kN/s, n=582240853, pv=bxa6 Rxa6 Qg5 Ra7 Qe7 Qb4 Rf7 Rfa2 Qe8 Qa5 Rgg7 Qb4 Bc8 Rxf7 Qxf7 Ra8 Rg8 Qa3 Qe7 Qb4 Qb7 Qa5 Qg7 Ra7 Qf6 Qb4 Qf8 Ra8 Qg7, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-2.86, }
44. Rxa6 { d=30, pd=Qg5, mt=00:01:04, tl=00:13:55, s=30106 kN/s, n=1951403645, pv=Rxa6 Qg5 Rfa2 Rf7 Ra8 Bc8 Qb1 Qg7 Qc2 Bc3 Ne2 Be1 Nf4 b4 Qb1 Bc3 R2a4 Rgf8 Qb3 Bg4 Qc2 Rxa8 Rxa8+ Rf8 Qa4 Bd7 Qa7 Kg8 Rxf8+ Kxf8 Qb8+ Kf7, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-2.12, }
Qg5 { d=29, pd=Ra7, mt=00:01:24, tl=00:28:16, s=9185 kN/s, n=775318758, pv=Qg5 Ra7 Qe7 Qb4 Rf7 Rfa2 Qe8 Qa5 Rgg7 Qb4 Rf8 Rb7 Qc8 Rba7 Rfg8 R2a6 Qe8 Ra2 Bf5 R2a6 Rxa7 Rxa7 Qd8 Qa3 Qf8 Ra6 Qe8 Qb4 Bc8, tb=6, R50=50, wv=-2.86, }
45. Rfa2 { d=28, pd=Rf7, mt=00:01:03, tl=00:13:22, s=29701 kN/s, n=1883847802, pv=Rfa2 Rf7 Ra8 Bc8 Qb1 Qg7 Qc2 Bc3 Ne2 Be1 Nf4 b4 Qb1 Bc3 R2a4 Rgf8 Qb3 Bg4 Qb1 Rxa8 Rxa8+ Rf8 Qa2 Bd7 Qa7 Kg8 Rxf8+ Kxf8 Qb8+ Kf7, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-2.12, }
Qd8 { d=28, pd=Qb4, mt=00:01:04, tl=00:27:41, s=8357 kN/s, n=537071072, pv=Qd8 Qb4 Qb8 Qa5 Qf8 Qb4 Rg5 Rb6 Qe8 Rb7 Bc8 Rba7 Bg4 R2a6 Bd7 Qa3 Bc8 Ra8 Rf5 Qa5 Rf7 R6a7 Rxa7 Rxa7 Qf8 Qb6 Qf6 Qa5 Bb8, tb=5, R50=49, wv=-2.86, }
46. Qb4 { d=25, pd=Qf8, mt=00:00:45, tl=00:13:06, s=29786 kN/s, n=1369345942, pv=Qb4 Qf8 Rf2 Qe8 Ra7 Bc8 Rfa2 Qf8 Ra8 Qf5 R2a7 Bb7 Rxg8+ Kxg8 Qa5 Qc8 Qb6 Rf7 Nd2 Bb8 Ra3 Qg4 Nf1 Qg5 Qa5 d4 exd4 Bxf4 gxf4 Rxf4, tb=0, R50=49, wv=-2.03, }
Rg5 { d=28, pd=Ra7, mt=00:01:21, tl=00:26:50, s=9454 kN/s, n=771606550, pv=Rg5 Ra7 Bc8 Ra8 Qe7 R2a7 Qf6 Qa3 Rf8 Qa5 Rg4 Qd2 Rgg8 Qa5 Qg5 Qd2 Qh6 Qb4 Rg7 Rxg7 Qxg7 Qa5 Rg8 Ra7 Qf6 Qe1 Bc3 Qd1, tb=1, R50=48, wv=-2.86, }
47. Ra7 { d=25, pd=Qe8, mt=00:00:47, tl=00:12:48, s=29992 kN/s, n=1421927718, pv=Ra7 Qe8 R7a6 R5g7 Ra7 Bg4 Rxg7 Rxg7 Ra6 Rg8 Ra7 Qd8 Ra6 Qc8 Ra7 Rg7 Ra3 Bf5 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Qb7 Qa5 Rg8 Qb6, tb=0, R50=48, wv=-1.92, }
Qe8 { d=27, pd=Rb7, mt=00:01:00, tl=00:26:19, s=8939 kN/s, n=545306968, pv=Qe8 Rb7 Bc8 Ra8 Rg4 Rba7 R4g7 Qa5 Rd7 Ra6 Rf7 R6a7 Rff8 Qb4 Rf5 Qe1 Qf8 Qb4 Qd8 Qe1 Qe8 Nd2 Rfg5 Nf1 R8g7 Rxg7 Rxg7 Qa5, tb=1, R50=47, wv=-2.81, }
48. R7a6 { d=26, pd=R5g7, mt=00:00:45, tl=00:12:33, s=30615 kN/s, n=1399326255, pv=R7a6 R5g7 Ra7 Bg4 Rxg7 Rxg7 Ra6 Rg8 Ra7 Qb8 Ra6 Qc7 Qb1 Bc8 Rb6 Qd7 Qc2 Rg4 Qa2 Bb7 Qa5 Qe7 Ne6 Qxe6 Rxb7 Qf6 Qa8+ Rg8, tb=0, R50=47, wv=-1.95, }
Rf8 { d=28, pd=Ra7, mt=00:01:28, tl=00:25:20, s=9041 kN/s, n=800776540, pv=Rf8 Ra7 Rgg8 R2a6 Bc8 Ra5 Rf5 Ra8 Qe7 R5a7 Qf8 Qa3 Qf6 Qa5 Qg5 Qb4 Rf6 Qe1 Rff8 Qb4 Qf6 Qa5 Rg5 Qd2 Rg7 Rxg7 Qxg7 Qa2 Rg8, tb=31, R50=46, wv=-2.86, }
49. Qd2 { d=27, pd=Rg7, mt=00:01:00, tl=00:12:02, s=30362 kN/s, n=1825691112, pv=Qd2 Rg7 Rb6 Qe7 Qb4 Rfg8 Rba6 Qf8 Rb6 Rf7 Rb7 Qg7 Rf2 Qg4 Ra2 h5 Ra6 Rfg7 Qd2 d4 Ra2 d3 Qb4 Bf5 Rb6 Rc7 Raa6, tb=0, R50=46, wv=-2.04, }
Bg4 { d=28, pd=Ra7, mt=00:01:08, tl=00:24:42, s=8488 kN/s, n=582119101, pv=Bg4 Ra7 Bc8 Qb4 Rgg8 Qa5 Rf5 Qe1 Qd8 Qb4 Qf8 Ra8 Qf6 Qa5 Qh6 Qd2 Rff8 R2a7 Bg4 Rxf8 Qxf8 Qb4 Qb8 Ra6 Qe8 Qa3 Bf5 Qb4 Bc8, tb=1, R50=45, wv=-2.86, }
50. Rb6 { d=26, pd=Rg7, mt=00:00:50, tl=00:11:42, s=30009 kN/s, n=1516523173, pv=Rb6 Rg7 Raa6 Bd7 Ra7 Rfg8 Rbb7 Bg4 Rxg7 Rxg7 Ra6 Rg8 Ra7 Qf8 Qb4 Qd8 Ra6 Qd7 Nd2 Qc7 Nf1 Bc8 Rb6 Qd7 Qb1 Rf8, tb=0, R50=45, wv=-1.94, }
Rg7 { d=27, pd=Rba6, mt=00:00:51, tl=00:24:21, s=8615 kN/s, n=439956616, pv=Rg7 Rba6 Bc8 Ra8 Qe7 Qb4 Rgf7 R2a3 Rg8 Ra2 Qc7 Qd2 Qb7 Qa5 Qd7 Qb6 Bc7 Qa7 Qf5 Qa3 Be5 Qb4 Qg4 R2a7 Rxa7 Rxa7 Qd1 Qd2, tb=0, R50=44, wv=-2.87, }
51. Raa6 { d=28, pd=Bd7, mt=00:02:55, tl=00:09:16, s=29933 kN/s, n=5255635283, pv=Raa6 Bd7 Ra7 Rfg8 Ra2 Qf8 Qb4 Rf7 Rf2 Qg7 Rb7 Qg4 Qa5 Rfg7 Ne2 Qg5 Qa7 Be8 Nd4 Bxd4 exd4 b4 Rxg7 Qxg7 Qa1 b3 Qb2 Bh5, tb=0, R50=44, wv=-2.05, }
Rc7 { d=26, pd=Qb4, mt=00:00:50, tl=00:24:00, s=8395 kN/s, n=424745679, pv=Rc7 Qb4 Bc8 Ra8 Qe7 Rbb8 Rg8 Rb6 Qg7 Qd2 Qf7 Qa5 Rf8 Qa3 Qf6 Rbb8 Rg8 Rb6 Qg7 Qb3 Qd7 Ne2 Qe7 Qb4 Qf6 Nf4, tb=0, R50=43, wv=-2.95, }
52. Qc2 { d=24, pd=Rg8, mt=00:00:57, tl=00:08:49, s=29134 kN/s, n=1673063901, pv=Qc2 Rg8 Qd2 Rgg7 Ra5 Bc8 Rb8 Ra7 Ra8 Rxa5 Qxa5 Rg8 Qa3 Qd8 Qb4 Qc7 Ra2 Rf8 Ra8 Qg7 Qa3 Qg4 Ra7 Be6 Nxe6 Qxe6, tb=0, R50=43, wv=-1.96, }
Rg8 { d=26, pd=Qb3, mt=00:01:02, tl=00:23:27, s=8341 kN/s, n=524991359, pv=Rg8 Qb3 Bf5 Qd1 Bd7 Qb3 Qe7 Qa3 Qf8 Qb4 Qg7 Ra3 Bb2 Rb3 Ba1 Ra3 Be5 Qb3 Qf8 Qb4 Bg4 Raa6 Qc8 Nd2 Bd7 Nf1, tb=1, R50=42, wv=-2.96, }
53. Qd2 { d=27, pd=Rgg7, mt=00:00:35, tl=00:08:43, s=29912 kN/s, n=1072733234, pv=Qd2 Rgg7 Ra3 Ra7 Rba6 Rxa6 Rxa6 Rg8 Qb4 Bc8 Ra7 Qd8 Qd2 d4 Qb4 Bg4 Ra6 Qd7 Kh2 Rf8 Qa3 d3 Ra7 Qf5 Nd2 Bg7 Qb4, tb=0, R50=42, wv=-2.00, }
Bf5 { d=28, pd=Qd1, mt=00:01:28, tl=00:22:28, s=8907 kN/s, n=790220886, pv=Bf5 Qd1 Bd7 Qb3 Qe7 Qa3 Qf8 Qb4 Qg7 Ra3 Bb2 Rb3 Ba1 Ra3 Be5 Rba6 Bc8 Rb6 Qg4 Qb1 Bf5 Raa6 Bd7 Qb3 Qg7 Qa2 Qf8 Qa3, tb=0, R50=41, wv=-2.96, }
54. Qf2 { d=26, pd=Bc8, mt=00:00:42, tl=00:08:30, s=30421 kN/s, n=1307271427, pv=Qf2 Bc8 Ra8 Qe7 Qc2 Bg4 Raa6 Qd7 Ra3 Qe8 Qd2 Rcg7 Ra2 Bd7 Qf2 Qf8 Qc2 Qf5 Qd1 Qg4 Qxg4 Rxg4 Ne2 Rf8 Nd4 Bxd4 exd4, tb=0, R50=41, wv=-1.96, }
Bd7 { d=26, pd=Qc2, mt=00:00:43, tl=00:22:15, s=8391 kN/s, n=361768572, pv=Bd7 Qc2 Qf7 Qa2 Qe7 Qa3 Qf8 Qb4 Qg7 Ra3 Bb2 Rb3 Ba1 Ra3 Be5 Rba6 Bc8 Rb6 Qg4 Qb1 Bf5 Raa6 Bd7 Qb3 Qg7 Qa2, tb=0, R50=40, wv=-2.96, }
