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- - By Weirwindle (***) [us] Date 2010-12-28 03:47
I am open for a game for the next two months. 3 day moves (not enforced) starting from opening position.
I do not run the best hardware (windows 7 64 bit on dual core with 4 gigs of ram) so please, anyone who is willing to play, take this into consideration.
Parent - - By Morpheus (****) [pl] Date 2010-12-28 07:17
Hello Timothy,

Please contact Jimmy and play in WBCCC => World Blitz Correspondence Chess Championship

many players will be play!

nice day,
Parent - By Weirwindle (***) [us] Date 2010-12-28 07:30
I sure will Sekos, thanks.
Parent - - By OneSlyJoker (**) [us] Date 2011-01-18 20:58
I am running on single core 64 bit and would relish the opportunity to play a correspondence game. This will be my 2nd one so I am rudimentarily familiar with how to play the game. by all means lets play. My name is Jordan. Message me for your move or play on here. Do you wish to be white or black?

Parent - - By Weirwindle (***) [us] Date 2011-01-24 03:29
I am in the middle of 4 FICGS games and a WBCCC tourney.
Between school and my present games I have very little time.
If we were to keep the time controls very casual (2 moves a week besides opening) I am up for another game,
but I must warn you that there will be time when I may not move for up to a week. Your call.
Parent - - By OneSlyJoker (**) [us] Date 2011-01-26 06:50
Sounds good too me dude. Im always on call so I may not be the most timely on responding to moves as well. You may be white or black.
Parent - By Weirwindle (***) [us] Date 2011-01-26 16:05
Black is fine with me, you may start.
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