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- - By Sedat Canbaz (*****) [tr] Date 2008-05-04 20:18
Hello :)

1) New Opening Database - TOP 200 positions:

2) SCCT II Opening Book Tournament:

3) SCCT Rating List - TOP 20:

Best Regards,
Sedat Canbaz
Parent - - By Debaser (***) Date 2008-05-05 09:27
Thanks Sedat ;)

I see you have improved Perfect13 to 13a, the one that can be downloadad is still 13?

And contratulations, as in the last readme A. Cozzie recommended your book for Zappa, will you test 13a with Zappa too?

4. Opening Book

I have also gotten some questions about an opening book for Zappa.
My current recommendation is Sedat Canbaz's confidently named
Perfect.ctg for Chessbase GUIs, free from

Parent - By Sedat Canbaz (*****) [tr] Date 2008-05-05 20:54

Thank you for kind words...

Currently its available only Perfect 13 book to public.
The Perfect 13a is a new one and its planning to be a private book.

Yes...yestarday i started to test Zappa with Perfect 13a against Rybka with different books
and in a few days i hope to post the results.

Parent - By Master Om (Bronze) [in] Date 2008-05-05 17:24
Is Perfect 13a Downloadable?
Parent - - By Italian81 (****) [us] Date 2008-05-05 23:44
I would like to test my very first opening book against your perfect 13a.

I went from averaging low 2500 on Playchess to high 2600 low 2700s

My book is called "Sicilian" and is about 62-65 MB made from games played on playchess, and some of my own built in from the database I created.

My book is unfinished as well but I stomp perfect 13 with it :P

I just want to test how strong my book is :)
Parent - - By Sedat Canbaz (*****) [tr] Date 2008-05-05 23:55
Nowdays Perfect 13a.ctg is under beta testing and when it will be ready
you will have chance to play against Perfect 13a book,for example on playchess server.

Parent - - By Italian81 (****) [us] Date 2008-05-05 23:58
I used to use perfect 13 before I made my own book, and I found it to be an AMAZING book....How do I test my own book to find out its exact elo strength like you do?  Thanks!!
Parent - - By Sedat Canbaz (*****) [tr] Date 2008-05-06 00:17
Its very simple...

For each participant is setuped separately folder of engine (with different engine book name)

Note:Before to start the book engine test,you must be very carefull when you are choosing the right books for the participants.

Parent - - By Italian81 (****) [us] Date 2008-05-07 23:31
I am sorry but I dont quite understand :(

How do I test my opening book against other opening books....while using engine vs engine match using the same engine?

Say in Fritz 10 GUI

Thanks :)
Parent - - By Sedat Canbaz (*****) [tr] Date 2008-05-08 00:40
Here is my configuration:

For example:
1) Go to   C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\ChessBase\Engines.UCI
2) Rename from ''Rybka 2.3.2 mp''  to  ''Rybka Perfect 13''
3) Open FritzGUI,start creating uci enngine
4) Rename from ''Rybka 2.3.2 mp''  to ''Rybka RybkaII''

Note:I recommend for each participant to use different engine.exe

Good luck,
Parent - - By Italian81 (****) [us] Date 2008-05-08 21:46
thanks, looks a little confusing....could you test my book for me :P  I just am a little curious as to what its elo is....My book is called Sicilian2   

Sicilian3 will be out in 4 more days
Parent - - By Italian81 (****) [us] Date 2008-05-09 00:13
I think I understand you, I will try tonight :)

But how do you measure the elo?

I will no which book wins the most matches but how do you measure the books elo?
Parent - By Mark Mason (***) [gb] Date 2008-05-09 06:01

I am not an expert in testing and somebody please correct me if there is a better way, but here is one way to do it:

1) Re-name the engines as suggested by Sedat so that afterwards you know which was which eg. Rybka_book x,  Rybka_book y.  The engines must be identical and they must be set up with identical hash size etc - the only difference is therefore the book.

2) Play as many engine vs engine games as you like.