55. Nd2 { d=26, pd=Bg4, mt=00:00:42, tl=00:08:17, s=30124 kN/s, n=1286966141, pv=Nd2 Bg4 Ra2 Rf7 Nf1 Rgg7 Rba6 Bc8 Ra8 Rg8 Qd2 Rc7 Qc2 Qe7 R2a5 Bf5 Qc1 b4 R8a6 Bc3 Rb6 d4 exd4 Bxd4+ Kh1 Ra7 Qc4, tb=0, R50=40, wv=-1.95, }
Bc8 { d=27, pd=Ra8, mt=00:00:52, tl=00:21:53, s=8566 kN/s, n=449360721, pv=Bc8 Ra8 Rcg7 Nf1 Qd7 Qc2 Rf7 Qb1 Bf6 Qb4 Qc7 Rbb8 Be5 Rb6 Re7 Qb1 Qd7 Qb4 Reg7 Ne2 Rf7 Nf4 Rf6 Qa5 Qg4 Qd2 Qd7, tb=0, R50=39, wv=-3.08, }
56. Ra8 { d=27, pd=Rcg7, mt=00:00:36, tl=00:08:11, s=30202 kN/s, n=1093046322, pv=Ra8 Rcg7 Nf1 Rf8 Kh2 Rff7 Qa2 Re7 Qa5 Rg8 Kg1 Rc7 Qb4 Rf8 Kh1 Rg7 Qe1 Bc7 Kg1 Bxb6 cxb6 Kg8 Qc3 Qd7 Kh2 Rgf7 Qb4 Rg7, tb=0, R50=39, wv=-1.86, }
Rcg7 { d=28, pd=Nf1, mt=00:01:05, tl=00:21:18, s=9164 kN/s, n=597273110, pv=Rcg7 Nf1 Qd7 Qc2 Rf7 Qb1 Bf6 Qb4 Qc7 Rbb8 Be5 Rb6 Re7 Qb1 Qd7 Qb4 Reg7 Ne2 Rf7 Nf4 Rf6 Qa5 Qg4 Qd2 Qg7 Qa5 Qf8 Qb4, tb=1, R50=38, wv=-3.08, }
57. Nf1 { d=29, pd=Rf8, mt=00:00:49, tl=00:07:51, s=30935 kN/s, n=1536767233, pv=Nf1 Rf8 Kh2 Rff7 Qa2 Rc7 Kg1 Rg8 Qb1 Qe7 Qc2 Bg4 Raa6 Bd7 Kh2 Qg7 Ra3 Bf5 Ne2 Qe7 Nf4 Qd7 Qf2 d4 exd4 Bxd4 Ne3 Bxc5, tb=0, R50=38, wv=-1.93, }
Qd7 { d=27, pd=Qc2, mt=00:01:09, tl=00:20:38, s=9806 kN/s, n=681252892, pv=Qd7 Qc2 Rf7 Qb1 Bf6 Qb4 Qc7 Rbb8 Be5 Rb6 Re7 Qb1 Qd7 Ne2 Re6 Nf4 Ree8 Qa2 Re7 Qb1 Rf7 Qb4 Rfg7 Ne2 Qc7 Nf4, tb=1, R50=37, wv=-3.08, }
58. Qc2 { d=26, pd=Rf7, mt=00:00:46, tl=00:07:35, s=29413 kN/s, n=1353588101, pv=Qc2 Rf7 Kh1 Qe8 Kg1 Re7 Ne2 Qd7 Kh2 Reg7 Nf4 Qe8 Qd2 Rc7 Kg1 Qd7 Qc2 Qe7 Ra2 Rf8 Ra8 Bf5 Rxf8+ Qxf8 Kh2 Bg4 Nd2 Qh6+ Kg1 Qg5 Nb3, tb=0, R50=37, wv=-1.90, }
Rf7 { d=23, pd=Ra2, mt=00:00:52, tl=00:20:16, s=9364 kN/s, n=491616664, pv=Rf7 Ra2 Qc7 Ra8 Rfg7 Qd2 Rg5 Qb4 Rg4 Qd2 R4g7 Qb4 Qd7 Ne2 Rf7 Nf4 Qc7 Qa3 d4 Qb3 Qd7 Qd1 dxe3 Nxe3, tb=7, R50=36, wv=-3.08, }
59. Qb1 { d=25, pd=Rf6, mt=00:00:48, tl=00:07:17, s=29693 kN/s, n=1432367618, pv=Qb1 Rf6 Ra2 Rgf8 Qb4 R6f7 Nd2 Rg7 Nf1 Kg8 Ra8 Bc7 Ra7 Rgf7 Qa3 Qe8 Nd2 Rd7 Ra8 Bxb6 cxb6 Qe7 Qc3 Bb7 Rxf8+ Qxf8, tb=0, R50=36, wv=-2.06, }
Qc7 { d=26, pd=Qb4, mt=00:00:53, tl=00:19:53, s=8938 kN/s, n=475258742, pv=Qc7 Qb4 Rfg7 Rbb8 Re7 Rb6 Rf7 Qe1 Rfg7 Qb4 Qd7 Ne2 Rf7 Qd2 Qc7 Nf4 Rf5 Qb4 Qd7 Qa5 Rf7 Qb4 Rf6 Qa5 Qg4 Qd2, tb=0, R50=35, wv=-3.08, }
60. Qe1 { d=23, pd=Rf6, mt=00:00:47, tl=00:07:00, s=29152 kN/s, n=1372578879, pv=Qe1 Rf6 Qb1 Qd7 Ra2 Rgf8 Nd2 Qg4 Nf1 Bc7 Qe1 Bxb6 cxb6 Bb7 Ra7 R6f7 Nh2 Qd7 Qc3+ Kg8 Qe5 Re8 Qh5 Qe7, tb=0, R50=35, wv=-2.04, }
Rfg7 { d=24, pd=Kh1, mt=00:00:56, tl=00:19:26, s=9020 kN/s, n=510760522, pv=Rfg7 Kh1 Qd7 Qe2 Qe8 Qd2 Rf7 Qe2 Rc7 Kg1 Qf7 Qc2 Qg7 Qf2 Qe7 Qc2 Qg5 Rbb8 Qg4 Qe2 Qd7 Qh5 Bf6 Qh3, tb=7, R50=34, wv=-2.95, }
61. Qd2 { d=24, pd=Bd7, mt=00:00:31, tl=00:06:58, s=29375 kN/s, n=937320860, pv=Qd2 Bd7 Raa6 Qd8 Ra2 Qf8 Qc2 Qf5 Qd1 Qf7 Ra7 Qf8 Qc2 Qf5 Qd2 d4 Rbb7 d3 Qb4 Rd8 Ra6 Bc8 Rxg7 Bxa6, tb=0, R50=34, wv=-1.96, }
Re7 { d=23, pd=Qd1, mt=00:00:41, tl=00:19:14, s=9105 kN/s, n=377155604, pv=Re7 Qd1 Qd7 Kh1 Qe8 Kg1 Rc7 Rbb8 Qf7 Qc2 Qd7 Rb6 Qg7 Qf2 Qe7 Qc2 Qd7 Qa2 Qf7 Rbb8 Qf5 Qf2 Bf6, tb=0, R50=33, wv=-2.95, }
62. Qc2 { d=24, pd=Qd7, mt=00:00:38, tl=00:06:50, s=29678 kN/s, n=1143152919, pv=Qc2 Qd7 Qc1 Ree8 Ne2 Re6 Nf4 Rf6 Ra2 Qf7 Qd2 Rf8 Rc2 Qd7 Rc1 Bc7 Qd4 Kg8 Ra1 Bxb6 cxb6 Bb7 Ra7 h6, tb=0, R50=33, wv=-2.05, }
Rf7 { d=26, pd=Qb3, mt=00:00:43, tl=00:19:01, s=8845 kN/s, n=386581576, pv=Rf7 Qb3 Rfg7 Qb4 Qd7 Ne2 Rf7 Qe1 Rgf8 Nf4 Rf5 Nd2 Rg8 Nf1 Rf6 Nd2 Rf7 Nf1 Rfg7 Qb4 Re8 Ne2 Rf8 Nf4 Rgg8 Qa5, tb=0, R50=32, wv=-3.08, }
63. Ra2 { d=24, pd=Rf6, mt=00:00:32, tl=00:06:48, s=30017 kN/s, n=962506571, pv=Ra2 Rf6 Nh5 Rh6 Nf4 Qg7 Ne2 Qf6 Qb1 Qf8 Qc1 Qf7 Nf4 d4 Ra8 Qg7 Qc2 dxe3 Qxe4 Bxf4 Rxc8 Rxc8 gxf4 e2 Qxe2 Qd4+ Qe3 Rd8 f5 Kg8 Qxd4 Rxd4 Ne3, tb=0, R50=32, wv=-2.25, }
Rff8 { d=26, pd=Ra8, mt=00:00:43, tl=00:18:47, s=8339 kN/s, n=364066950, pv=Rff8 Ra8 Rf5 Qa2 Rf7 Qb3 Rfg7 Qb4 Qd7 Ne2 Rf7 Qe1 Rgf8 Nf4 Rf5 Nd2 Rg8 Ne2 Rfg5 Nf1 Rf8 Nf4 Rgg8 Qa5 Rf7 Qb4, tb=0, R50=31, wv=-3.08, }
64. Ra3 { d=25, pd=Rf6, mt=00:00:49, tl=00:06:28, s=30264 kN/s, n=1511907561, pv=Ra3 Rf6 Nh5 Rh6 Nf4 Qg7 Rb3 Bc7 Ra3 Bxb6 cxb6 Rf8 Ra7 Bb7 Qc5 Kg8 Qb4 Rf7 Ra5 Qg4 Ra1 Rhf6 Qc3 h6 Ra7, tb=0, R50=31, wv=-2.31, }
Rf6 { d=27, pd=Ra8, mt=00:01:01, tl=00:18:15, s=8496 kN/s, n=525740856, pv=Rf6 Ra8 Qe7 Nh5 Rf5 Nf4 Qc7 Qa2 Rf7 Qb3 Rfg7 Qb4 Qd7 Ne2 Rf7 Qe1 Rgf8 Nf4 Rf5 Nd2 Rg8 Ne2 Rfg5 Nf1 Rf8 Nf4 Rgg8, tb=0, R50=30, wv=-3.08, }
65. Ra5 { d=26, pd=Qd7, mt=00:01:12, tl=00:05:45, s=30328 kN/s, n=2199926429, pv=Ra5 Qd7 Ra8 d4 Qxe4 Re8 Qd3 dxe3 Qxd7 Bxd7 Rxe8+ Bxe8 Nxe3 Bd4 Kf2 Bxc5 Rb8 Rf8 Rb7 Bh5 Ke1 Rxf4 gxf4 Bxe3 f5 Kg8 f6 Bg6, tb=0, R50=30, wv=-2.33, }
Qd7 { d=24, pd=Qa2, mt=00:00:44, tl=00:18:01, s=8455 kN/s, n=376671175, pv=Qd7 Qa2 Rf7 Qc2 Re8 Qb3 Rg7 Qd1 Rg5 Qc2 Re7 Ra8 Rg8 Kh2 Rf7 Kh1 Rf6 Kg1 Qf7 Qb3 Qg7 Qc2 Rh6 Ne2, tb=0, R50=29, wv=-3.08, }
66. Ra8 { d=25, pd=Rgf8, mt=00:00:41, tl=00:05:34, s=30381 kN/s, n=1259966509, pv=Ra8 Rgf8 Kh2 Qe7 Kg1 Bc7 Ra5 Kg8 Qc3 Bb7 g4 Bxb6 cxb6 b4 Qd4 Rh6 g3 Rhf6 Nd2 R6f7 Nb3 Rg7 Qc5 h6 Kg2 Qxc5 Nxc5, tb=0, R50=29, wv=-2.63, }
Qe7 { d=26, pd=Nh5, mt=00:01:03, tl=00:17:28, s=9935 kN/s, n=628243680, pv=Qe7 Nh5 Rf5 Nf4 Qc7 Qa2 Rf7 Qb3 Rfg7 Qb4 Qd7 Ne2 Rf7 Qe1 Rgf8 Nf4 Rf5 Nd2 Rg8 Kh1 Rfg5 Nf1 R8g7 Qd2 Rf7, tb=0, R50=28, wv=-3.08, }
67. Nh5 { d=27, pd=Rh6, mt=00:00:43, tl=00:05:20, s=30651 kN/s, n=1329104675, pv=Nh5 Rh6 Nf4 Qg7 Ra3 Re8 Rb3 Rf8 Qd2 Bc7 Qb4 Kg8 Ra3 Bxb6 cxb6 Bb7 Rc3 Qe5 Nh2 Qg5 Nf1 Ra8 Ra3 Rxa3 Qxa3 Qf6 Nd2 c5 Qxc5 Qxb6, tb=0, R50=28, wv=-2.72, }
Rf5 { d=27, pd=Nf4, mt=00:00:52, tl=00:17:05, s=9329 kN/s, n=488475833, pv=Rf5 Nf4 Qc7 Qa2 Rf7 Qb3 Rfg7 Qb4 Qd7 Ne2 Rf7 Qe1 Rf5 Nf4 Rfg5 Qa5 R5g7 Qb4 Rd8 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Re8 Qb3 Rg7 Qa3 Reg8, tb=0, R50=27, wv=-3.08, }
68. Nf4 { d=27, pd=Qc7, mt=00:00:38, tl=00:05:12, s=29748 kN/s, n=1145898529, pv=Nf4 Qc7 Qa2 Rf7 Ra3 Qd7 Qb1 Rf6 Nh5 Re6 Nf4 Rh6 Rb3 Rf6 Nh5 Rf7 Nf4 Re8 Qd1 Bc7 Ra3 Bxb6 cxb6 Bb7 Ra7 Kg8 Nd2 d4, tb=0, R50=27, wv=-2.14, }
Qc7 { d=27, pd=Qa2, mt=00:01:01, tl=00:16:34, s=10053 kN/s, n=617802640, pv=Qc7 Qa2 Rf7 Qb3 Rfg7 Qb4 Qd7 Ne2 Rf7 Qe1 Rgf8 Nf4 Rf5 Nd2 Rg8 Ne2 Rfg5 Nf1 Rf8 Nf4 Rgg8 Qa5 Rf7 Qe1 Rfg7 Qb4, tb=0, R50=26, wv=-3.08, }
69. Ra3 { d=27, pd=Qd7, mt=00:00:42, tl=00:04:59, s=30259 kN/s, n=1285650143, pv=Ra3 Qd7 Qa2 Rf7 Qc2 Re8 Qa2 Kg8 Qb3 Ref8 Nd2 Bc7 Ra7 Qe8 Qa3 Rd7 Ra5 Qe7 Rxc6 Bxa5 Qxa5 Bb7 Rd6 Rxd6 cxd6 Qxd6 Qxb5, tb=0, R50=26, wv=-2.13, }
Qd7 { d=25, pd=Qa2, mt=00:00:41, tl=00:16:22, s=8441 kN/s, n=348460732, pv=Qd7 Qa2 Rf7 Qc2 Re7 Ra8 Reg7 Qd2 Rf7 Qc2 Rf6 Qe2 Bc3 Qh5 Rff8 Qe2 Qc7 Qa2 Rf7 Qc2 Bf6 Kh1 Be5 Qf2 Rfg7, tb=0, R50=25, wv=-3.08, }
70. Qa2 { d=27, pd=Rf7, mt=00:00:47, tl=00:04:42, s=30728 kN/s, n=1450565064, pv=Qa2 Rf7 Qc2 Bb7 Ra7 Qc8 Qa2 Rg4 Qe2 Rgg7 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Rfg7 Nh3 Rf5 Nf4 Bb8 Ra1 Kg8 Rc1 Bc7 Qb2 Bxb6 cxb6 Rgg5 Rd1 Rg4, tb=0, R50=25, wv=-2.20, }
Rf7 { d=26, pd=Qc2, mt=00:01:00, tl=00:15:52, s=9230 kN/s, n=554709623, pv=Rf7 Qc2 Re7 Ra8 Reg7 Qd2 d4 Ne2 d3 Nf4 Rf8 Qb4 Re8 Qd2 Rgg8 Qa2 Ref8 Ra7 Qe8 Qb3 Rg5 Qb4 Rg7 Ra8 Re7, tb=0, R50=24, wv=-3.08, }
71. Qc2 { d=26, pd=Bb7, mt=00:01:08, tl=00:04:03, s=30199 kN/s, n=2079654973, pv=Qc2 Bb7 Ra7 Qc8 Qe2 Rgg7 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Kg8 Qa2 Bb8 Ra8 Rgf5 Qa3 Rf8 Ra5 Bc7 Qb4 Bxb6 cxb6 Qd8 Qd4 Qe7 Ra7 c5 Qc3, tb=0, R50=24, wv=-2.33, }
Rff8 { d=24, pd=Ra8, mt=00:00:59, tl=00:15:23, s=9025 kN/s, n=533784838, pv=Rff8 Ra8 Rf6 Nh5 Rf7 Nf4 Re7 Kh2 Ree8 Kg1 Rg5 Qa2 Rg7 Qb1 Rf8 Rba6 Rfg8 Rb6 Re7 Qc2 d4 Kh1 d3 Qd2, tb=1, R50=23, wv=-3.04, }
72. Qa2 { d=25, pd=Rg7, mt=00:00:39, tl=00:03:53, s=29819 kN/s, n=1185410765, pv=Qa2 Rg7 Qf2 Rff7 Ra8 Rg8 Qc2 Bb7 Ra2 Qc8 Qb1 Rgg7 Qc2 Rg5 Ra7 Rfg7 Qc1 Rf5 Kf2 Rf8 Nh2 Rff7 Qa3 Rg5 Qb3, tb=0, R50=23, wv=-2.27, }
Rg7 { d=24, pd=Ra8, mt=00:00:46, tl=00:15:07, s=8951 kN/s, n=414846007, pv=Rg7 Ra8 Re8 Qc2 Reg8 Qd2 d4 Ne2 d3 Nf4 Rf8 Ra2 Re8 Qe1 Reg8 Qd2 Qc7 Qb4 Bf5 Raa6 Bxf4 exf4 Qxf4 Rxc6 Qc1 Rf6, tb=0, R50=22, wv=-3.06, }
73. Ra8 { d=26, pd=Kg8, mt=00:00:28, tl=00:03:55, s=31101 kN/s, n=879657839, pv=Ra8 Kg8 Qb3 Rgf7 Qc2 Bc7 Ra7 Qe8 Qc3 Be5 Qa5 Rxa7 Qxa7 d4 Qa2+ Kh8 Qa5 d3 Qb4 Bf5 g4 Bxg4 Qxe4 Bxf4 Qxe8 Rxe8 exf4 Re4 Rxc6 Rxf4, tb=0, R50=22, wv=-2.13, }
Re8 { d=25, pd=Ne2, mt=00:00:47, tl=00:14:50, s=8981 kN/s, n=423539710, pv=Re8 Ne2 Rf7 Nf4 Rfe7 Qd2 Rg7 Kh1 Rf8 Qf2 Rfg8 Qe2 Rg5 Qa2 d4 Ra7 Qe8 Qd2 d3 Ra8 R5g7 Kg1 Qd7 Qb4 Bc7, tb=0, R50=21, wv=-3.04, }
74. Qd2 { d=24, pd=d4, mt=00:00:33, tl=00:03:52, s=29604 kN/s, n=990448225, pv=Qd2 d4 Ne2 dxe3 Qxd7 Bxd7 Rxe8+ Bxe8 Nxe3 Ra7 Ng4 Bb2 Rb8 Re7 Kf2 Kg7 Ne3 Kf6 Nc4 bxc4 Rxb2 e3+ Kf3 Kg5 g4 Bg6 Rb4, tb=0, R50=21, wv=-2.04, }
d4 { d=25, pd=Ne2, mt=00:00:57, tl=00:14:23, s=9188 kN/s, n=525303036, pv=d4 Ne2 d3 Nf4 Rgg8 Qa2 Re7 Qd2 Reg7 Nh5 Rg6 Nf4 Rg4 Ra2 R4g7 Ra8 Rf8 Kh1 Rgg8 Qe1 Re8 Nd2 Bc3 Qc1, tb=0, R50=20, wv=-3.07, }
75. Ne2 { d=27, pd=dxe3, mt=00:00:58, tl=00:03:24, s=31268 kN/s, n=1814690027, pv=Ne2 dxe3 Qxd7 Bxd7 Rxe8+ Bxe8 Nxe3 Ra7 Ng4 Bc7 Nf6 Bxb6 cxb6 Ra8 Nxe4 Rb8 Nd6 c5 Nf4 b4 Nd3 b3 Nc4 Bb5 Ndb2 Bxc4 Nxc4 Kg7, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-2.86, }
d3 { d=24, pd=Nf4, mt=00:00:42, tl=00:14:11, s=8953 kN/s, n=376189055, pv=d3 Nf4 Rd8 Ra2 Rdg8 Ra8 Re7 Qa2 Rgg7 Qd2 Re8 Ra2 Rgg8 Qa5 Qc7 Qd2 Rg4 Ra8 Qd7 Qa2 Re7 Nh3 Bxg3 Nxg3 d2 Rxc8+ Qxc8 Qxd2 Rxg3 Nf4, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-2.93, }
76. Nf4 { d=26, mt=00:00:38, tl=00:03:16, s=28851 kN/s, n=1101405308, pv=Nf4, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-2.84, }
Rf8 { d=24, pd=Kh1, mt=00:00:44, tl=00:13:56, s=9272 kN/s, n=410306946, pv=Rf8 Kh1 Rgg8 Kg1 Rd8 Ra2 Rde8 Qe1 Rg5 Qa5 Reg8 Qd2 Qe8 Ra8 R5g7 Qa5 h6 Qd2 Qd7 Qb4 Bc7 Nh5 Bxb6 cxb6 Qb7 Rxc8 Qxc8 Nxg7 Rxg7 Qxe4, tb=3, R50=50, wv=-2.93, }
77. Ra2 { d=22, mt=00:00:48, tl=00:02:57, s=29010 kN/s, n=1421181866, pv=Ra2, tb=0, R50=49, wv=-2.03, }
Qe8 { d=24, pd=Ra8, mt=00:00:40, tl=00:13:46, s=8482 kN/s, n=341838529, pv=Qe8 Ra8 Rfg8 Qa2 Qd7 Qd2 Re7 Ra2 Ree8 Qe1 Rg5 Qa5 Reg8 Qd2 Qc7 Qb4 Qf7 Rf2 Qc4 Qxc4 bxc4 Nd2 c3 Nxe4 d2 Nxd2 cxd2 Rxd2 Rxg3 Nd3, tb=0, R50=49, wv=-2.92, }
78. Ra8 { d=25, pd=Rfg8, mt=00:00:34, tl=00:02:53, s=29478 kN/s, n=1002321070, pv=Ra8 Rfg8 Ra2 Bc7 Qc3 Bd7 Rb7 Be5 Qb4 Bf5 Rxg7 Rxg7 Ra6 Rg8 Kf2 Qc8 Ra7 Rg7 Rxg7 Kxg7 Nd2 Qe8 g4 Bxg4 Qxe4, tb=0, R50=48, wv=-2.27, }