3) Then go into Fritz  -  File/Open/Database/Compbase/EngMatch where the games will be stored.

4) Highlight the games by clicking on first and last game in the list, whilst holding down SHIFT key.

5) on the highlighted games right mouse click and select CROSSTABLE.  For each engine this will give a "+" or "-"  elo relative to each other. So, you are looking at the elo performance of the engines but becuase they were the same engine and everything was exactly the same about them except the book, you can see the effect the books have had on the elo. 

I suspect this is how Kevin Frayer has done it  for his "comparitive book testing" results where he gives the "+" and "-" in elo terms of a range of books compared to his own:

Hope this helps,

Parent - By Sedat Canbaz (*****) [tr] Date 2008-05-10 00:58
I use Elostat 1.3 and Bayeselo for elo calculation

Here are the download links of these programs:

Elostat 1.3: (User Files, Engines)


Parent - - By Italian81 (****) [us] Date 2008-05-14 23:55
Ok I must be a little slow....I put about 5 of the same engine Rybka 2.3.2a mp 64 bit in the same folder and then renamed them the name of the book I planned on using. 

Once that was done I used option create engine or uci in Fritz 10 GUI and selected the renamed engines but once installed they still show up as Rybkav 2.3.2a mp as opposed to the new name I gave them :(

What am I doing wrong here?

Also I do not understand how you did this part....

Any help is greatly appreciated....I am seriously wanting to test some opening books.....I think I have made a top contender!!
Parent - - By M ANSARI (*****) [kw] Date 2008-05-15 05:49 Edited 2008-05-15 05:57
You have to change something small in the parameter setting of the engine otherwise the name change will not work.  For example you can simply change the UCI_Engine About website from to etc.  This will have no effect on engine performance.  Each new name put a small change otherwise the GUI will not understand that it is a different engine and the engine name will not be changed.

So ... first add new UCI engine ... press parameter ... change small thing in website to say "www.rybkatest_1" then change name of engine to Rybka_book 1 ... then you have your first engine.  Do this another 4 times each time changing the "www.rybkatest_1 then _2 then _3 etc..." and each time rename engine to Rybka_book 2 then _book 3 etc..

Now start a tournament and invite all differently named engines (they will all be Rybka 2.3.2a) and put each engine with the corresponding book.  Look also at the book parameters and decide what you are testing.  Do you want the book to play the strongest moves only ... or do you want to test the depth of the book.

Good luck on your tests.
Parent - By Italian81 (****) [us] Date 2008-05-15 15:24
Thank you!!  You are a genius, I know exactly how to do this then......Do I have to have the elostat 1.3 or whatever to calculate elo difference at the end?  Get prepared for a new book to be introduced to the mass.  My book is called Sicilian2....The next one I make might have a more interesting name.....lets see how it does.....If anyone else has books they would like to test....send me a private message here and you will have your results shortly
Parent - By Sedat Canbaz (*****) [tr] Date 2008-05-16 10:20

You must to change also the name inside of eng.file:

Parent - - By lonesometheblue (*) [tr] Date 2008-05-15 06:47
Hi Sedat,

I have been developing new engine for more than one year, and these days I work on it and especially on a new pruning technique.
I want to ask that do I need to use fritz gui only to use your opening book ?  at the moment I use Arena interface to test the engine. do you have your book in .abk format ? I will be very glad if I have it.

Thank you

Sait Ozceviz
Parent - - By Sedat Canbaz (*****) [tr] Date 2008-05-16 10:25
Hello Sait,

Perfect 13.ctg  is only for  FritzGUI,but i have another book ''Perfect 10.abk'' which can be used for ArenaGUI:

Parent - - By M ANSARI (*****) [kw] Date 2008-05-30 06:07
Hello Sedat ... good to hear from you and even better to know you are back in action.  A lot of worried people on Playchess now :)
Parent - By Sedat Canbaz (*****) [tr] Date 2008-05-31 19:02
Hello Majd :)


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