Rfg8 { d=24, pd=Qe1, mt=00:01:01, tl=00:13:14, s=9303 kN/s, n=574315267, pv=Rfg8 Qe1 Qd7 Qd2 Rg5 Nh3 R5g6 Nf4 Rg4 Ra2 R4g5 Nh3 R5g7 Nf4 Qe8 Ra8 h6 Qe1 Qd7 Qb4 Bc7 Nh5 Bxb6 cxb6 Qb7 Rxc8 Qxc8 Nxg7 Rxg7 Qxe4, tb=0, R50=48, wv=-2.93, }
79. Qe1 { d=23, pd=Qe7, mt=00:00:39, tl=00:02:43, s=29009 kN/s, n=1140513755, pv=Qe1 Qe7 Rxc6 Bd7 Ra7 Qf8 Rcc7 Bxc7 Rxc7 Qf6 Qa5 Be8 Rc8 Qf5 Qa8 Bf7 Rxg8+ Bxg8 c6 Qe5 Kh2 Qc3 Ne6 d2 Nxd2 Qxd2 Nxg7 Kxg7, tb=0, R50=47, wv=-2.32, }
Qd7 { d=25, pd=Qd2, mt=00:01:00, tl=00:12:43, s=9112 kN/s, n=554590964, pv=Qd7 Qd2 Rg5 Nh3 R5g6 Nf4 Rg4 Ra2 R4g5 Nh3 R5g7 Nf4 Qe8 Ra8 h6 Qe1 h5 Qd2 h4 Qb4 Bxf4 exf4 e3 Rxc8 Qxc8 Nxe3 Rxg3 f5 Qd8, tb=0, R50=47, wv=-2.98, }
80. Nh5 { d=25, pd=Rg5, mt=00:00:40, tl=00:02:32, s=29540 kN/s, n=1208955629, pv=Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Rd8 Ra2 Qe8 Qb4 Bc7 Qc3+ Rg7 Rf2 Bxb6 cxb6 Kg8 Nd2 Bg4 Qf6 Rb8 Qd4 Rd7 Qc5 Rf7 Qd4 Rd8 Qxe4 Qxe4 Nxe4, tb=0, R50=46, wv=-2.36, }
Rf7 { d=24, pd=Nf4, mt=00:00:53, tl=00:12:20, s=8935 kN/s, n=474993800, pv=Rf7 Nf4 Re7 Qd2 Reg7 Nh5 Rg6 Nf4 Rg4 Ra2 R4g5 Qb4 Qf7 Qb1 Qe8 Ra8 Qd7 Qe1 Re8 Qa5 Re7 Qa6 Rg8, tb=0, R50=46, wv=-2.94, }
81. Nf4 { d=25, pd=Rff8, mt=00:00:36, tl=00:02:26, s=29911 kN/s, n=1080183579, pv=Nf4 Rff8 Ra2 Qf7 Rf2 Qe8 Qa5 Bf5 Qa6 Qd7 Rb7 Qc8 Qa7 Rg7 Rxg7 Bxg7 Nh5 Bc3 Qe7 Rg8 Nd2 Qd7 Qxd7 Bxd7 Nxe4, tb=0, R50=45, wv=-2.21, }
Rff8 { d=23, pd=Qd2, mt=00:00:35, tl=00:12:14, s=9049 kN/s, n=324662109, pv=Rff8 Qd2 Rd8 Ra2 Rde8 Qa5 Qc7 Qe1 Rg7 Ra8 Reg8 Qb4 Bf5 Raa6 Bxf4 exf4 Qxf4 Qd4 Qc1 Rxc6 d2 Qxd2 Qxd2 Nxd2 Rxg3 Rf6 Rxg2+ Kf1 e3, tb=0, R50=45, wv=-2.94, }
82. Ra2 { d=25, mt=00:00:36, tl=00:02:20, s=30155 kN/s, n=1105470031, pv=Ra2, tb=0, R50=44, wv=-2.41, }
Qf7 { d=24, pd=Ra8, mt=00:00:39, tl=00:12:05, s=8248 kN/s, n=324391355, pv=Qf7 Ra8 Bd7 Ra7 Ra8 Rbb7 Rxa7 Rxa7 Qe8 Nd2 Bf5 Nb3 Qf8 Ra6 Qf6 Nd2 Bc8 Ra8 Qf5 Nb3 Qf7 Nd4 Qb7 Ra1 b4, tb=0, R50=44, wv=-2.98, }
83. Rf2 { d=26, mt=00:00:34, tl=00:02:15, s=30274 kN/s, n=1059704801, pv=Rf2, tb=0, R50=43, wv=-2.53, }
Qe8 { d=25, pd=Ra2, mt=00:00:38, tl=00:11:56, s=8198 kN/s, n=316032611, pv=Qe8 Ra2 Rg7 Ra8 Rfg8 Qc1 Rg4 Qd2 Qd7 Ra2 R4g5 Qb4 Qf7 Qb1 Qe8 Ra8 Qd7 Qe1 Re8 Qd2 Bf6 Qb4 Rxg3 Nh5 Rg6 Nxf6 Rxf6, tb=0, R50=43, wv=-2.94, }
84. Qb4 { d=26, pd=Bf5, mt=00:00:35, tl=00:02:09, s=29934 kN/s, n=1059945681, pv=Qb4 Bf5 Ra6 Rf7 Rb6 Qc8 Qa3 Rff8 Qa6 Bd7 Qa7 Rg7 Qa5 Qe8 Qa3 Be6 Qa6 Bc8 Qa8 Rf6 Qa3 Bf5 Qa6 Kg8 Rd2, tb=0, R50=42, wv=-2.20, }
Bf5 { d=24, pd=Ra6, mt=00:00:51, tl=00:11:35, s=8832 kN/s, n=456376366, pv=Bf5 Ra6 Rg7 Qa5 Qc8 Qb6 Rc7 Rfa2 Qe8 Nd2 Rg8 Nf1 Rgg7 Rf2 Qc8 Rfa2 Qg8 Ra8 Rc8 Rxc8 Qxc8 Ra6 Bd7 Ra7, tb=2, R50=42, wv=-3.14, }
85. Ra6 { d=24, pd=Qd7, mt=00:00:31, tl=00:02:08, s=30310 kN/s, n=949654304, pv=Ra6 Qd7 Qa5 Rg7 Nh5 Rgf7 Nf4 Rg8 Qb4 Rfg7 Qa5 Rb8 Qb4 Rgg8 Rfa2 Rbc8 Ra7 Rc7 Ra8 Qg7 R2a6 Bc3 Rxg8+ Kxg8 Ra8+ Rc8 Rxc8+ Bxc8 Qxe4, tb=0, R50=41, wv=-2.30, }
Rg7 { d=25, pd=Qa5, mt=00:00:44, tl=00:11:21, s=8835 kN/s, n=390846572, pv=Rg7 Qa5 Qd7 Nh5 Rgf7 Nf4 Rg8 Qb6 Rc8 Qa5 Re8 Ra8 Re7 Ra6 Rg8 Qb6 Rc8 Rfa2 Rg7 Ra7 Bc7 Qa6 Rcg8 Rb2 Qe8, tb=0, R50=41, wv=-3.14, }
86. Qb3 { d=26, pd=Qc8, mt=00:00:35, tl=00:02:03, s=30479 kN/s, n=1071154140, pv=Qb3 Qc8 Qa3 Rfg8 Qa5 Qd7 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Rb8 Qb4 Rg7 Rfa2 Rbg8 Rf2 Rc8 Ra5 Re8 Ra6 Rf8 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Rgg8 Rb6 Ra8, tb=0, R50=40, wv=-2.30, }
Qc8 { d=25, pd=Ra3, mt=00:00:48, tl=00:11:02, s=8449 kN/s, n=413512045, pv=Qc8 Ra3 Re8 Qb4 Qd7 Ra6 Reg8 Qb3 Qe8 Qb4 Qc8 Ra3 Qd7 Rfa2 Qb7 Ra6 Qc8 Ra7 Qf8 R2a6 Qe8 Ra3 Rf7 Rxf7 Qxf7 Nd2, tb=0, R50=40, wv=-3.15, }
87. Ra5 { d=23, pd=Qb7, mt=00:00:30, tl=00:02:02, s=30407 kN/s, n=936025162, pv=Ra5 Qb7 Qa2 Re8 Ra6 Qd7 Qa5 Rb8 Qb4 Rgg8 Rfa2 Rbc8 Ra7 Rc7 Ra8 Qg7 R2a6 Rgc8 Nh5 Qf8 Qa3 Qh6 g4 Bxg4, tb=0, R50=39, wv=-2.32, }
Re8 { d=25, pd=Qb4, mt=00:00:37, tl=00:10:54, s=7983 kN/s, n=302244396, pv=Re8 Qb4 Reg8 Nd2 Qd7 Nf1 Rf8 Ra6 Rc8 Qa5 Rb8 Nd2 Re8 Nf1 Rc8 Qb4 Rf8 Nd2 Rfg8 Nf1 Qc8 Ra3 Rg5 Ra5 Qd7, tb=0, R50=39, wv=-3.15, }
88. Qb4 { d=26, pd=Qd7, mt=00:00:30, tl=00:02:01, s=30807 kN/s, n=944998316, pv=Qb4 Qd7 Ra6 Rd8 Qa5 Rdg8 Qb4 Rg5 Qa5 Rb8 Qb4 Rc8 Rfa2 Rgg8 Rf2 Ra8 Rfa2 Rxa6 Rxa6 Qc7 Qa3 Qg7 Ra7 Qg4 Qb4 Rd8, tb=0, R50=38, wv=-2.29, }
Reg8 { d=25, pd=Nd2, mt=00:00:33, tl=00:10:51, s=8817 kN/s, n=291927314, pv=Reg8 Nd2 Qd7 Nf1 Rf8 Ra6 Re8 Qa5 Rc8 Qb4 Rf8 Qe1 Qc8 Qa5 Rfg8 Ra2 Qe8 Qb4 Qd7 Ra8 Qb7 R8a3 Qc8 Ra7 Qe8 Rxg7, tb=0, R50=38, wv=-3.15, }
89. Raa2 { d=25, pd=Qd7, mt=00:00:25, tl=00:02:05, s=30861 kN/s, n=797613885, pv=Raa2 Qd7 Ra6 Rc8 Qa5 Rb8 Qb4 Rgg8 Rfa2 Rbc8 Ra7 Rc7 R7a6 Qg7 R2a3 Rf8 Kh2 Rfc8 Rb6 Ra7 Rxa7 Qxa7 Nd2 Qa4 Qb1, tb=0, R50=37, wv=-2.29, }
Qd7 { d=25, pd=Ra3, mt=00:00:31, tl=00:10:49, s=8486 kN/s, n=268379724, pv=Qd7 Ra3 Rc8 Ra6 Rf8 Qe1 Qc8 Ra5 Rfg8 Qb4 Re8 Ra3 Qd7 Ra6 Rb8 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Rf8 Nd2 Re8 Nf1 Rg7 Qa5 Rc8, tb=0, R50=37, wv=-3.15, }
90. Ra6 { d=26, pd=Rg5, mt=00:00:31, tl=00:02:04, s=30460 kN/s, n=964342763, pv=Ra6 Rg5 Qa5 Rb8 Ra7 Qe8 Qb4 Ra8 Rfa2 Rxa7 Rxa7 Qf8 Qb3 Rg7 Ra6 Bd7 Qb4 Qc8 Ra5 Bf5 Kf2 Qg8 Qa3 Qc4 Ra8+ Rg8 Rxg8+ Qxg8 Nd2 Qe8, tb=0, R50=36, wv=-2.30, }
Rd8 { d=25, pd=Qa5, mt=00:00:44, tl=00:10:35, s=8332 kN/s, n=368703225, pv=Rd8 Qa5 Rb8 Qb4 Rf8 Qe1 Qc8 Ra5 Rfg8 Qb4 Re8 Ra3 Qd7 Ra6 Reg8 Raa2 Rd8 Ra6 Rb8 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Rf8 Rfa2 Qf7, tb=0, R50=36, wv=-3.15, }
91. Qa3 { d=23, pd=Rc8, mt=00:00:26, tl=00:02:07, s=30011 kN/s, n=802411501, pv=Qa3 Rc8 Qa5 Rb8 Qb4 Rg4 Rfa2 Qf7 Nd2 Re8 Ra8 Rxa8 Rxa8+ Rg8 Qa5 Qg7 Rxg8+ Qxg8 Kh2 Qe8 Qb4 Qe7 Kg1 Bf6 g4 Bxg4 Nxe4, tb=0, R50=35, wv=-2.35, }
Rf8 { d=25, pd=Qa5, mt=00:00:58, tl=00:10:07, s=8757 kN/s, n=508733767, pv=Rf8 Qa5 Rb8 Qb4 Rbg8 Raa2 Rd8 Ra6 Re8 Qa5 Rc8 Qb4 Rb8 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Rf8 Rfa2 Qf7 Rf2 Qe8 Rfa2 Rg7 Ra7 Rfg8 Rxg7, tb=0, R50=35, wv=-3.15, }
92. Qb4 { d=25, pd=Rb8, mt=00:00:35, tl=00:02:02, s=31079 kN/s, n=1091267278, pv=Qb4 Rb8 Nd2 Rd8 Nf1 Rdg8 Qa5 Rb8 Qb4 Rgg8 Rfa2 Rbc8 R6a5 Qe7 Ra6 Qf7 Nd2 Qe8 Kh2 Bxf4 exf4 Qh5+ Kg1 Qd1+ Nf1 h6, tb=0, R50=34, wv=-2.35, }
Rc8 { d=25, pd=Qa5, mt=00:00:44, tl=00:09:52, s=9120 kN/s, n=402590891, pv=Rc8 Qa5 Rb8 Qb4 Rbg8 Raa2 Rd8 Ra6 Re8 Qa5 Rc8 Qb4 Rf8 Qe1 Qc8 Ra5 Rfg8 Qb4 Re8 Ra3 Qd7 Raa2 Rgg8 Nd2 Rg4, tb=1, R50=34, wv=-3.15, }
93. Raa2 { d=24, pd=Rgg8, mt=00:00:30, tl=00:02:01, s=30953 kN/s, n=947063826, pv=Raa2 Rgg8 Ra6 Ra8 Rfa2 Rxa6 Rxa6 Qc7 Qa3 Qc8 Rb6 Qd7 Qa5 Rc8 Ra6 Qg7 Ra7 Bc3 Qa6 Bd7 Qa2 Rf8 Qb3 b4, tb=0, R50=33, wv=-2.53, }
Rd8 { d=26, pd=Ra6, mt=00:00:42, tl=00:09:40, s=8584 kN/s, n=363888428, pv=Rd8 Ra6 Rdg8 Raa2 Rg4 Ra6 Rc8 Qa5 Rg7 Qb4 Rf8 Qe1 Qc8 Ra5 Rfg8 Qb4 Re8 Ra3 Qd7 Ra6 Qb7 Qa5 Bc8 Rb6 Qd7 Qb4, tb=0, R50=33, wv=-3.15, }
94. Ra6 { d=26, pd=Rb8, mt=00:00:30, tl=00:02:01, s=31491 kN/s, n=946281570, pv=Ra6 Rb8 Nh5 Rgg8 Nf4 Ra8 Rfa2 Rxa6 Rxa6 Qc7 Qd2 Rc8 Qf2 Qd7 Qa2 Qg7 Ra7 Qg8 Qf7 Qxf7 Rxf7 Bg6 Nxg6+ hxg6 Nd2 Kg8 Ra7, tb=0, R50=32, wv=-2.51, }
Rdg8 { d=26, pd=Raa2, mt=00:00:35, tl=00:09:35, s=9010 kN/s, n=317345734, pv=Rdg8 Raa2 Rg4 Ra6 Rc8 Qa5 Rg7 Qb4 Rf8 Qe1 Qc8 Ra5 Rfg8 Qb4 Re8 Ra3 Qd7 Ra6 Qc7 Nd2 Rg4 Nf1 Qb7 Qa5 Reg8 Ra7, tb=0, R50=32, wv=-3.15, }
95. Qa5 { d=24, pd=Rc8, mt=00:00:22, tl=00:02:09, s=30549 kN/s, n=695520265, pv=Qa5 Rc8 Qa3 Rg5 Ra7 Qe8 Qa5 Rb8 Qb4 Ra8 Rfa2 Rxa7 Rxa7 Rg7 Ra6 Qc8 Ra3 Qg8 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Qc4 Ra8+ Rg8 Qa3 b4 Rxg8+ Kxg8 Qa8+ Kf7 Qb7+ Kf8 Qa8+ Ke7 Qxc6 b3 Nd5+ Kd8, tb=0, R50=31, wv=-2.38, }
Qc8 { d=24, pd=Ra2, mt=00:00:29, tl=00:09:36, s=8456 kN/s, n=246949293, pv=Qc8 Ra2 Qe8 Rf2 Rf8 Qb4 Qd7 Qe1 Qc8 Ra5 Rfg8 Qb4 Re8 Ra3 Qd7 Ra6 Rgg8 Qa5 Re7 Qb6 Rc8 Qa5 Rg7 Qb4, tb=0, R50=31, wv=-3.15, }
96. Qb6 { d=24, pd=Rc7, mt=00:00:24, tl=00:02:14, s=29955 kN/s, n=736300256, pv=Qb6 Rc7 Qa5 Rf7 Qb6 Rf6 Qa5 Rff8 Ra7 Qe8 Ra6 Be6 Qb6 Bd7 Qa5 Qc8 Rb6 Be6 Qa6 Qxa6 Rxa6 Bd7 Nd2 Ra8 Rxa8 Rxa8 Nxe4 Ra1+ Rf1, tb=0, R50=30, wv=-2.27, }
Rc7 { d=25, pd=Qa5, mt=00:00:30, tl=00:09:35, s=7967 kN/s, n=241637570, pv=Rc7 Qa5 Rb7 Qb4 Re7 Rfa2 Qe8 Qb3 Rc7 Qb4 Rb7 Rf2 Rf7 Nd2 Rg4 Nf1 Rf8 Ra7 Rg5 Ra6 Qd7 Nd2 Re8 Ra2 Bf6, tb=1, R50=30, wv=-3.15, }
97. Qa5 { d=26, pd=Bg6, mt=00:00:35, tl=00:02:09, s=29875 kN/s, n=1056920583, pv=Qa5 Bg6 Rb6 Qd7 Ra6 Bf5 Nh5 Rb7 Nd2 Qc8 Nf1 Rf7 Qb6 Bg6 Nf4 Rc7 Qa5 Rcg7 Nd2 Bf5 Nf1 b4 Qa4 Rb7 Rb6 Rxb6 cxb6 Bc3, tb=0, R50=29, wv=-2.27, }
Rb7 { d=24, pd=Qb4, mt=00:01:14, tl=00:08:51, s=9419 kN/s, n=701604200, pv=Rb7 Qb4 Re7 Rfa2 Reg7 Ra7 Qe8 Rxg7 Rxg7 Rf2 Rg4 Ra2 Bf6 Ra7 Rg5 Qa3 Rg8 Nd2 Be5 Qa6 Bc3 Qa2 b4 Nb1 Rg7, tb=0, R50=29, wv=-3.10, }
98. Qb4 { d=26, pd=Rgg7, mt=00:00:35, tl=00:02:03, s=30106 kN/s, n=1058501957, pv=Qb4 Rgg7 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Rb8 Ra7 Qe8 Kh2 Rg7 Ra6 Qc8 Ra3 Rbb7 Kg1 Ra7 Rfa2 Rxa3 Rxa3 Qg8 Ra6 Rc7 Nd2 Rc8 Kf2 Qg4 Ra7 Re8, tb=0, R50=28, wv=-2.36, }
Rd7 { d=24, pd=Rfa2, mt=00:00:45, tl=00:08:35, s=9310 kN/s, n=426389436, pv=Rd7 Rfa2 Rdg7 Ra7 Qe8 Rxg7 Rxg7 Rf2 Rg4 Ra2 Bf6 Ra7 Rg8 Qb3 Rg7 Rxg7 Bxg7 Qa3 Bf6 Nd2 h6 Qb4 Qe5 g4 Qa1+ Kf2, tb=21, R50=28, wv=-3.10, }
99. Raa2 { d=23, pd=Rdg7, mt=00:00:28, tl=00:02:05, s=29845 kN/s, n=849735795, pv=Raa2 Rdg7 Ra3 Rg5 Ra7 R8g7 Rfa2 Rxa7 Rxa7 Qf8 Ra6 Qf6 Qb3 Rg8 Nh5 Qg5 Nf4 Rc8 Ra7 Rf8 Ra6 Qg8 Qd1, tb=0, R50=27, wv=-2.33, }
Rg4 { d=24, pd=Nd2, mt=00:00:30, tl=00:08:34, s=7953 kN/s, n=242837616, pv=Rg4 Nd2 Re7 Nh5 h6 Nf4 Qe8 Ra6 Reg7 Nf1 R4g5 Qa5 Kh7 Ra8 Qe7 Qb4 Rf7 Rfa2 Rgg7 R2a6 Qb7 Ra2 Rg8 Rxg8 Kxg8, tb=0, R50=27, wv=-3.04, }
100. Nd2 { d=25, pd=Re7, mt=00:00:35, tl=00:02:00, s=30524 kN/s, n=1068946428, pv=Nd2 Re7 Nf1 Reg7 Ra5 Rd7 Nh3 Rc7 Nf4 Rgg7 Rfa2 Qe8 Rf2 Rg5 Rfa2 Rd7 Ra8 Rd8 Rxd8 Qxd8 Ra6 Qc7 Qa3 Qd8 Rxc6 d2, tb=0, R50=26, wv=-2.23, }
Re7 { d=24, pd=Nh5, mt=00:00:27, tl=00:08:37, s=8717 kN/s, n=240960257, pv=Re7 Nh5 Qg8 Ra6 Rg5 Nf4 Qc8 Ra2 Bg7 Nb3 Qe8 Kh2 Be5 Kg1 Rd7 Nd2 Bg7 Nb3 Rf7 Nd4 Bd7 Ra7 Rxg3 Qd2 Bxd4 exd4, tb=0, R50=26, wv=-3.08, }
101. Ra3 { d=25, pd=Qe8, mt=00:00:34, tl=00:01:55, s=31320 kN/s, n=1090431300, pv=Ra3 Qe8 Nf1 Reg7 Raa2 Rd7 Kh2 Rd8 Ra7 Rg7 Ra6 Rg5 Ra7 Qg8 Re7 Re8 Rxe8 Qxe8 Nd2 Bg7 Rf1 Rg4 Qa5 Be5 Rd1, tb=0, R50=25, wv=-2.40, }
h6 { d=22, pd=Nf1, mt=00:00:33, tl=00:08:34, s=8493 kN/s, n=280532414, pv=h6 Nf1 Rgg7 Rfa2 Qg8 Ra8 Re8 Rxe8 Qxe8 Rf2 Rg5 Ra2 h5 Ra7 Rg7 Rxg7 Bxg7 Qa3 Be5 Nd2 Kh7 Qb4 Kh6 Nb3, tb=0, R50=25, wv=-3.08, }
102. Nf1 { d=23, pd=Kh7, mt=00:00:24, tl=00:02:00, s=29080 kN/s, n=723441198, pv=Nf1 Kh7 Nd2 Qh8 Nf1 Qg8 Qd2 Bd7 Qa5 Qc4 Qd8 Rgg7 Nh5 Qxc5 Ra6 Rgf7 Nf4 Be8 Qc8 Bc7 Qg4 Qg5 Qh3, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-2.41, }
Rg8 { d=23, pd=Nh5, mt=00:00:45, tl=00:08:18, s=8927 kN/s, n=407462576, pv=Rg8 Nh5 Qe6 Ra6 Kh7 Qa3 Rf7 Nf4 Qd7 Qa5 Qe8 Qa2 Rgf8 Qa5 Rg7 Qb4 Kh8 Qa5 Rgg8 Ra7 Rg5 Qb4 Rg7, tb=1, R50=50, wv=-3.10, }
103. Rfa2 { d=24, pd=Qe8, mt=00:00:25, tl=00:02:05, s=29600 kN/s, n=740059891, pv=Rfa2 Qe8 Ra6 Qf7 Qa3 Rc7 Rf2 Kh7 Qa5 Rg7 Qb6 Qd7 Nh5 Rg8 Qa5 Rb7 Qb4 Rg4 Nd2 Rg5 Nf4 Rxg3 Nxe4 Rxe3 Nd6, tb=0, R50=49, wv=-2.31, }
Reg7 { d=23, pd=Nh5, mt=00:00:44, tl=00:08:03, s=8963 kN/s, n=401243300, pv=Reg7 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Qd8 Ra7 R5g7 Rxg7 Rxg7 Ra6 Qe8 Qa3 Kh7 Qa5 Bf6 Qb4 Qc8 Ra3 Re7 Nd2 Qe8 Qb3 Rf7, tb=0, R50=49, wv=-3.03, }
104. Ra6 { d=24, pd=Qe8, mt=00:00:26, tl=00:02:09, s=29245 kN/s, n=765468833, pv=Ra6 Qe8 Rf2 Qd7 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Kh7 Rfa2 R5g7 Rd2 Rf7 Rf2 Qc8 Ra3 Rfg7 Kh2 Qe8 Kh1 Qd7 Kg1 Kh8 Ra6 Rf7, tb=0, R50=48, wv=-2.25, }
Qd7 { d=24, pd=Nh5, mt=00:00:40, tl=00:07:53, s=8390 kN/s, n=337327079, pv=Qd7 Nh5 Re7 Rf2 Rg5 Nf4 Kh7 Qa3 Rg8 Qa5 Reg7 Qb6 Rc8 Nh5 Rf7 Nd2 Kh8 Qa5 Rb8 Nf4 Rg8 Qb6 Rxg3 Nf1 Bxf4 Ra8+ Rg8 Rxg8+ Kxg8 Rxf4, tb=11, R50=48, wv=-3.06, }
105. Nh5 { d=26, pd=Rf7, mt=00:00:35, tl=00:02:04, s=29886 kN/s, n=1051689742, pv=Nh5 Rf7 Nf4 Kh7 Kh2 Qe8 Kg1 Re7 Rf2 Qc8 Ra5 Rf7 Ra3 Qe8 Ra6 Qd7 Qa5 Qc8 Qa2 Rff8 Qa3 Rg7 Ra5 Rg5 Qb4 Qd7 Ra6, tb=0, R50=47, wv=-2.27, }
Re7 { d=23, pd=Rf2, mt=00:00:27, tl=00:07:55, s=8971 kN/s, n=249510520, pv=Re7 Rf2 Kh7 Qa5 Rg5 Nf4 Qc7 Qb4 Qc8 Ra3 Qd7 Ra8 Re8 Ra6 Rg7 Nd2 Kh8 Rf1 Rg4 Nh5 Reg8 Rxc6 Qxc6 Rxf5 R4g5, tb=4, R50=47, wv=-3.07, }
106. Nf4 { d=26, pd=Kh7, mt=00:00:33, tl=00:02:00, s=30082 kN/s, n=1011129778, pv=Nf4 Kh7 Rf2 Rf7 Rfa2 Rfg7 Rf2 Rf8 Nh5 Rgg8 Qa5 Qe8 Nf4 Rg7 Qb4 Qc8 Rfa2 Rfg8 Qe1 Qe8 Rf2 Rf7 Qb4 Qc8 Rfa2 Re7 Qb3, tb=0, R50=46, wv=-2.27, }
Kh7 { d=22, pd=R6a5, mt=00:00:34, tl=00:07:51, s=8754 kN/s, n=305589106, pv=Kh7 R6a5 Qe8 Rf2 Rf7 Ra6 Qc8 Raa2 Qd7 Ra6 Qe8 Rfa2 Re7 Rf2 Qd7 Qa5 Reg7 Qb6 Rc8 Nh5 Rf7 Qa5, tb=0, R50=46, wv=-3.07, }
107. Kh2 { d=23, pd=Qc8, mt=00:00:30, tl=00:02:00, s=29745 kN/s, n=897560678, pv=Kh2 Qc8 Kg1 Rc7 R6a5 Qd7 Rf2 Rg4 Qb3 Rg5 Ra8 Qf7 Qa3 Rg7 Qb4 Qc4 Qxc4 bxc4 Nxd3 exd3 Rxf5 Rg5 Rxg5 hxg5, tb=0, R50=45, wv=-2.42, }
Qe8 { d=25, pd=Kg1, mt=00:00:43, tl=00:07:37, s=8455 kN/s, n=371262366, pv=Qe8 Kg1 Qf7 Qa3 Rc7 Rf2 Kh8 Qb4 Qh7 Qa5 Qd7 Qb4 Qc8 Rfa2 Rcg7 Nh5 Re7 Nf4 Qc7 Ra8 Rg7 Nh5 Rxa8 Rxa8+ Rg8, tb=13, R50=45, wv=-3.06, }
108. Rf2 { d=26, pd=Qc8, mt=00:00:32, tl=00:01:57, s=30414 kN/s, n=1002824528, pv=Rf2 Qc8 Rfa2 Reg7 Kh1 Rc7 Kg1 Qd7 Rf2 Rg4 Qb3 Rg5 Ra8 Qf7 Qa3 Rg7 Qb4 Qc4 Qxc4 bxc4 Nxd3 exd3 Rxf5 Rg5 Rxg5 hxg5, tb=0, R50=44, wv=-2.42, }
Reg7 { d=24, pd=Kg1, mt=00:00:51, tl=00:07:15, s=8735 kN/s, n=449600902, pv=Reg7 Kg1 Qc8 Qa5 Rb7 Qb4 Rf7 Rfa2 Qd7 Qd2 Re7 Qb4 Qe8 Rf2 Rf7 Qb3 Rgg7 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Rc7 Qb4 Rcg7 Qb3, tb=0, R50=44, wv=-3.05, }
109. Kg1 { d=25, pd=Qc8, mt=00:00:34, tl=00:01:52, s=29728 kN/s, n=1031771807, pv=Kg1 Qc8 Ra5 Qd7 Ra6 Rc8 Kh2 Rgg8 Qa5 Rc7 Kg1 Qc8 Kh2 b4 Nd2 Rcg7 Kg1 Rxg3 Ra7+ Kh8 Nc4 Bxf4 exf4 Qe6 Ne5 R3g7, tb=0, R50=43, wv=-2.39, }
Qc8 { d=23, pd=Qa5, mt=00:00:44, tl=00:07:01, s=9273 kN/s, n=410193607, pv=Qc8 Qa5 Rb7 Qb4 Rf7 Rfa2 Qd7 Qd2 Re7 Qb4 Qe8 Rf2 Qc8 Ra5 Qd7 Rfa2 Qe8 Rf2 Rf7 Ra6 Qd7 Nd2 Rxg3 Nxe4 Rxe3 Nd6, tb=0, R50=43, wv=-3.05, }
110. Ra5 { d=23, pd=Re7, mt=00:00:28, tl=00:01:54, s=29388 kN/s, n=829360195, pv=Ra5 Re7 Qa3 Rc7 Qb4 Rgg7 Qa3 Rg5 Ra8 b4 Qa4 Qb7 g4 Bxg4 Nd2 Bf5 Rf8 Qb5 Qa8 Bg7 Re8 Qxc5 Qd8 Qc1+ Rf1, tb=0, R50=42, wv=-2.53, }
Kh8 { d=23, pd=Nh5, mt=00:00:57, tl=00:06:34, s=8784 kN/s, n=502919653, pv=Kh8 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Qd7 Ra6 R5g7 Qa5 Rb8 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Qc8 Qa2 Bc3 Ra7 b4 Qa4 b3 Qc4 Be5 Nd2 b2 Rf1 Rxg3, tb=0, R50=42, wv=-3.03, }
111. Ra3 { d=24, pd=Qd7, mt=00:00:34, tl=00:01:50, s=29536 kN/s, n=1021870865, pv=Ra3 Qd7 Ra6 Rd8 Qa3 Rc8 Qb4 Kh7 Ra5 Rb8 Ra6 Rgg8 Qa5 b4 Ra7 Rb7 Rxb7 Qxb7 Nxd3 exd3 Rxf5 Bxg3 Nxg3 Rxg3, tb=0, R50=41, wv=-2.40, }
Qd7 { d=24, pd=Ra6, mt=00:00:41, tl=00:06:22, s=8910 kN/s, n=369349225, pv=Qd7 Ra6 Rf8 Qd2 Rd8 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Rb8 Qb4 Rg7 Nh5 Rg4 Nf4 Rc8 Rfa2 Rg7 Nh5 Rgg8 Nf4 Qh7 R2a3 Qg7, tb=0, R50=41, wv=-3.06, }
112. Ra6 { d=24, pd=Rc8, mt=00:00:34, tl=00:01:45, s=30028 kN/s, n=1033248883, pv=Ra6 Rc8 Qa5 Qf7 Kh2 Rc7 Kg1 Kh7 Qd2 Rg5 Nh3 Rg8 Nf4 Qg7 Ra3 Qd7 Qb4 Rcc8 Rfa2 Qf7 Rf2 Rg5 Qe1 Qe7, tb=0, R50=40, wv=-2.47, }
Rf8 { d=23, pd=Qa5, mt=00:00:42, tl=00:06:10, s=9081 kN/s, n=383263622, pv=Rf8 Qa5 Rb8 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Qe8 Qb4 Rc8 Ra7 Rc7 Rfa2 Rgg7 Rxc7 Bxc7 Ra3 Be5 Ra6 Qc8 Qa5 Rg8 Nd2 Qd7 Ra7, tb=17, R50=40, wv=-3.03, }
113. Kh2 { d=24, pd=Rgg8, mt=00:00:34, tl=00:01:41, s=30061 kN/s, n=1029217442, pv=Kh2 Rgg8 Qa5 Rc8 Kg1 Rg5 Rb6 Qe8 Ra6 Qg8 Ra7 Qc4 Qb6 b4 Kh2 Bc3 Nd2 Bxd2 Rxd2 Qc3 Raa2 b3 Rab2 Qg7 Rxb3 Rxg3, tb=0, R50=39, wv=-2.44, }
Qc8 { d=22, pd=Rfa2, mt=00:00:50, tl=00:05:49, s=8494 kN/s, n=430708771, pv=Qc8 Rfa2 Qe8 Kg1 Qf7 Qa5 Rc8 Rf2 Kh7 Qb4 Qd7 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Rf8 Rfa2 Rg7 g4 Rxg4 Ra7 Bc7 Nd2 Rg3 Nxe4 Rxe3, tb=8, R50=39, wv=-3.04, }
114. Rfa2 { d=24, pd=Qe8, mt=00:00:34, tl=00:01:37, s=29741 kN/s, n=1013135085, pv=Rfa2 Qe8 Rf2 Qd7 Nd2 Re8 Nf1 Rc8 Nd2 Rg5 Ra2 Re8 Kg1 Rg4 Nf1 Rgg8 Ra6 Ra8 Rfa2 Rxa6 Rxa6 Kh7 Qa5 Rg7, tb=0, R50=38, wv=-2.44, }
Qc7 { d=24, pd=Kg1, mt=00:00:40, tl=00:05:39, s=8676 kN/s, n=347483191, pv=Qc7 Kg1 Qf7 Qa5 Rc8 Rf2 Kh7 Qb4 Qd7 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Rgg8 Rfa2 Qg7 Qb3 Qe7 Qb4 Kh8 Ra7 Rc7 R7a6 Kh7, tb=1, R50=38, wv=-3.04, }
115. Rf2 { d=22, pd=Rg5, mt=00:00:33, tl=00:01:33, s=29483 kN/s, n=999318817, pv=Rf2 Rg5 Nd2 Re8 Qa3 Rg7 Nf1 Rb8 Qb4 Qb7 Ra3 Qf7 Ra5 Re8 Kg1 Qc4 Nxd3 exd3 Qxc4 bxc4 Rxf5 c3, tb=0, R50=37, wv=-2.40, }
Qd7 { d=23, pd=Kg1, mt=00:00:39, tl=00:05:29, s=9144 kN/s, n=363363115, pv=Qd7 Kg1 Rfg8 Qa5 Rb8 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Qe8 Qb4 Rc8 Ra7 Rc7 Rfa2 Rgg7 Ra8 Rc8 R8a6 Rb8 Ra7 Rxa7 Rxa7 Qg8, tb=0, R50=37, wv=-3.03, }
116. Qa5 { d=24, pd=Rb8, mt=00:00:33, tl=00:01:29, s=29958 kN/s, n=1011161498, pv=Qa5 Rb8 Kg1 Kh7 Kh2 Rb7 Qb4 Rc7 Kg1 Qc8 Ra5 Rg4 Qa3 Rg5 Ra8 Qd7 Qa5 Qe7 g4 Rxg4 Nd5 cxd5 Rxf5 b4, tb=0, R50=36, wv=-2.43, }
Rfg8 { d=22, pd=Qb6, mt=00:00:24, tl=00:05:35, s=8471 kN/s, n=203447415, pv=Rfg8 Qb6 Rc8 Qa5 Re8 Qb4 Qb7 Rb6 Qc7 Ra6 Reg8 Kg1 Qd7 Nh5 Rf7 Nd2 Qc8 Ra2 Re7 Nf4 Rg4 Ra5 Rxg3, tb=0, R50=36, wv=-3.05, }
117. Kg1 { d=24, pd=Rc8, mt=00:00:28, tl=00:01:31, s=30216 kN/s, n=870215773, pv=Kg1 Rc8 Kh2 Rb8 Qa3 Rg5 Nd2 Qc8 Qa2 Rg8 Nf1 Rb7 Qa5 Qd7 Qb4 Rbb8 Rfa2 Qf7 Kg1 Kh7 Rf2 Qd7 Rfa2 Rbf8 Ra7, tb=0, R50=35, wv=-2.43, }
Rb8 { d=23, pd=Nh5, mt=00:01:39, tl=00:04:26, s=9282 kN/s, n=919246912, pv=Rb8 Nh5 Rf7 Nf4 Kh7 Qb4 Rg8 Rfa2 Kh8 Ra8 Rg7 R2a3 Kh7 R8a6 Qe8 Ra7 Kh8 R3a6 Rxa7 Rxa7 Qf8 Nd2 Rg7 Rxg7 Qxg7, tb=0, R50=35, wv=-3.04, }
118. Qb4 { d=24, pd=Rc8, mt=00:00:33, tl=00:01:27, s=29817 kN/s, n=1003146405, pv=Qb4 Rc8 Qa5 Qf7 Qd2 Kh7 Qa5 Rc7 Qd2 Rg8 Qa5 Rg5 Nh3 Rg7 Ra8 Qd7 Qb4 Bxg3 Nxg3 Rxg3 Nf4 Rxe3 Nh5 Qf7 Qd2, tb=0, R50=34, wv=-2.51, }
Re8 { d=23, pd=Rfa2, mt=00:00:34, tl=00:04:22, s=8699 kN/s, n=298513762, pv=Re8 Rfa2 Qf7 Rf2 Qc7 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Qd7 Rd2 Reg8 Rda2 Qe8 Ra7 R5g7 R2a6 Rxa7 Rxa7 Qf8 Qa3 Rg7 Rxg7 Kxg7 Nd2 Kh8, tb=0, R50=34, wv=-3.03, }
119. Qa5 { d=25, pd=Rc8, mt=00:00:33, tl=00:01:23, s=30425 kN/s, n=1019331131, pv=Qa5 Rc8 Qa3 Rg5 Ra2 Qf7 Rf2 Kh7 Nh3 Rgg8 Nf4 Rg7 Qa5 Kh8 Qa3 Qd7 Qb4 Rg5 Qa3 Rb8 Ra2 b4 Qb3 Rgg8 Ra7, tb=0, R50=33, wv=-2.47, }
Rc8 { d=24, pd=Nh5, mt=00:00:37, tl=00:04:15, s=8454 kN/s, n=315442215, pv=Rc8 Nh5 Rf7 Nf4 Kh7 Kh2 Qe7 Qb4 Bb8 Nd2 Rg7 Qd4 Rg5 Kg1 Be5 Qb4 Rg4 Rb6 Kh8 Nb3 Qg7 Nd4 Bxd4 Qxd4, tb=0, R50=33, wv=-2.93, }
120. Qb4 { d=23, pd=Kh7, mt=00:00:22, tl=00:01:31, s=30624 kN/s, n=691044271, pv=Qb4 Kh7 Kh2 Rgg8 Qa5 Kh8 Kg1 Rg5 Ra7 Rc7 Ra6 Kh7 Qb6 Rg7 Nh5 Rg4 Nf4 Rg5 Kh2 Bc3 Nd2 Qc8 Ra7 Rxa7 Qxa7+ Qd7, tb=0, R50=32, wv=-2.50, }
Rb8 { d=24, pd=Nh5, mt=00:00:35, tl=00:04:09, s=8425 kN/s, n=299760258, pv=Rb8 Nh5 Rg5 Nf4 Rf8 Rfa2 Rg7 Ra8 Rfg8 R2a6 Kh7 Rxg8 Rxg8 Qa5 Rg7 Nh5 Rf7 Nf4 Qe8 Ra8 Bc3 Qa2 Qe7 Nd2 Bxd2 Qxd2 Qxc5, tb=0, R50=32, wv=-3.01, }
121. Nd2 { d=23, pd=Rd8, mt=00:00:22, tl=00:01:38, s=30130 kN/s, n=680836098, pv=Nd2 Rd8 Kh2 Rg5 Qa5 Rdg8 Ra7 Qe8 Nf1 R5g7 Ra6 Rc7 Kg1 Qd7 Qa3 Kh7 Kh2 Rb7 Qb4 Rbb8 Rfa2 Qf7 Rd2, tb=0, R50=31, wv=-2.47, }
Re8 { d=22, pd=Nf1, mt=00:00:24, tl=00:04:15, s=8592 kN/s, n=207164908, pv=Re8 Nf1 Rc8 Rfa2 Qe7 Rf2 Qg5 Qb3 Re7 Qa3 Qg4 Qa5 Rec7 Ra7 Kh7 Ra6 Rf7 Qb4 Rg7 Qa3 Qg5 Qa5, tb=4, R50=31, wv=-3.03, }
122. Nf1 { d=25, pd=Rc8, mt=00:00:33, tl=00:01:34, s=30944 kN/s, n=1050751479, pv=Nf1 Rc8 Kh2 Rgg8 Qa3 Rg5 Qa5 Qe7 Qa3 Qf7 Ra8 Rgg8 Ra6 Kh7 Kg1 Rc7 Kh2 Rg7 Qb4 Rg4 Kg1 Rg5 Nd2 Rxg3 Nxe4 Rxe3 Nd6, tb=0, R50=30, wv=-2.53, }
Rc8 { d=25, pd=Rfa2, mt=00:00:37, tl=00:04:08, s=8797 kN/s, n=326042822, pv=Rc8 Rfa2 Qe7 Rf2 Qg5 Qa3 Qg4 Qb3 Re7 Qb4 Qg5 Rfa2 Qg8 Rf2 Qg4 Rfa2 Rec7 Ra8 Qg7 R8a3 Rd7 Rf2 Qg5 Ra6, tb=0, R50=30, wv=-3.03, }
123. Kh1 { d=25, pd=Rgg8, mt=00:00:33, tl=00:01:31, s=31002 kN/s, n=1047896928, pv=Kh1 Rgg8 Qa5 Rg5 Kg1 Rc7 Kh2 Kh7 Kg1 Qe7 Qb4 Qg7 Ra3 Rd7 Qa5 Qf7 Qa8 Rc7 Qb8 Qd7 Rfa2 Rg8 Qb6 Qe7 Ra7, tb=0, R50=29, wv=-2.52, }
Kh7 { d=22, pd=Kg1, mt=00:01:19, tl=00:03:19, s=9305 kN/s, n=735296704, pv=Kh7 Kg1 Rf8 Rfa2 Kh8 Rf2 Qe8 Qa5 Rfg8 Qb6 Bd7 Qa5 Rg5 Qb4 Bf5 Ra7 R8g7 Rxg7 Kxg7 Nd2 Bf6 Nb3 Rxg3 Nd4, tb=4, R50=29, wv=-3.03, }
124. Kh2 { d=25, pd=Rg5, mt=00:00:28, tl=00:01:32, s=30846 kN/s, n=872916442, pv=Kh2 Rg5 Nd2 Kh8 Qa3 Rgg8 Nf1 Kh7 Kg1 Rg5 Ra7 Rc7 Ra8 Qg7 Qa5 Bc3 Qb6 Qd7 Nd2 Rg8 Rxg8 Kxg8 Nh5 Rb7 Qa6, tb=0, R50=28, wv=-2.47, }
Rcg8 { d=23, pd=Kg1, mt=00:00:35, tl=00:03:14, s=8774 kN/s, n=309711099, pv=Rcg8 Kg1 Rf7 Rfa2 Kh8 Ra8 Rg7 R8a6 Qe8 Ra7 Qf8 R7a6 Qf7 Rf2 Qb7 Qa5 Qc8 Qb6 Rc7 Rfa2 Qe8 R6a5, tb=0, R50=28, wv=-3.04, }
125. Qa5 { d=25, pd=Re8, mt=00:00:31, tl=00:01:31, s=29926 kN/s, n=933841673, pv=Qa5 Re8 Nh5 Rf7 Kg1 Rb8 Qb4 Rg8 Nf4 Rfg7 Rfa2 Qf7 Rf2 Qc4 Qxc4 bxc4 Nxd3 exd3 Rxf5 Bxg3 Rxc6 Be1 g3 d2 Rd6 Bxg3 Nxg3 Rxg3+ Kf2 Rg2+ Kf3, tb=0, R50=27, wv=-2.41, }
Qe8 { d=22, pd=Kg1, mt=00:00:36, tl=00:03:08, s=8611 kN/s, n=311495676, pv=Qe8 Kg1 Kh8 Qb6 Bd7 Qa5 Rg5 Qb4 Bf5 Qa5 Kh7 Ra7+ R8g7 Ra8 Qe7 Qb4 Rg8 Ra6 Qd7 Rfa2 Qe8 Ra7+ Kh8 R2a5, tb=1, R50=27, wv=-3.02, }


- By Kajordzak (**) Date 2015-08-24 10:33 Edited 2015-08-24 10:43
After 3 rounds:

1 Gaviota 1        - 2.5p.
2 Komodo 9.1     - 2.5p.
3 Arasan 18       - 2.5p.

Last game  Fire 5b vs Gaviota 1 with first at TCEC 8 termination "White's connection stalls"

fen end position, with advance Fire:
7R/kp1P4/4K3/1Bn1P3/8/8/P7/1r6 w - - 1 68
- - By 101 (*) Date 2015-10-11 19:34
Stockfish's time issue: What to do
Note: This case has now been resolved, in a manner I think is a good compromise. SF will be reverted to the version from stage 2, after game 15. About 15 hours ago, I wrote this post, which I was going to post in the TCEC forum. However, since I was a new user, my post had to be pre-moderated, and it seems it is still not going through. I could not publish it here either before after two hours, so I had to wait. Instead, I published it here, far from an ideal place. Now, when I choose to publish it here as well, it is because I know that there are far more TCEC regulars reading in this forum than on, where the thread also gets drowned by others very quickly. I believe that my post provides further legitimization of the TCEC team's decision.

In this thread, I invite all those who like to share their view in the chat, to express their opinions in a more permanent medium. Feel free to recycle your best arguments from the chat into this thread.

Not long after the first loss on time, I became convinced that the only correct interpretation of the rules was that no Stockfish patch or version reversion could be allowed. Now, I am not that sure. The section says

Critical Engine Bugs
In the case of a serious, play-limiting bug (like crashing or interface communication problems) not discovered during the pre-Season testing, the engine can be updated once per Stage to fix this/these bug/bugs only. If this update still doesn't fix the problem(s) or if there is no update available, the engine might have the number of cores reduced, have the hash size reduced or have the tablebase access disabled - these changes will remain for the rest of the Stage.

I just noted that "crashing or interface communication problems" are merely examples in the wording, they are no definition, and thus play-limiting bugs are not limited to those and could, viewed in isolation, include a bug leading to a time loss, at least when this almost surely has happened due to the latest version update. The other time losses in stage 2 and 1 are not of the same kind, as far as I know: The engines with these losses have had these issues previously, and there were no replacement ready as in SF's case (i.e. the version in stage 2), unless possibly some much older, weaker, version.

This said, I still find it a bit unfair and far from satisfying to allow a correcting patch for Stockfish. After all, it was a gamble, as Martin rightly pointed out in is video, to allow a not very much tested SF version with the Lazy SMP algorithm participate. Somehow, it would be right for Stockfish to learn the lesson that the version participating in TCEC should be much more thoroughly tested. Still, it might be enough of a punishment to let the current results stand, while allowing just a correcting patch or even the version from stage 2. For entertainment purposes, the former alternative seems best, and is certainly my preference.

One note of a more principal legal-philosophical character: A set of rules, like the rules of a game, a tournament, or those governing a country in a constitution, often fail to take into account every scenario that will occur. This is only natural, and a result of human imperfection. In this case, one could argue that Martin's interpretation of the above-quoted section of the rules in previous stages has set a precedent for this scenario, notwithstanding the distinctive characteristics of this particular case. The element of this scenario which TCEC's rules fail to take into account, is, though, that a continued stage 3 would be a huge threat to TCEC itself. Stage 3 would become very arbitrary, and I believe that both spectators and engine authors would agree that a continuation for the sake of the letter of the rules would defeat TCEC's main purpose: entertainment. Such a threat could warrant the use of what in constitutional law is known as constitutional necessity: In a situation of an emergency, branches of government might sidestep the constitution in doing an action, including the action of amending the constitution. To give an example Martin will be familiar with: In 1814, when Norway had got its own constitution, but before it entered the personal union with Sweden the same year, it saw the need to have a constiutional amendment, for instance allowing a Swedish king. In order to do this by the written procedure of the constitution, there would have to be an election beforehand, which there was no time for and would in any case have been unconstiutional itself. Therefore, the only solution was to sidestep the constitution and allow the parliament to amend it without a prior election - since any other alternative would clearly have defeated the purpose of the constitution itself, the independence of the Norwegian people.

Being a constitutionalist myself, the use of this measure is not something I take lightly, but I acknowledge that it is necessary in extreme situations. In TCEC's case, I think there is a strong argument at least for some action to be taken, even if it would imply side-stepping the rules.
Parent - By Venator (Silver) [nl] Date 2015-10-11 19:44
This was a tough decision, I'd say a 50-50 one. Both a DQ of Stockfish and a downgrade to the stage 2 version can be defended, though. For the interest of the tournament I think the decision to choose the latter is quite OK. Although I can understand that people have difficulties understanding/accepting this.
Parent - By RFK (Gold) Date 2015-10-11 20:56
I think it was very generous of the participants

With the vote complete and the facts in hand, the situation is resolved as follows:

1. Stockfish will be allowed to revert to the version that played in Stage 2 (070915)
2. For fairness and balance, the revert process will only be complete after Stockfish has played each opponent exactly once i.e. after game 15
3. All results so far will be kept and no games will be replayed
4. In the case of Stockfish qualifying for the Superfinal, it will be allowed to play only with versions taken from the master branch – the latest binaries from the site
- By 101 (*) Date 2015-11-05 20:24
The S8 puzzle
Here is the S8 puzzle which Martin Thoresen creatively presented to us in the transition phase between stage 3 and the superfinal. The objective is simple: Construct a legal proof game, as short as possible, where all the pieces in the ending position are on the squares a2, b2, c2, c3, c4, b4, a4, a5, a6, b6, c6, f2, e3, g3, f4, e5, g5, and f6, forming the shape "S8". Just one additional criterion: The square f2 must be held by white's king and f6 by black's king.

Here are the shortest solutions found (both 33 plies). I give Thanar's and my solution. My proof-game convention: "!?" means tempo loss, i.e. the move makes the solution one ply longer than the idealized 30 ply solution, where 14 plies are needed for captures, and 16 plies are needed for moving all the pieces except a2, b2, and c2. "!" means tempo gain, i.e. the move saves a tempo compared to the idealized 30 ply solution. Thank you, Thanar, for this idea revealed in your solution, which I completely missed!

1.h4!? e5 2.Nc3 Qxh4 3.a4!? Qxf2+ 4.Kxf2! a5 5.Rxh7 g5 6.Rxf7 Ra6 7.Nh3!? Rxh3 8.d3!? Rxd3 9.Bf4 Rxd1 10.Rxd7 Rxa1 11.Rxc7 Nc6 12.e3 Bb4 13.Rxc8+ Ke7 14.Rxg8 b6 15.Bc4 Ra2 16.g3 Kf6 17.Rxg5

The reason why Kxf2! (and at potential Kxf7) save a tempo is that the moves are both necessary to reach the destination squares (which can only be held by kings) and they perform a capture. The reason it doesn't work for other pieces than kings is that the kings cannot be captured (if that were possible, it would be advantageous to do so, leaving f2 at its destination square from the start and needing just the usual tempo to reach f6): A combined capture and destination-reaching move only saves a tempo which the piece captured at the destination square is not permitted to be there in the final position, since else one could accomplish the same thing in one ply by capturing the king.

1. e3 e5 2. Nc3 Qh4!? 3. Bc4 Qxh2 4. Rxh2 Bb4 5. Rxh7 g5 6. Rxf7 Rh2!? 7. g3 a5 8.
f4 Rxd2 9. Rxd7 Rxd1+ 10. Kf2 Rxc1 11. a4!? b6 12. Rxc7 Rxg1 13. Rxc8+ Ke7 14.
Rxg8 Nc6 15. Rxa8 Kf6 16. Ra2 Rxg3 17. Ra6

Both solutions were allegedly based on my 34 ply solution, although Thanar's differs significantly from it:

1. a4!? e5 2. Nc3 Qh4!? 3. Ra2 Qxh2 4. f4 Qxg1 5. Rxh7 Qb6 6. Rxg7 Rh2!? 7. e3 Bb4 8.
Rxf7 a5 9. g3 Rxd2 10. Rxd7 Rxd1+ 11. Kf2 c6 12. Rxb7 Rxc1 13. Rxb8 Ke7 14.
Rxc8 Kf7!? 15. Rxg8 Ra6 16. Rg5 Kf6 17. Bc4 Rxc2+

This 35-ply solution is aesthetical, in that the final position has a nice division between white's and black's territory.

1. a4!? a5 2. f4 e5 3. e3 Qh4+!? 4. g3 Ke7 5. Qh5!? f5!? 6. Qxf5 Qxh2 7. Qxh7 Qxg1 8.
Qxh8 Qxh1 9. Kf2 Ra6 10. Bxa6 b6 11. Qxg8 Kf6 12. Bc4!? Bb4 13. Qxc8 Qxc1 14.
Qxd7 Qxd2+ 15. Qxd2 g5 16. Qxb4 Na6 17. Nc3 c6 18. Ra2

Sorry to Garrett and Martin Thoresen for my failure to save their solutions for posterity, but you are free to post them here. I am sure they contain important ideas.

Theoretical note:
Until I saw Thanar's solution, I was fairly convinced that it was impossible to solve the puzzle in less than 31 plies. The reason is that it is easy to convince oneself that you need at least one tempo loss in order to "activize" the pieces. The only potential way to avoid this is the idea represented by the variation 1. e3 a6 2.Bxa6, but in order to make any progress, you need the tempo loss of Bxb7!?.

I haven't looked closely at the puzzle to see the implications of the tempo-saving Kxf2 and Kxf7 moves, but at least we can establish that 29 plies is a lower bound. I have found one main idea which avoids the 6...Rh2!? tempo loss in my 33 ply solution, which involves opening the g- and h-file for black's rook while capturing and letting the rook into white's camp with a capture. It seems very difficult to combine this with the two main ideas I have found possible to use in order to avoid the a4!? tempo loss, i.e. using only one tempo to land on a4 while keeping the pawn on a2 on that destination square. The first idea is to land on a4 with white's queen via d7, reaching that square either from d2, (g4), or some capture square in the black camp. The other is to have white's rook reach a4 from a7. I might well have overlooked alternative ideas, but in any case, it might be impossible to combine the move sequences needed in order to avoid both tempo losses. Again, I haven't looked at it in conjunction with Kxf2/Kxf7 yet, but if we assume that one should save one or two tempi on this, it seems unlikely that you can also implement the two other ideas required.

I will write an update if I find discover more about (probable) lower bounds, or indeed find a shorter solution than 33 plies. I now very much believe this is possible, but the question is how many additional plies you can save: 1, 2, 3, or 4.
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32 ply solution of the S8 puzzle
1. a4!? e5 2. Ra2 Qh4!? 3. e3 Qxh2 4. f4 Qxg1 5. Rxh7 Qxg2 6. Rxg7 Qxd2+ 7. Bxd2 a5
8. Bxa5 Rxa5 9. Rxf7 Kxf7! 10. Qxd7+ Kf6 11. Nc3 c6 12. Qxc8 Bb4 13. Qxg8 b6 14.
Qg3 Na6 15. Kf2 Rg8!? 16. Bc4 Rg5

Two additional ideas were utilized compared to my 33 ply solution, the Kxf7! tempo saver and the opening of the g- and h-files. The tempo loss in the end with 15...Rg8!? might be possible to avoid with an adjustment of the position. So far I have not found a way, though.
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31 ply solution of the S8 puzzle
It turns out that a very minor modification of the 32 ply solution was after all sufficient.

1. a4!? c6 2. Ra2 Qb6!? 3. f4 Qxg1 4. e3 Qxh2 5. g3 Qxd2+ 6. Bxd2 a5 7. Rxh7 e5 8.
Bxa5 Rxa5 9. Rxg7 Bb4+ 10. Nc3 b6 11. Rxf7 Kxf7! 12. Qxd7+ Kf6 13. Qxc8 Na6 14.
Qxg8 Rxg8 15. Kf2 Rg5 16. Bc4
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After looking closely at it, I have convinced myself that 31 plies is the absolute minimum. I have a pretty detailed material which forms some sort of proof sketch for this, but I will not publish anything before everything is double-checked and the proof is typed out.

I have not looked much at to what extent variations of or alternatives to the 31 ply solution given exist, other than noting a few obvious transposition possibilities.
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